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miXendorp – live impression

It is very hard for me to explain what I do during my live sets. I use my computer as a second instrument and it gives me access to my complete record collection and I can use, mix and manipulate everything that is on the hard disk with my guitar and also add images. As you can clearly see it is a Work-In-Progress; trying to create a new musical language by using all technical possibillities that I can lay my hand on. Here is a short video impression of miXendorp live at Roepaen Blues Festival in April this year. It will help to visualize a little of what I am doing during a live set.
Material is shot and edited by Erik Spikmans of VormEnVast.


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new single / Byther Smith remixed

Today we released a new track:

B&T 955 – Same Thing On My Mind remix – Byther Smith & miXendorp

a remix of an acoustic Byther Smith track. The original track was released also on Black and Tan Records in 2001. The track will be released digital only and is available on all download and streaming platforms. Here are the links to iTunes and Spotify.

Byther Smith & miXendorp - Same Thing On My Mind Remix (2016)



For these artists we do bookings:

boo boo davis
Boo Boo Davis tours in March/April and November 2017
David Philips  Benelux, Germany, Switzerland and Austria tour in April/May 2017
ElectroBluesSociety available all year
miXendorp available all year

Of course the artists are also available outside the mentioned periods for festivals and other special occasions. Please send us all your suggestions and/or contact information for venues and festivals in your area where these artists could perform live. Here is a list of all the upcoming shows:

Boo Boo Davis4/3/2017BBs Blues and SoupsSt Louis MOUSA
Boo Boo Davis24/3/2017Au CamionneurStrasbourgFrance
Boo Boo Davis25/3/2017MusikbunkerAachenGermany
Boo Boo Davis26/3/2017ZwischenbauRostockGermany
Boo Boo Davis27/3/2017Cafe GrenzlandBad BrambachGermany
Boo Boo Davis28/3/2017Cafe MuseumPassauGermany
Boo Boo Davis29/3/2017Cafe MuseumPassauGermany
Boo Boo Davis31/3/2017DRU CultuurfabriekUlftHolland
Boo Boo Davis1/4/2017Kunsthof FriedrichsrodeFriedrichsrodeGermany
Boo Boo Davis2/4/2017TorburgKolnGermany
Boo Boo Davis6/4/2017Noise of the North @ de SpiegelGroningenHolland
Boo Boo Davis7/4/2017JazzclubRorschachSwitzerland
Boo Boo Davis8/4/2017Cafe MokkaThunSwitzerland
Boo Boo Davis9/4/2017KulturfabrikWetzikonSwitzerland
Boo Boo Davis14/4/2017De HipDeventerHolland
Boo Boo Davis15/4/2017RockjungferArnstadtGermany
Boo Boo Davis16/4/2017KL 17 Live ClubDöbelnGermany
Boo Boo Davis19/4/2017GraffitiLublinPoland
Boo Boo Davis20/4/2017Bounty Rock CafeOlomoucCzech Republic
Boo Boo Davis21/4/2017Dobro BluesDobromierzPoland
Boo Boo Davis22/4/2017Pub KejaLodzPoland
Boo Boo Davis23/4/2017afternoon / Bluestracje @ SztygarkaChorzowPoland
Boo Boo Davis23/4/2017evening / Gminny Osrodek KulturySuszecPoland
Boo Boo Davis24/4/2017Miejski Dom KulturyMikolowPoland
Boo Boo Davis25/4/2017Klub ParnikOstravaCzech Republic
David Philips28/4/2017GaliciaOltenSwitzerland
David Philips29/4/2017KammgarnHardAustria
David Philips30/4/2017EremitageSchwazAustria
David Philips2/5/2017private house concertInnsbruckAustria
David Philips3/5/2017Fricks MontiFrickSwitzerland
David Philips6/5/2017 (afternoon)Plein 1940MiddelburgHolland
David Philips7/5/2017TimboektoeVelsen-NoordHolland
David Philips9/5/2017Music StarNorderstedtGermany
David Philips10/5/2017Ramble on Wednesday @ Cafe TrianonNijmegenHolland
David Philips11/5/2017De HarmonieEdamHolland
David Philips14/5/2017CambrinusHorstHolland
Boo Boo Davis4/11/2017Brio’s Beat’n’EatDinslakenGermany
Boo Boo Davis5/11/2017CHV NoordkadeVeghelHolland
Boo Boo Davis8/11/2017Garage de LuxeMunchenGermany
Boo Boo Davis9/11/2017Jazzclub Cave 61HeilbronnGermany
Boo Boo Davis12/11/2017De AmerAmenHolland
Boo Boo davis24/11/2017Bielefelder JazzclubBielefeldGermany
ElectroBluesSociety28/11/2017Missy SippyGentBelgium
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new Doug MacLeod remix

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NEW TRACK / Harisson Kennedy & miXendorp

mixendorp album blues beat

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available on itunes mixendorp

spotify harrison kennedy mixendorp








thank God not all dutch DJ’s play EDM !!

Expect no ‚music for the millions’ but an original and eclectic mix of blues, jazz, world, funk, techno and all kind of other great music with a beat. But since talking about music doesn’t make much sense I suggest you just listen. miXendorp blasts new life into the style by blending modern beats and blasts from the future into existing tracks for a fresh sound that makes the rhythmic heart of the blues beat stronger than ever.

BLUES always had a strong BEAT and was intended to get people to dance. Unfortunately it has grown into something different and the ‘gatekeepers of the blues tradition’ try to keep exactly like that. This conservative attitude is probably the reason you hardly see anybody under 50 at a blues concert nowadays. The blues used to be party music; now it can be played again at the hippest modern parties, festival and clubs ..…. and still feel down home.

Since March 2011 he did sets at FUSION FESTIVAL (Germany), SZIGET (Hungary), NORTH SEA JAZZFESTIVAL (Holland), FESTIVAL DRANOUTER (Belgium) and COGNAC BLUES PASSIONS (France). Plus clubs in Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Turkey and Italy.

If there is a possibillity he likes to add some live authentic blues guitar and video to the music.

A few quotes from the press:
DOWNBEAT (USA): Without debasing or trivializing tradition, loops and beats explode with kinetic rhythmic energy
SOUL M8 (UK): This is raw creative energy
MOJO (UK): The intrinsic down-home qualities of the source material jostle intriguingly with the superimposed urban beats.
DRS3 (Switzerland): miXendorp erfindet den Blues (fast) neu

Tour dates

02-04-2016Roepaen PodiumOttersumHolland
18-06-2016Meeresrausch FestivalPeenemündeGermany


miXendorp – blues + beat (2011)
Boo Boo Davis remixed
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Harrison Kennedy remixed
Harrison Kennedy remixed (2015)
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Link In The Chain remix
Link In The Chain remix (2013)
Big Things remix
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(Idol) Should I Know remix
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Plowin Mule remix
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Let Her Talk remix #2
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Night Walking remix
Night Walking remix (2013)
Big Things remix
Big Things remix (2013)
Try Me One More Time remix
Try Me One More Time remix (2012)
B&T 929 highres
Andaluzia remix (2011)
SixSixtySix remix
SixSixtySix remix (2011)
Devil is Beating his Wife remix
Devil is Beating his Wife remix (2011)
Byther Smith & miXendorp - Same Thing On My Mind Remix (2016)
Byther Smith & miXendorp – Same Thing On My Mind Remix (2016)

here you find over 20 ElectroBlues DJ Sets: