Bamboola BoogieWe are very honored that one of our tracks (Bye Bye Baby by Boo Boo Davis & BLu ACiD) will be released on this upcoming compilation release on Timewarp Music (Greece).

VA – Bamboola Boogie

All tracks were selected carefully by Timewarp Music together with The Zuzu Club; a music blog that presents great fresh music from all around the world. The compilation features all styles of modern electronic music. From dub – reggae and dancehall to nu funk, soul – breaks and nu disco and from world and international styles to electro blues and nu swing. The release date is May 30.

Here is the complete tracklist:

1. Cayetano – Babylon On Fire feat. NEK (Original Mix)
2. Timewarp inc – Theory of Revolution feat. Georges Perin (Original Mix)
3. Balkan Riddims – United feat. Jahricio (Original Mix)
4. Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution – Baby Got Me Good feat. Jammaroots & BNC (Original Mix)
5. The Worldstylers – Rabbi’s Groove (Original Mix)
6. Palov feat. Ang Angelides – Moving Next Door (Original Mix)
7. Loopez – Jesu (Original Mix)
8. Chinese Man – Jungle Boogie feat. Scratch Bandits Crew (Scratch version) (Album Only)
9. Jayl Funk feat. Tarzan Bros – Shake it (Skeewiff Remix)
10. Grain Zero – True To You (Original Mix)
11. Master Funk – The Trip (Original Mix)
12. Valique feat. Michael Wheatley – Kick Out Party (Umbo Remix)
13. Cloak Dagger – Ale’ Sofi (Captain Planet Remix)
14. Charlie Beale – Tale Of A.G. Smith (Original Mix)
15. Dubstax – Wiggly Bum (Original Mix)
16. Boo Boo Davis – Bye Bye Baby (Original Mix)
17. Funky Destination – Another Porn Song (Original Mix)
18. The Bas Lexter Ensample – Pretty Girls (Original Mix)

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