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SomethingElse reviews new David Philips single

David Philips, “Washes Over Me”: Something Else! sneak peek
A precursor of what’s next in store from UK-born/Spanish-residing David Phillips, “Washes Over Me” is a back-to-basics excursion from a guy who isn’t prone to stray far from the basics to start with. On this song, you might be drawn by the soul-drenched vocal or a chipper, winsome melody. Myself, I’m diggin’ the sharpened, supple fretwork he does on an acoustic six-string: percussive, tight and neatly nestling alongside his upbeat lyric lines. “Washes Over Me” is the advance single for an album Black And Tan Records is poised to cut loose in early October, 2016. A follow-up to the rustic charm of Philips’ homemade Rooftop Recordings, there’s little reason to think it’s not going to have that same, earthbound appeal. The sweet sounds from the stream above lends strong support for that vibe.

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new single David Philips

today we released a new single

B&T 958 – David Philips – Washes Over Me

David Philips returned to his Barcelona rooftop apartment to record the second Rooftop Recordings album that will be released in October 2016. “Washes Over Me” is the first single from this new album. The single will be available at all the download and streaming services. Here are the links to few of them




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upcoming tour David Philips

David Philips is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from the UK. His work as a solo artist and session guitar player has taken him around the world playing venues and festivals such as Montreux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Delhi Jazz Festival (India), Woodford Folk Festival (Australia), Blue Balls Festival (Switzerland), Mare De Agosto Festival (Azores Islands), Blues aan Zee Festival (Holland), plus studio work and live shows in the US, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Upcoming weekend he will start his next tour and he will do shows in Holland, Belgium and Germany. David will be playing solo and perform songs from his last three albums. During his stay in Asia in the past three months he also wrote a lot of new songs and some of those may come by as well. Here is where you can see and hear David play live.
April 15, Appelscha (NL), private house concert
April 16, Heerlen (NL), Southern Roots Night @ Cultuurhuis
April 17 (afternoon), Velsen Noord / Timboektoe
April 21, Apeldoorn (NL), private house concert
April 22, Harderwijk (NL), Catharinekapel
April 23, Noordhorn (NL), Dorpshuis de Dörpsstee
April 26, Nijmegen (NL), Ramble on Tuesday in Cafe Trianon
April 27, Norderstedt (D), Music Star
April 29, Bad Iburg (D), Casablanca
April 30, Maastricht (NL), Magisch Theatertje
May 1, Waardamme (B), Cowboy Up
May 2, Rotterdam (NL), Live uit Lloyds / RTV Rijnmond
May 4, Solingen (D), Tom Bombadil



For these artists we do bookings:

boo boo davis
Boo Boo Davis tours October/ November 2017 and Spring 2018
David Philips 
ElectroBluesSociety available all year
miXendorp available all year

Of course the artists are also available outside the mentioned periods for festivals and other special occasions. Please send us all your suggestions and/or contact information for venues and festivals in your area where these artists could perform live. Here is a list of all the upcoming shows:

Boo Boo Davis7/10/2017BB's Jazz, Blues and SoupsSt Louis MOUSA
Boo Boo Davis19/10/2017Sala SonCangasSpain
Boo Boo Davis20/10/2017La Cueva del JazzZamoraSpain
Boo Boo Davis21/10/2017AntzokiaErmuaSpain
Boo Boo Davis22/10/2017Auditorio La CarcelSegoviaSpain
Boo Boo Davis23/10/2017Sala XSevillaSpain
Boo Boo Davis24/10/2017Louie LouieEsteponaSpain
Boo Boo Davis25/10/201716 ToneladasValenciaSpain
Boo Boo Davis26/10/2017Tempo ClubMadridSpain
Boo Boo Davis27/10/2017Sala ClapMataroSpain
Boo Boo Davis28/10/2017Sala StarTarazona de la ManchaSpain
Boo Boo Davis1/11/2017KulturfabrikWetzikonSwitzerland
Boo Boo Davis2/11/2017Chicago BarZugSwitzerland
Boo Boo Davis3/11/2017Loewen ArenaSommeriSwitzerland
Boo Boo Davis4/11/2017Brio’s Beat’n’EatDinslakenGermany
Boo Boo Davis5/11/2017CHV NoordkadeVeghelHolland
Boo Boo Davis6/11/2017Cafe MuseumPassauGermany
Boo Boo Davis7/11/2017zur PostObingGermany
Boo Boo Davis8/11/2017Garage de LuxeMunchenGermany
Boo Boo Davis9/11/2017Jazzclub Cave 61HeilbronnGermany
David Philips10/11/2017Clube Knock OutAlmadaPortugal
Boo Boo Davis10/11/2017Magisch TheatertjeMaastrichtHolland
David Philips11/11/2017Teatro Ribeiro ConceiçãoLamegoPortugal
Boo Boo Davis12/11/2017De AmerAmenHolland
Boo Boo Davis17/11/2017Haarlemse BluesclubHaarlemHolland
Boo Boo Davis19/11/2017De HipDeventerHolland
Boo Boo davis24/11/2017Bielefelder JazzclubBielefeldGermany
Boo Boo Davis25/11/2017zum DonnersbergWinnweilerGermany
ElectroBluesSociety28/11/2017Missy SippyGentBelgium
David Philips22/2/2018The Lock Keepers @ De WakerMaassluisHolland
David Philips25/2/2018Taverne de WaagHaarlemHolland
David Philips27/2/2018Ramble on Tuesday @ Cafe TrianonNijmegenHolland
David Philips2/3/2018Music StarNorderstedtGermany
David Philips4/3/2018TimboektoeVelsen NoordHolland
David Philips7/3/2018Roots in 't Groen @ 't HeerenhuysGeldropHolland
David Philips8/3/2018Tuney Tunes @ de BunkerGemertHolland
Boo Boo Davis5/4/2017Tranque BarCopenhagenDenmark
Boo Boo Davis6/4/2018Kulturhus GimleFollenslevDenmark
Boo Boo Davis7/4/2018KlangfabrikKleveGermany
Boo Boo Davis20/4/2018Bar de la FermeNyonSwitzerland
Boo Boo Davis24/4/2018Cafe HahnKoblenzGermany

