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new single ElectroBluesSociety + Boo Boo Davis

Today we released

B&T 980 = Ain’t No Love – ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis

A double-bass-driven psychedelic electro blues song… and the fifth single release from the ‘transatlantic quarantaine sessions”

Between 1998 and 2020 Boo Boo Davis used to tour in Europe several times each year and a lot of music was written and recorded during these tours.  The current pandemic put that on hold . But with the help of the internet and Chris Brown in St Louis, the guys from ElectroBluesSociety (Netherlands) started to exchange idea’s and demo tapes with Boo Boo in East St Louis (USA). 

The single is released digital and available on all the download and streaming platforms.

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new single on Bone Union Records

Today we released a new single on Bone Union Records.

BUR 1106 – The Underdogz – Black Eyed Dog

Founded as a local cover band by Suat Vergili and Sarp Keskiner in 2016 under the synonym “Almost Rock’n Roll”, THE UNDERDOGZ (Izmir) recorded this obscure modal nugget of Nick Drake for a compilation album, curated by In the Void collective (based in Istanbul). Enjoy a rarity from the band that had disbanded in 2018, featuring the one and only female rock drummer based in Izmir.

  • Sarp Keskiner: vocals, guitar, harmonica, ocarina, jews harp, percussion
  • Suat Vergili: guitar
  • Ufuk Sinkil: bass
  • Oyku Celik: drums, backing vocals

Arranged, mixed and produced by: Suat Vergili and Sarp Keskiner (2017 / University of 9 Eylul – Department of Musical Sciences / Izmir, Turkey)
Cover Photo: Sarp Keskiner
Graphic Design: Elfin Yuksektepe (2021 / Bandha / Izmir, Turkey)

The single is released digital and available on all the download and streaming platforms.

Bone Union Records was founded in June 2020 by Sarp Keskiner (TR) and Jan Mittendorp (NL). The label aims to document a neglected musical scene in Turkey not just by releasing archival material from mid-90’s to this date; but also keen on releasing brand new material from Turkish artists. Though the scope mainly consist rare recordings of local traditional blues, urban blues and gospel acts, the material varies wildly by inclusion of folk, funk, dub, noise and experimental releases, that goes way beyond the borders of conventional blues. Thus, the label supports any musical efforts to improve the chances of exchange of blues and neighboring genres between Netherlands and Turkey.