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That moment when handmade music makes you groove on the spot, then all of a sudden makes you feel like dancing. The not-so-new track of Mischa den Haring and Jan Mittendorp, better known as BLu ACiD, gets right into your bloodstream. The two dutch musicians released an album called “HCN” recently which features many of their released singles from 2015 and 2016. Although one of the keyphrases I used for this review is “New tracks”, the track “Money” from BLu ACiD is in fact over a year old, but since I discovered it just today, I thought for all of you reading this the sound IS new.Being a drummer in a krautrock band, I just have a thing for handmade music. Using electronic elements in tracks creates that signature sound which stucks to your head instantly, and that’s one of the things the guys of BLu ACiD do all day long. While “Money” as an example hasn’t that much electro elements in it, it still has that distinctive groovy style coming along with the sound. The electro elements in the other tracks on their album is just the icing on the cake, so to speak. “Money” showcases that the two musicians are able to transmit a certain feel with their music. You just can hear that they are living what they are doing there. Groovy slightly distorted guitar tracks combined with deep bass lines and that unique vocals keep you caught in the music for those four and a half minutes. The track itself is mixed a bit too flat for my taste, but this could be a wanted effect, serving the retro feel of the track. There’s that “fattening” missing where other producers tend to double or triple tracks. Still, I’m not sure if keeping the track slim was intentional or not. Besides this, everything is placed where it should be. The voice isn’t too centered to give room for the guitar and backing vocal tracks. And most importantly: the feeling is real – you can’t mix that in. Most of what BLu ACiD is giving me, I’m feeling it. Whether it makes you move, sing along or thinking “how the hell did they DO that?”, it works to keep you entertained, interested and listening. I strongly recommend listening to the whole album, musicians might learn a thing or two from den Haring and Mittendorp, and the avid listener will just groove along.

review David Philips in BluesDoodles

Back on his rooftop in Barcelona for the second album of  Roof Top recording, repeating the style of his 2011 Rooftops his first record on Black & Tan Records. On this album, David Phillips delivers eighteen tracks exploring his guitar, lyrics and warm vocals. On a rooftop, the recording process is simple, stripped back, only the essentials joining David in making this album. His guitar and voice are captured with just two microphones and all the doors and windows wide open. Adding some variation in guitar tone his Resonator and Cigar Box guitars make their appearances but nothing else to complicate the process of sharing his music.  What we get is an artist who is at one with the whole process concentrating on delivering the twelve songs. The last six numbers are instrumentals providing a bonus EP to complete the rooftop stripped back vibe. This is music that relaxes from the opening track Making It Up through to the last fading notes of the instrumental Long Flight Home. Here It Is we hear in fleeting a Spanish neighbour then into an upbeat number, with this percussive number David captures your attention. Listen out through the album for when the outside makes a guest appearance including Swifts and House Martins, perfectly reflected in instrumentals Migration and Dance of The Swallows. Beat Box opening and we Are Flying High with the soulful vocals of David Phillips. An acoustic, stripped back album. The making may have been simple, the result is an album full of shadows and moody mystery. The album captures that live, spontaneous feel as the bird song and a few unwitting neighbours captured when David Philips records the songs we want to hear. The Rooftop Recordings 2 is a must for lovers of acoustic simplicity, the power of lyrics, blues and soul to add to the collection of chill out tunes. The Cigar box adds a ripping it up-country blues tone to Tied Up Gagged and Bound the track is a foot tapping extravaganza. Counting himself in gives the feel of an intimate bar setting of a live acoustic session as he opens on Old Red Haze. A lyric about anger and is gentle as his guitar curls around the lyrics as he gets angry and blind. Country fueled with blues as we swing on the veranda and listen to the music flow. The finale is a bluesy number Long Flight Home with birdsong getting the tune underway. Only one solution is to listen again!

