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CD stock clearance / Black and Tan Records

The era of CD’s is almost over.

Between 1997 and 2019 we released 45 CD’s on Black and Tan Records. And now it is time to clear our remaining CD stock.

I am sure there are still CD collectors among you and and I would like to give them opportunity to get the missing titles at a very interesting price. Below is a list of what is still available.

1,50 EUR per CD plus shipping
CD B&T 001 Roscoe Chenier – Roscoe Style
CD B&T 002 Percy Strother – Home At Last
CD B&T 004 Dave MacKenzie – Old, New, Borrowed & Blue
CD B&T 006 Erskine Oglesby – Blues Dancin’
CD B&T 019 Ernie Payne – Coercion Street
CD B&T 023 Billy Jones – tha’ Bluez
CD B&T 025 Harrison Kennedy – VOICE + STORY
CD B&T 027 Roscoe Chenier – Waiting For My Tomorrow
CD B&T 028 Turnip Greens – Carry Me Down The Aisle
CD B&T 030 Billy Jones – my Hometown
CD B&T 031 VA Keeping – Living Music Alive vol. 2
CD B&T 036 miXendorp – blues + beat
CD B&T 039 Tangled Eye – Dream Wall

3 EUR per CD plus shipping
CD B&T 037 David Philips – Rootop Recordings
CD B&T 038 David Philips – December Wine
CD B&T 041 David Philips – If I Had Wings
CD B&T 043 David Philips – The Rooftop Recordings #2
CD B&T 044 David Philips – Get Along

5 EUR per CD plus shipping
CD B&T 033 Boo Boo Davis – Name Of The Game
CD B&T 042 Boo Boo Davis – Oldskool

Send me a short mail with the items that you would like to order and I will get back to you with the payment info. The easiest is PayPal but within EU we can also do bank wire via IBAN.