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miXendorp remixes Bacon Fat Louis

Recently the guys of Bacon Fat Louis send a few tracks to miXendorp and asked him to do his magic to them. So far he finished two tracks and the first one will be released on Black and Tan Records on February 5, 2023.

To describe Bacon Fat Louis:

When you go to the pawn shop to buy the most shitty blender they have and you put in some RL Burnside, a slice of the Legendary ShackShakers, some parts of Bob Log’s helmet, a few pieces of T-model Ford and a little bit of of Left Lane Cruiser then start mixing this at full speed, you will have an idea.

The band, existing for almost ten years, has now definitely found their own way! No complicated bullshit just some hot steaming no-nonsense boogie with a little taste of that fine voodoo garage-sound and always keeping the Blues as the foundation.

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new EP miXendorp

Today we released on Black and Tan Records

B&T 995 – miXendorp – Trance Formed EP

In 2022 miXendorp started to write and record new music. It is an original and eclectic mix of blues, jazz, world, funk, techno and all kind of other great music with a beat.

During the past few months we already put out three singles and one EP and today we released this new EP with another four new (instrumental) trax.

The EP is released digital and available on all the download and streaming platforms.

And miXendorp is pretty productive and just finished a few remixes from a dutch band called Bacon Fat Louis. These will be released in February and May 2023.

You can find more miXendorp music here:

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news from Bone Union Records

Since our foundation in 2020, as you know we aimed, advocated and promised to present you to the most hidden gems of “Turkish blues society” and you all will remember that even than we strongly emphasized our intension to mine and “exhibit” all kinds of correlations that display “the unique marriage of grassroots heritage of Turkish blues, soul, funk and reggae scene with free impro / noise / free jazz scene”.

So from now on, we are proud to announce that our roster will be once in a while be ornamented by releasing some obscure releases that indicates the ecotones between roots music, funk and the ‘free impro’ scene of Turkey; as we salute the addition of the roster of KRONOVOX ARCHIVES (, an indie label founded in 2004 holding the magic keys to access to “never heard before” archives of the most adventurous baskets of Turkish free music scene.

Relevant to that fresh news and in line with our label’s mission, recently we are encouraging our artists to create reworks and remixes of previously released / unreleased materials that stands harmonious with our circular culture approach, which we had long ago adopted, announced and advocated.

So in brief; be ready to explore a curious sonic map that will display the wild diversity of Turkish contemporary underground scene; where musical notions of Blind Willie Johnson, Pere Ubu, Peter Tosh, Velvet Underground, The Fall or Arts Ensemble of Chicago may well indeed be blended together.