For these artists we do bookings:

boo boo davis
Boo Boo Davis tour March, July and October 2019
David Philips tours Sept 2019 and May 2020
ElectroBluesSociety available all year
miXendorp available all year

Of course the artists are also available outside the mentioned periods for festivals and other special occasions. Please send us all your suggestions and/or contact information for venues and festivals in your area where these artists could perform live. Here is a list of all the upcoming shows:

David Philips14/5/2020SpeelplaatsSteijlHolland
Boo Boo Davis18/10/2019Bock en BluesAlmeloHolland
Boo Boo Davis19/10/2019Kunsthof FriedrischrodeHelbedundorfGermany
Boo Boo Davis20/10/2019Cafe GrenzlandBad BrambachGermany
Boo Boo Davis24/10/2019TorburgKölnGermany
Boo Boo Davis25/10/2019Tante OlgaRandersDenmark
Boo Boo Davis26/10/2019MojoCopenhagenDenmark
Boo Boo Davis27/10/2019Komm Du KulturcafeHamburgGermany
Boo Boo Davis28/10/2019Missy SippyGentBelgium
Boo Boo Davis31/10/2019JazzclubPaderbornGermany
Boo Boo Davis1/11/2019LedeltheaterOostburgHolland
Boo Boo Davis2/11/2019KulturwerkstattHammGermany
Boo Boo Davis3/11/2019Cafe MokkaThunSwitzerland
Boo Boo Davis4/11/2019DinzlerIrschenbergGermany
Boo Boo Davis7/11/2019ListwaarOud-HeverleeBelgium
Boo Boo Davis10/11/2019Cafe de HipDeventerHolland
Boo Boo Davis14/11/2019The SkiffHilversumHolland
Boo Boo Davis15/11/2019Zaal BerchmansMaastrichtHolland
Boo Boo Davis16/11/2019Bluesfestival TamboerHoogeveenHolland
Boo Boo Davis17/11/2019FilmhuisZevenaarHolland
Boo Boo Davis20/03/2020SpeelplaatsBaarsHolland
Boo Boo Davis27/03/2020Cultuurpodium Van SlagBorgerHolland
Boo Boo Davis28/3/2020Potatoes Blues FestivalLunerayFrance
Boo Boo Davis30/3/2020Muddy's ClubWeinheimGermany
Boo Boo Davis31/3/2020Das BettFrankfurtGermany
Boo Boo Davis6/4/2020RockhouseSalzburgAustria
David Philips6/5/2020Living Room ConcertHaigerGermany
David Philips7/5/2020Tuney Thursday @ de BunkerGermertHolland
David Philips8/5/2020Podiumcafe Peter en LeniSteendamHolland