David Philips

david philips







David Philips is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from the UK. His work as a solo artist and session guitar player has taken him around the world playing venues and festivals such as Montreaux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Marciac Jazz Festival (France) Delhi Jazz Festival (India), Woodford Folk Festival (Australia), Blue Balls Festival (Switzerland), Mare De Agosto Festival (Azores Islands), plus studio work and live shows in the U.S. and South East Asia. He has also written and recorded productions for companies such as MTV, VH1, Audi and Volkswagon and his Cigar Box Guitar driven song “What Am I?” was used by Redbull, bringing a little more worldwide attention to his music. In 2017 his song “Hummingbird” was used on History Channel’s navy seals based drama “Six”.

Philips self released his debut album “Heal Yourself Alone” in 2010 and was quickly selected as Album Of The Week by Robert Elms at BBC Radio London. It was also at #34 in the top 100 roots/country albums of 2011, compiled by Roots Music Report in the US. After a short tour of Holland and Belgium Philips signed with Black and Tan Records in Holland and released his next 4 albums with the Dutch label. Philips is known for his D.I.Y approach in the studio, writing, recording and producing all his albums himself as well as playing almost all instruments and tracking all vocals. The Rooftop Recordings (2011) was recorded in his rooftop apartment in Barcelona, Spain while December Wine (The 4 Track Tapes) (2013) is a selection of demos recorded using a Tascam 4 track cassette machine. 2015’s “If I Had Wings” saw David expand as a composer and producer by including touches of electronica, psychedelia and jazz alongside his usual acoustic and voice approach.

The Rooftop Recordings 2” (2016) Philips returned to his rooftop apartment in Barcelona to record, getting back to basics with just guitar and voice captured with 2 mics and all doors and windows wide open, a real “fly on the wall” experience. Philips is also a talented painter/draughtsman and his drawings and paintings of birds have provided the artwork for his last 2 releases, giving a good reason to own a CD copy.

Straight after putting out RTR2 David locked himself in his studio for the Winter months and set to work on songs based around a full band sound and electric guitar. The result is “Winter” an 8 song digital album released in April 2017. Drawing from Blues Rock and Soul for inspiration, Winter is David’s most Rock oriented record to date.

David Philips has toured Europe extensively over the past 6 years and continues to showcase his world class guitar playing and carefully crafted songs and stories to a growing audience.


Tour dates

18-1-2017Social AntzokiaBasauriSpain
3-2-2017Grazer Bluestage Vol. 2 @ OrpheumGrazAustria
2-5-2017private house concertInnsbruckAustria
3-5-2017Fricks MontiFrickSwitzerland
6-5-2017 (afternoon)Plein 1940MiddelburgHolland
9-5-2017Music StarNorderstedtGermany
10-5-2017Ramble on Wednesday @ Cafe TrianonNijmegenHolland
11-5-2017De HarmonieEdamHolland


David Philips – Winter (2017
B&T 043
David Philips – The Rooftop Recordings 2 (2016)
B&T 957
David Philips – FRUK Session (2016)
David Philips rooftop recordings
David Philips – the Rooftop Recordings (2011)
december wine david philips
David Philips – December Wine / 4 track tapes (2013)


david philips album if i had wings
David Philips – If I Had Wings (2015)
B&T 936 highres
Big Things remix (2013)
B&T 937 highres
Link In The Chain remix (2013)