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new single ElectroBluesSociety

Earlier this year the guys from ElectroBluesSociety did a recording session with dutch female singer; Karin Roerdink. Today we released the first track from that recording session on KuvVer Records.

KR 612 – ElectroBluesSociety feat Karin Roerdink – Back To Black

It is a cover version from an Amy Winehouse song and it is available on all download and streaming platforms. Here are a few links:

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reviews from the UK

here is what Blues In The South (UK) wrote about two new singles from ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis:

How Many More Years (KuvVer KR610) and Back Door Man (KuvVer KR611)
These is the sixth and seventh single releases from this combination of European outfit with Mississippi born singer Boo Boo, and again they are both classic Howling Wolf songs – and again they are both winners! Davis has just the right kind of gritty voice for these down-home items, with ‘How Many More Years’ running to a few seconds short of four minutes, and although the song is a little more “electrofied” than some of its predecessors (Boo Boo’s wailing harp sound has been a little altered), the rhythm remains straightforward and direct. ‘Back Door Man’ gets quite a radical re-working though still managing to keep a strong down-home feel, despite some jazz licks and even a shade of a hip-hop feel at times. If you like what you have heard of these collaborations so far, do check these two out, but if your tastes tend more towards the traditional, maybe try ‘How Many More Years’ first.
Norman Darwen

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Review Burton Gaar on

“You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone”, een uitdrukking die vaak maar al te waar is!

En in het geval van zanger-bassist Burton Gaar uit Louisiana, is dat zeker het geval. Deze artiest was bassist in Slim Harpo’s band, had zijn eigen band The Boogie Kings en was lid van de band van Rockin’ Sidney. De opnames op dit abum stammen uit 1997 en werden destijds uitgebracht op het album ‘One Hundred Pounds Of Trouble’ op het CrossCut label. Burton werd op dat album begeleid door Roel Spanjers (orgel, piano), Frank Bolder (drums, o.a. bekend van de Robbert Fossen Blues Band) en gitarist Jan Mittendorp. De laatstgenoemde is eigenaar van het Black And Tan label waarop het album, nu onder de naam ‘Blue Eyed Soul’ is uitgebracht. En dat is voor de bluesfans, die een zwak hebben voor soulmuziek, erg fijn nieuws. Het geluid van Burton Gaar zit namelijk in het soulblues hokje van o.a. Robert Cray en Joe Louis Walker. Loom swingend met krachtige zang. Het album opent met de ontspannen pompende shuffle One Hundred Pounds Of Trouble. Een nummer met een behoorlijk groot Booker T. geluid, door het soulorgel van Roel Spanjers. Jan Mittendorp is verantwoordelijk voor een prima priemende gitaarsolo. I Won’t Cry is daarna een romige soulblues met een ontspannen groove. Er zit een licht swampy geluid in het nummer, dat aan “As The Crow Flies” doet denken. Step Out Lady is een lekker felle funky blues waarin Roel Spanjers behoorlijk stuwend op zijn orgel bezig is. In de lui stuwende shuffle Face Down On The Bottom is Spanjers op orgel én piano te horen en Mittendorp levert behoorlijk snijdend gitaarwerk af. Hij is in het broeierige Real Good Woman te horen met een snijdende slide. It’s Still Raining is een pracht van een soulballad met een waanzinnig mooi golvend soulorgel en Burton’s gepassioneerde zang. Het nummer klinkt Paul Carrack-achtig maar dan met veeeeel meer soul. De lome bluesshuffle Tear It Up deint lekker ontspannen voorbij met snerpend gitaarwerk. Because Of You klinkt een stuk venijniger en wordt gevolgd door de Ray Charles-achtige swing van No met hard bijtend gitaarwerk en een loeiend orgel. Je komt op dit album gewoon geen matig of slecht nummer tegen. Zo zijn zowel Bim Bam Thank You Mam, Short Red Dress en Where The Girl Is stuk voor stuk heerlijk swingende shuffles. De loom pompende blues I Be Gone klinkt lekker funky waarna ik tot de conclusie kom dat dit een heerlijk soulblues album is, dat zeer terecht opnieuw is uitgebracht. Een mooi eerbetoon aan de veel te vroeg weggevallen Burton Gaar!

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review Burton Gaar on

From Holland the label Black & Tan Records has put back into circulation “Blue Eyed Soul (2006)”, the last album of the singer and bassist from Baton Rouge (LA) Burton Gaar, who passed away in 2011, and has been an indisputable wise choice. Recovering his figure and especially this posthumous album, is having the opportunity to place this musician as one of the most genuine soul/blues musicians in Louisiana. This album is a jewel.

