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these companies represent the Black and Tan catalogue in the mentioned territory:


Benelux, UK and Ireland

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North America


Australia and New Zealand

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Germany, Switzerland and Austria


Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and the Baltic States


Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazahkstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan


Spain and Portugal



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Black and Tan is an independent record label & publishing company. We founded the company in 1998 and we’re based in the Netherlands. We are passionate about music and love original artists that create original music. For a few artists we also do the live bookings and tour production. Until now we’ve released 43 CD’s, 1 LP and 1 DVD most of them are by American artists. Besides we also released a lot more music “digital only”. All our music is available at the major download and stream services and most of the CD’s are still available direct from the source in our own webshop. Here you find a complete list of all releases with the corresponding link to the digital services and/or our webshop.

our latest releases:

David Philips – Home / available at itunes
BLu ACid feat John Blake – No Time / available at itunes
ElectroBluesSociety – Duck (single version) / available at itunes
Boo Boo Davis – Live And Almost Unplugged / available at itunes

Music samples


We control the worldwide distribution rights and the whole catalogue (over 660 tracks) is available for (sync) licensing. For more then 400 tracks we also control the worldwide publishing rights. Recently we had over 25 placements of our music in successful films, tv-series and commercials and our music was included in several compilations. Here you find a list of sub publishers that represent our catalogue in their territory.

Upcoming tours:

Boo Boo Davis               March – April and November 2017

David Philips                 November 2016 and April – May 2017


Please get in touch with us if you are interested in receiving promo copies of our new releases. You can also subscribe to our news blog or our newsletter. We want to spread this great music in as many ways, to as many people as possible. So we are open to all suggestions and idea’s that can help us to establish this. While on tour our artists are available for interviews and other media activities. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your requests.

Instrumental Blues Records

We started creating a collection of instrumental blues tracks. So far we have guest appearances of a.o. Jasper Mortier, Sax Gordon and Boo Boo Davis. The tracks are available at all stream and download sites and below you find a list of releases with the corresponding links to itunes and spotify.


IB 702Crushers2 + Sax GordonBlue Saxophone2015itunesspotify
IB 703Jan MittendorpCigar Box Blues EP2015itunesspotify
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJan MittendorpSlide Guitar Blues EP2015itunesspotify
IB 705Jan MittendorpBluGuitar2015itunesspotify
IB 706Crushers2Blues Instrumentals vol 12015itunesspotify
Photo : Yannick PERRINwww.yannickperrin.frBoo Boo Davis & Crushers2Bluezy Harp EP2015itunesspotify
IB 708Jan MittendorpBlue Strings EP2015itunesspotify
IB 709Jan MittendorpBlues Doodles EP2016itunesspotify
IB 710Jan MittendorpBlues Doodles 2 EP2016itunesspotify
Jan MittendorpBlues Doodles 3 EP2016itunesspotify
IB 712Jasper MortierDouble Bass Blues EP2016itunesspotify


Sync License

We certainly do not cover all musical styles but if you are looking for some real blues (or related music) we can provide the right music for your upcoming film, television and advertisement projects. In recent years we had over 25 placements of our music in popular tv series, films and commercials.  For our sync license activities we created a separate website.

SyncBlu small

Here you can find a wide varitey of one-stop blues and blues related music. Based on the SynchTank software you can search using lots of criteria, listen and find all the info on the track, writers and publishers. Plus you can upload your video and see how it works with our tracks. At the moment there are already more then 400 tracks on the site and we constantly keep adding new ones.