Rivherside on Rock-N-Blog

Seit längerer Zeit mal wieder was aus Frankreich. RIVHERSIDE aka Renaud Villet macht ElectroBlues der nicht groß herumeiert, sondern direkt auf die Zwölf geht. Nicht alle Songs gehen ganz so offensiv voran wie “Need to Speed”, aber Blues zum Abhängen findet man auf “Electraw Blues Album” nur wenig. Villet spielte in zahlreichen Bluesbands, ehe er sich  entschloß das Zepter selbst in die Hand zu nehmen. Sein 2012 erschienenes Debütalbum “Something on my Mind” war noch echter RootsBlues, aber dann setzte er seinen Blues unter Strom und lies Elemente aus dem HipHop einfließen.

review new Boo Boo Davis by Barnowlblues (Holland)

Boo Boo Davis, geboren in 1943 in Drew, Mississippi, is een regelmatig bezoeker van ons land en een graag geziene gast. Dit laatste vanwege zijn connectie met Black and Tan Records en zijn Nederlandse begeleiders John Gerritse (drums) en Jan Mittendorp (gitaar), die niet geheel toevallig ook iets met genoemde platenmaatschappij van doen heeft. Davis, die zingt en gitaar, harmonica en drums speelt, heeft over de hele wereld getoerd en een behoorlijke catalogus aan cd’s uitgebracht. Op 30 oktober jl. traden David met Gerritse en Mittendorp op in het welbekende Café de Amer in het Drentse Amen. Van dit optreden zijn tien nummers uitgebracht als “Live And Almost Unplugged”. Tien nummers, zoals we ze van Boo Boo Davis kennen. Gebracht met veel plezier voor zowel de muzikanten als het publiek. Heel simpel en basic met slechts een stereomicrofoon in het midden van de ruimte. Niet gepolijst of geschaafd, gewoon muziek zoals het die avond klonk. Dit komt alleen maar de puurheid en eerlijkheid ten goede. Een mooi document van een van de weinige nog originele Mississippi bluesartiesten. Aanrader.

review David Philips in Popmagazine Heaven (Holland)

The Rooftop Recordings 2 van de Brit David Philips biedt een hernieuwde proeve van zijn bekwaamheid te schitteren met minimale middelen. In achttien liedjes laat hij ons genieten van zijn mooie stem, zijn gevarieerde en technisch onderlegde gitaarspel en vooraal veel mooie songs. Soms folky, soms verwijzend naar de Amerikaanse Westkust, klinken zijn liedjes vooral vrolijk en positief.

review David Philips from Italy

Evidentemente il tetto della casa di Barcellona di David Philips deve avere una vista molto ispirante, dato che questo è il secondo album che registra da lassù, e con tanto di acquerelli di uccelli a decorazione del disco, opera dello stesso David, che farebbero invidia all’edizione deluxe del Bedside Book of Birds. Il musicista e pittore inglese, di cui avevamo già parlato nel precedente If I Had Wings, è un ottimo chitarrista e compositore che spazia fra diversi generi, da atmosfere caraibiche al folk, dal blues ad un pop di classe. Il precedente disco ci aveva colpito notevolmente e questo nuovo lavoro rimane nel solco di quanto già fatto, ma in versione “stripped”, nel senso che mancano un po’ di sovraincisioni, batterie campionate etc che invece riempivano il suono in passato. Sono presenti sia pezzi nuovi sia riarrangiamenti di vecchi brani, sia cantati che solo acustici. Making It Up è il primo in scaletta, il quale parte con un tempo sincopato e un arpeggio serrato di chitarra mentre il cantato rimane melodico (proprio del suo stile, non aspettatevi una voce alla Tom Waits o un crooner come il compianto Leonard Cohen). Il secondo brano riprende That Dirty Road (Beach Version), già apparso nella scaletta del precedente disco, qui però con un ritmo rilassato, quasi alla Jack Johnson, e con ritmo un po’ indolente e caraibico. I generi toccati sono molteplici, dal pop allegro di Washes over Me, al countreggiante Guitar on His Knee, allo shuffle di Here It Is, al blues slide e ritmato di Tied up Gagged and Bound, con un grande groove. Sempre più sulle tonalità blues, ma piedmont style, My Baby Needs Love, passando al blues quasi pre-war di Guilty Sunday o al ragtime di Old Red Haze, dimostrando la versatilità di David Phillips in quasi tutti gli stili delle dodici battute. Per chiudere infine con sei pezzi acustici (Migration, Dance of the Swallow, Reencuentro, The Acrobat, Waterproof), dal sapore a volte west coast, a volte da ballad inglese, per finire con Long Flight Home, tipicamente blues (rumori di sottofondo inclusi), quasi a comporre un ep distinto dal resto. Diciotto pezzi in tutto, registrati a cinque anni di distanza dal primo disco “rooftop”, in presa diretta con due microfoni, armonica, resonator, cigarbox e chitarra acustica, all’aperto sul suo tetto barcellonese. Buon disco, come il precedente, forse pecca un po’ dell’eccessiva semplicità e uniformità rispetto a quanto già fatto ascoltare in If I Had Wings. Tuttavia David Phillips è un ottimo artista che ci fa sempre piacere ascoltare mentre suona la sua chitarra acustica sui tetti di Spagna. Ad esclusivo vantaggio degli uccelli e del cielo della Catalogna.