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review ElectroBluesSociety on

this is what wrote about the ElectroBluesSociety track that we released recently:

Blues music never truly experienced the commercial and social boom Jazz music had in the twentieth century. Blues music was not far behind Jazz music in terms of prestige and relatability of the world’s melancholy during and after World War II. Although the genre is no longer a relatable force, with the exception of the Chicago scene, there are still musicians out there actively resurrecting the mourning souls of yesterday. One of those bands is ElectroBluesSociety, a duo with a prestigious amount of years before them. Before being a part of the Black and Tan Records label, bassist and drummer Jasper Mortier and guitarist Jan Mittendrop have held numerous years of experience in the European revival scene of Blues music. Although, it would be unfair to compare their style to that of Muddy Waters or any other Blues legend. Electrobluessociety describe their own style as a “range between Alan Romax to Roxy Music and from Charlie Parker to Led Zeppelin.” Their aim is on reviving the old-school sound with modern technology. It’s easy to understand that these two hold a good amount of musical depth in their blood and know how to utilize their strength. They’ve proven that with their latest single, ‘Be Allright.’ The single is as wavy as it is ambient. There’s not too much noise filtering in between notes. The patterned guitar strings are amplified when necessary and even used in reverb along with the other elements. The musical pattern is thoroughly cleansed, which drains out all the grittiness that typically consists of a live session, for better or for worse. The strings are definitely the highlight of the single. Dancing along with Mortier’s bass strings, Mittendrop’s guitar strings manage to coalesce with the bass strings perfectly. Both instruments manage to do this even when they’re traveling at their own pace. For its five-minute duration, the single shifts its pace and instrumental focal points. Mittendrop’s guitar strings take center stage, where each pluck booms and the pattern is carefully arranged. Mittendrop’s strings are placated by Mortier’s bass strings and the hollow moans that help transition each stage of the single’s arrangement. With these elements acting as the atlas stone of the track, these two manage to find their perfect Pythagorean formula. Filtering out all the filling noise that old-school revival songs tend to use, these two wanted to utilize technology as a way to enhance their art, not destroy it.

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new single ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis

released today on KuvVer Records:

KR 611 – ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis – Back Door Man

Here is another track from the recording session that ElectroBluesSociety did with Mississippi blues man Boo Boo Davis. Together they went back to the classic Chicago blues and here is another Howlin Wolf classic with a little ‘electrofication’. The new single is available on all digital platforms and here are a few links

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new single ElectroBluesSociety

today we released

B&T 971 – ElectroBluesSociety – Be Allright

A new single from the experimental electro blues duo and this time it is a new and original song.

ElectroBluesSociety; two guys and a bunch of junk with a broad taste and an open mind mixing the old with the new. Modern technologies combined with 30+ years of live stage experience in the European blues / roots music scene. The musical input ranges from Alan Lomax to Roxy Music and from Charlie Parker to Led Zeppelin. Since September 2017 they have performed live in Holland, Belgium and Germany.

This new track is released digital only and available on all the download and streaming platforms. Here are the links to a few popular ones:

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new single ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis

Today we released a new single on KuvVer Records.

KR 610 – ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis

Here is the sixth track from the recording session that ElectroBluesSociety did with Mississippi blues man Boo Boo Davis. Together they went back to the classic Chicago blues and here is another Howlin Wolf classic with a little ‘electrofication’

The track is released digital only and available on all digital platforms and here are a few links.

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Burton Gaar re-released

B&T 394 – Burton Gaar – Blue Eyed Soul

We made these recordings with Burton Gaar in 1997 and since Black and Tan Records didn’t exist at that time we licensed them to CrossCut Records. Now is the time to release them on our own label. Besides Burton on vocals and bass the recordings feature Roel Spanjers on keyboards, Frank Bolder on drums and myself on guitar.

The tall Louisiana blues man Burton Gaar started playing bass guitar at age fourteen and at age eighteen Burton started singing on stage. As a young man, Burton was invited to join Slim Harpo’s band as a bass player. In the 60’s Burton and his band (Boogie Kings) were very active in the Louisiana R&B circuit. As the 70’s Burton was forced to take a normal day job for a year. After this experience he was determined to be self supporting as a musician. He joined the band of Rockin’ Sidney and he managed to make ends meet by either backing-up this zydeco superstar or playing with his own band. After recording his first CD “Still Singing The Blues” for Lanor Records Burton became firmly resolved to pursue his number one goal; making a name for himself.He did a few European tours during which he performed in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Norway. Burton passed away in 2011 after a brief battle with cancer.

The music is available on all digital platforms