For these artists we do bookings:

boo boo davis
Boo Boo Davis tour March 2019
David Philips tour Oct / Nov 2018
ElectroBluesSociety available all year


Of course the artists are also available outside the mentioned periods for festivals and other special occasions. Please send us all your suggestions and/or contact information for venues and festivals in your area where these artists could perform live. Here is a list of all the upcoming shows:

David Philips17/8/2018Hotel K+K PicassoBarcelonaSpain
Boo Boo Davis18/8/2018BB's Jazz, Blues & SoupsSt Louis MOUSA
David Philips18/8/2018Fiestas de GarciaBarcelonaSpain
David Philips22/8/2018PatronBarcelonaSpain
David Philips1/9/2018Sea You Chill OutSitgesSpain
Boo Boo Davis2/9/2018Big Muddy FestivalSt Louis MOUSA
David Philips14/9/2018Hotel K+K PicassoBarcelonaSpain
David Philips30/9/2018AbirraderoBarcelonaSpain
Boo Boo Davis18/10/2018Nova Arcada Braga BluesBragaPortugal
ElectroBluesSociety23/10/2018De HipDeventerHolland
David Philips28/10/2018AndledonDen AndelHolland
David Philips31/10/2018Altes StellwerkSolingenGermany
David Philips1/11/2018CultuurhuisHeerlenHolland
David Philips3/11/2018private house concertIJsselsteinHolland
David Philips4/11/2018TimboektoeVelsen NoordHolland
David Philips8/11/2018De BunkerGemertHolland
David Philips10/11/2018Speelplaats BaarsBaarsHolland
ElectroBluesSociety27/11/2018De HipDeventerHolland
ElectroBluesSociety22/1/2018De HipDeventerHolland
Boo Boo Davis9/3/2019ku:L @ LausbarOblarnAustria
Boo Boo Davis17/3/2019CHV NoordkadeVeghelHolland
Boo Boo Davis21/3/2019Blues en Mars 2019WattrelosFrance
Boo Boo Davis23/3/2019Cafe de AmerAmenHolland
Boo Boo Davis24/3/2019FilmhuisZevenaarHolland
Boo Boo Davis27/3/2019De VerwachtingAssendelftHolland
Boo Boo Davis28/3/2019MusikbunkerAachenGermany
David Philips23/9/2019Meneer FritsEindhovenHolland