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Black and Tan is an independent record label & publishing company. We founded the company in 1998 and we’re based in the Netherlands. We are passionate about music and love original artists that create original music. For a few artists we also do the live bookings and tour production. Until now we’ve released 43 CD’s, 1 LP and 1 DVD most of them are by American artists. Besides we also released a lot more music “digital only”. All our music is available at the major download and stream services and most of the CD’s are still available direct from the source in our own webshop. Here you find a complete list of all releases with the corresponding link to the digital services and/or our webshop.

our latest releases:

Jan Mittendorp – Baritone Jazz 1 EP
Jan Mittendorp – St James Infirmary
ElectroBluesSociety feat Jan Hidding – All The Way Down
David Philips – Get Along

Music samples



We control the worldwide distribution rights and the whole catalogue (over 660 tracks) is available for (sync) licensing. For more then 450 tracks we also control the worldwide publishing rights. Recently we had over 40 placements of our music in successful films, tv-series and commercials and our music was included in several compilations. Here you find several playlists with samples form out catalogue and here is a list of sub publishers that represent our catalogue in their territory.

Upcoming tours:

Boo Boo Davis               October 2018 and March / early April 2019

David Philips                 November 2018

Sub Labels:

we also set up a few sub labels:
Instrumental Blues Records
On this label we release short instrumental blues tracks with an authentic ‚blues’ sound and feel.
Blu ACiD Records
Tracks from this Dutch producer duo. Together they are blending traditional blues / soul / rock with other more electronic stuff.
KuvVer Records
Label especially set to release cover versions of well known songs from all kind of styles.


Please get in touch with us if you are interested in receiving promo copies of our new releases. You can also subscribe to our news blog or our newsletter. We want to spread this great music in as many ways, to as many people as possible. So we are open to all suggestions and idea’s that can help us to establish this. While on tour our artists are available for interviews and other media activities. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your requests.

King Pug



King Pug - Borneo Mint Shave
King Pug – Borneo Mint Shave (2013)
King Pug - Water Pressure
King Pug – Water Pressure (2013)
King Pug – Grocery (2014)


Crunchy guitar and driving rhythms abound, this is music for driving or getting down and dirty… or both at the same time! Indie-Blues-Rock duo King Pug was a project started by hyperactive English guitarist, singer, producer and songwriter Dave Wilkinson as an outlet for a back catalogue of songs that didn’t seem to fit with his other various musical incarnations. Heavily based in the blues with driving rhythms provided by fellow country man Caspar St. Charles.

King Pug could be compared to The Black Keys and The White Stripes due to their duo format… if you were lazy! But with a British touch notable in Wilkinson’s voice and writing, and a long, varied career as session musicians, the duo certainly add their own flavour to the mix, enough to carve them their own niche in the “power duo” scene.

Their debut E.P. “Borneo Mint Shave” was written, produced, mixed and mastered by Wilkinson in his own “D.I.Y.” studio and within one week of it’s release on Bandcamp they were signed to Black and Tan Records in The Netherlands. And these dogs are fast !!!! just two months after the release of their debut they strike agian with “Water Pressure” – a three track E.P. Harder hitting, grittier and groovier than ever, this is Rock music you can dance to, Blues music that won’t give you the blues!

Mississippi Big Beat



B&T 933 highres
Mississippi Big Beat – Delta Disco (2012)
B&T 934 highres
Try Me One More Time – remix (2012)
(Idol) Should I Know – remix (2013)


The alchemists arrived with the slang of rap, the nectar of folk music, the rhythm of bigbeat and they mixed these ingredients in the smoky pot of blues and accidentally fell into it a bit of magic mushroom, too! They introduced their audience to the black-rooted blues music and showed the path to the younger generation who is following their steps now.

The band creates a mixture from the old band’s experiences and from a new, unique, fresh sound – the visual background is strengthening the overall effect! The electronic music background is to be provided by Szabi Máté (Secta Chameleon) and Dure (effects, electronic drum).

Recently we celebrated the 100th birthday of the father of blues and respected renewal of the genre: Robert Johnson. The Mississippi Big Beat continues to modernize the genre, the blues basics are boosted up with electronic loops and effects and they take the ‘20s music into the 2011’s sound! The show builds up from the songs of the ’20s and ’30s and we are arriving to the big beat sound finally. The Hungarian apostles of the Blues Beat are now launched to the international seas of Nu Blues.

