King Pug - Borneo Mint Shave
King Pug – Borneo Mint Shave (2013)
King Pug - Water Pressure
King Pug – Water Pressure (2013)
King Pug – Grocery (2014)


Crunchy guitar and driving rhythms abound, this is music for driving or getting down and dirty… or both at the same time! Indie-Blues-Rock duo King Pug was a project started by hyperactive English guitarist, singer, producer and songwriter Dave Wilkinson as an outlet for a back catalogue of songs that didn’t seem to fit with his other various musical incarnations. Heavily based in the blues with driving rhythms provided by fellow country man Caspar St. Charles.

King Pug could be compared to The Black Keys and The White Stripes due to their duo format… if you were lazy! But with a British touch notable in Wilkinson’s voice and writing, and a long, varied career as session musicians, the duo certainly add their own flavour to the mix, enough to carve them their own niche in the “power duo” scene.

Their debut E.P. “Borneo Mint Shave” was written, produced, mixed and mastered by Wilkinson in his own “D.I.Y.” studio and within one week of it’s release on Bandcamp they were signed to Black and Tan Records in The Netherlands. And these dogs are fast !!!! just two months after the release of their debut they strike agian with “Water Pressure” – a three track E.P. Harder hitting, grittier and groovier than ever, this is Rock music you can dance to, Blues music that won’t give you the blues!