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review Mama’s Bag

Founded by luthier – finger picking master Çağlayan Örge (banjo-guitar), Suna Suner (vocal, tambourine) and Sarp Keskiner (vocal, electric lead and slide guitar, kazoo, harmonica, tambourine, snare and cymbal) in 1996, MAMA & FRIENDS is known as “the ever first combo in Turkey based on pre-war blues styles, gospels and spirituals.” This album presents an unreleased bundle of materials taken from the live sessions of the trio, recorded directly to a cassette recorder by in house sound engineer Kubilay Gürol, between June and August 1997, at Eylül Müzik Kulübü.Gospels and spirituals performed here are also known as secondary examples ever recorded in Turkey. Thus, enjoy this rare audio documentary featuring covers of Robert Johnson, Jesse Fuller, Leadbelly and Bessie Smith. Other than displaying a naïve authenticity, “Mama’s Bag” captures a historical time frame of the local blues scene in Turkey, when any event representing those styles was able to pull together hundreds of people, enjoying the diversity of the blues inventory.

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Something Else Reviews ElectroBluesSociety + Boo Boo Davis

The Dutch-based electric blues duo ElectroBluesSociety and East St. Louis’ Boo Boo Davis make the perfect combination: the former supplies the groove and the latter brings the grit. Not even lockdown can keep them apart musically. Jan Mittendorp (guitar) and Jasper Mortier (drums) do their thing on one side of the ocean and Davis howls, moans and pleads over that thing from the other side.

For this eighth track from those ‘quarantine’ sessions called “Bye Baby Bye Bye,” that’s just what Boo Boo Davis and his friends from the Netherlands did. Over a scratchy guitar and an all-business bass, Davis starts his wailing and when Mortier’s snare kicks in, the groovin’ is in full flex. Mittendorp makes stinging guitar remarks whenever they flip over to the bridge and the ElectroBluesSociety does its signature electronic touches including looping and sampling done up in just the right measure.

Track by track, a hell of a retro-modern blues album is forming before our eyes … and ears. “Bye Baby Bye Bye” ready and waiting for you from a variety of sources, like iTunes, Spotify and Deezer. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget Bandcamp.