Harrison Kennedy



Harrison Kennedy - Voice + Story
Harrison Kennedy – Voice + Story (2005)
B&T 320 highres
Harrison Kennedy – remixed (2015)
B&T 952 highres
Let Her Talk remix #2 (2015)


Best known as the lead vocalist on the Chairmen of the Board blues classic “I’m the Chairman of the Board,” Harrison Kennedy was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, before moving to Detroit to join up with the Chairmen, a group started as part of the new Holland-Dozier-Holland label Invictus/Hot Wax. In the mid-’70s, Kennedy left the group and struck out on a solo career. Over the years he has been able to pull from styles as varied as funk, soul, R&B, folk, rock, and gospel. In 2008, Kennedy was nominated for Best Blues Recording in Canada’s Juno Awards.


Tangled Eye



tangled eye album dream wall
Tangled Eye – Dream Wall (2014)
Tangled Eye - the Other Seven Songs
Tangled Eye – the Other Seven Songs (2015)


A unique line-up performing original songs. Raw and simple with a deep love for American Roots Music. These musicians have broad taste and an open mind, so a lot of musical influences come through.

grew up in Dallas, Texas. As a little girl, Dede would sing along to whatever she could find, but it was the rawness of Blues and Gospel that shaped her talent the most. Classically trained on the violin, it was always clear that her voice was her first instrument. Moving to Austin, Texas, she earned a degree in Philosophy, then followed her heart and let the music lead. In Austin, Dede began singing professionally and has shared the stage with Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Leon Russell, Tommy Shannon, and Harry Belafonte. Performing in the USA and all over Europe, Dede Priest continues to forge ahead with successful shows

mainly known as a bass player, Jasper has found a new passion: playing drums! Over the last ten years, Jasper has toured extensively in the whole of Europe. He has worked with numerous great artists like Preston Shannon, ‘Sax’ Gordon Beadle, Monti Amundson, Philip Walker, Candye Kane, Sherman Robertson, Terry Evans, Long John Hunter, Eddy Clearwater, Paul Oscher, Doug Jay, Boo Boo Davis, Byther Smith, Boyd Small, and many others. Right now, he is the regular bass player the Jimmy Reiter band.

Jan has toured Europe as a guitar player with USA artists like: Smokey Wilson, Byther Smith, Burton Gaar, Roy Roberts, Larry Garner, Boo Boo Davis, Erskine Oglesby, Jody Williams, Roscoe Chenier, Clara McDaniel, Boyd Small, Billy Jones, Hosea Leavy, Percy Strother, Harrison Kennedy, and many others. With Boo Boo Davis, he has performed on all major European festivals like North Sea Jazz, Jazz a Juan, Montreux Jazz Festival, and Peer Bluesfestival.

Billy Jones



B&T 023
Billy Jones – tha Bluez (2005)
Billy Jones - my Hometown
Billy Jones – my Hometown (2007)
B&T 902
Billy Jones – digital only (2006)

Byther Smith



byther smith smitty's blues
Byther Smith – Smitty’s Blues (2001)
Byther Smith - Throw Away The Book
Byther Smith – Throw Away The Book (2004)
black and tan records
Byther Smith – Digital Only (2006)
Byther Smith & miXendorp - Same Thing On MY Mind Remix (2016)
Byther Smith & miXendorp – Same Thing On My Mind remix (2016)


Byther Smith is a true Living Legend of the Chicago blues scene and during his long lasting career he worked with the greatest of the Chicago blues artists like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Reed and Otis Rush. Born in Monticello, Mississippi on April 17, 1933 young Byther Smith got his first musical experiences with gospel music, a music that he returned to at various stages of his career. As a teenager Byther moved to Arizona, working on a cattle ranch and playing with a country & western band at weekends. In 1957 he moved to Chicago at the advice of his cousin, the legendary J.B. Lenoir. He began gigging and taking guitar lessons from Robert Lockwood and Hubert Sumlin presumably on the basis that if you’re going to get a guitar teacher you might as well get the best.

In the early 1960’s Byther Smith was working the clubs on guitar and bass both as a leader and in various bands as sideman. A group of highly prized recordings were made resulting in 45’s on labels such as Bea & Baby, Cruise and Apex. In 1965 it was back to gospel with the Gospel Travellers for a time. In the 1970’s he spent five years in the house band at Theresa’s Tavern, which often meant playing with Junior Wells.

1979 found Byther Smith determined to make it under his own name and a steady stream of coast to coast gigging and touring commenced. He made several recordings and his releases, “Addressing the nation with the blues” (JSP) and “Housefire” and “I’m a mad man” (both on Bullseye), were very successful. Byther released three CDs (“Mississippi Kid”, All Night Long and Hold that train) on Delmark Records. During the years Byther Smith has toured all over the world. In Europe several times, among others as a member of the Chicago Blues Festival. Byther Smith did several very successful European tours between Nov ’94 and Sept ’99. During these tours he performed in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden and the UK. Byther released two recent CDs on Black and Tan Records; Smitty’s Blues (2001) and Throw Away The Book (2004).