first single ElectroBluesSociety

today we released the first single from ElectroBluesSociety

B&T 960 – ElectroBluesSociety – Duck (single version)

This is the first ‘official’ release from this new duo. Modern technologies and 30+ years of live stage experience using computers, a double bass, guitars, foot pedals, vintage amps, midi controllers, an old drumkit and lots of cables. At their website you can find more information, video’s and more music.

The single is released digital only and here are the links to a few popular platforms

new release Boo Boo Davis – Live and Almost Unplugged

B&T 959 – Boo Boo Davis – Live And Almost Unplugged

So far all of Boo Boo’s records were cut in one take live in the studio, but without an audience. This is the first time we have released a record that is recorded live WITH an audience.  Boo Boo, John and Jan are not famous for playing soft or subtle but sometimes they really take it down if the situation asks for it. Cafe de Amer is a small barn in the middle of nowhere in the north of Holland. Over the last twenty years this place has become a famous stage where musicians from all over the world come to play for music fans from all over the country. The place holds a maximum of 100 people and the distance between the musicians and the audience is less then 3 feet. Over the years Boo Boo has become a regular and this was his sixth show in De Amer. The recordings for this release are made with just one stereo microphone in the middle of a completely packed room.

This record will be released digital only and here are the links to a few popular platforms.

review Rivherside on Wasser-Prawda (Germany)

2012 startete der französische Gitarrist/Sänger Renaud Villet sein Soloprojekt Rivherside. Was als traditionelle One-Man-Band begann, ist heute ein Projekt, was Bluesrock mit Elementen aus Hiphop und Electro kombiniert. Mit dem im Juni 2016 veröffentlichten Electaw Blues Album ist Rivherside jetzt beim niederländischen Label Black & Tan angekommen. Die Kombination von Blues und Electro ist in den letzten Jahren in verschiedenen Ländern auf verschiedene Weise probiert worden. Projekte wie Mississippi Big Beat aus Ungarn etwa konnten selbst eingefleischte Electro-Popper und Depeche Mode Fans begeistern. Ähnlich klingen auch die Songs von Rivherside: stoische Rhythmen, gesampelte Gitarrenriffs, Scratching vom DJ im Hintergrund. Und ab und zu kommen auch Hiphop und Beatbox zu Gehör. Normalerweise bin ich bei solchen Experimenten nicht leicht zu begeistern. Oft hört man mehr den Willen zur Fusion als ein wirklich gelungenes Werk. Bei Rivherside allerdings sind die Songs in sich absolut stimmig und mitreißend. Der Blues wird hier nicht vergewaltigt und in neue Formen gezwungen sondern scheint sich organisch und selbstverständlich in diese neue Richtung zu entwickeln. Manchmal erreichen sie gar die hypnotische Tiefe der Stücke von RL Burnside in seinen späten Lebensjahren. So ist das Electraw Blues Album eine echte Empfehlung für all die Bluesfans, die innerlich bereit sind, sich auf ungewohnte und aufregendene Entdeckungsfahrten jenseits der tausendsten Kopie von Sweet Home Chicago zu begeben.