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review Boo Boo Davis from Italy

Prendete un locale sperduto nel Nord dell’Olanda, infilateci un pubblico partecipe (cosa ormai rara) e un trio che suona un blues sincero e che gli piace farlo. Risultato? Un onesto disco di blues che ti viene vo- glia di riascoltare immaginando di poter essere stato tra i fortu- nati presenti. Questo trio è capitanato da Boo Boo Davis, un mississippiano DOC, nato e cresciuto a Drew nel cuore del Delta, e questo lo si capisce alla prima battuta. Certo che aver avuto a casa propria personaggi come John Lee Hooker, Elmore James o Robert Pete Williams, intenti a suonare col proprio padre, non dev’essere un’esperienza da tutti i giorni e, forse, qualcosa di quelle magiche atmosfere deve per forza esserti rimasta dentro. Sia come sia questa magia emerge da questo “Live And Almost Unplugged” e ci rega- la una sana lezione di blues, dove quel che conta è quel che si dice e non quel che si fa. Lezione che dovrebbero imparare tutti coloro che si approcciano al blues come se fosse una competizione col diavolo o più semplicemente con gli altri “colleghi”. Partita persa prima che inizi, cari miei e il settantatreenne Boo Boo Davis ve lo può dimostrare. Un solo microfono al centro della sala del piccolo Cafe de Amer, il pubblico a due passi e il concerto ha inizio. Boo Boo con la sua armonica e voce è sostenuto da un ottimo Jan Mittendorp alla chitarra e da John Gerritse alla batteria. Non serve altro. Il loro blues fa tutto, dall’iniziale “Ice Storm” via via fino alla conclusiva “St. Louis Woman”, tutti brani scritti da questo trio. È difficile stabilire quale sia la miglior canzone, l’abilità di questi musicisti è quella di aver creato un tappeto sonoro capace di coinvolgere il pubblico olandese come l’ascoltatore a casa, portandolo con l’immaginazione nelle terre piatte del Mississippi dove le ombre al tramonto si allungano sui campi come fantasmi e al crocicchio gli alberi la notte si trasformano in diavoli tentatori. Allora, non esitate, fatevi ten- tare da Boo Boo Davis, qualcosa da insegnarvi lui ce l’ha.


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review Boo Boo Davis on STL Blues Reviews

OLD SKOOL – By Boo Boo Davis

James ‘Boo Boo” Davis truly is one of a kind. Born and bred in Drew, Mississippi, he’s spent the past 60- plus years dripping nothing but the blues. His father, Sylvester Davis, was a cotton farmer who played multiple instruments. Musically gifted, he performed with legends such as John Lee Hooker, Elmore James and Robert Pete Williams. The younger Boo just soaked it all in. By five he was playing harp and singing in church with his mother. At 13 he was strumming guitar. And by the age of 18, he was working gigs across the Delta with his dad and older brothers. But the early 60’s brought a new twist. Trekking north with his brothers, they settled right into the vibrant St. Louis blues scene. Albert King, Ike & Tina Turner, Little Milton, Oliver Sain, Fontella Bass, Chuck Berry and Johnnie Johnson — the names were all here. But it was The Davis Brothers Blues Band who held court at Tubby’s Red Room every weekend in East St. Louis. Their residency would not only last 18 years, but kindle many fond memories. The year 1998 though was Boo’s true breakthrough. Perhaps DAVE was intervening. Or maybe it was Boo Boo’s ability to sing and play several instruments. Either way, he was playing drums for local and national harp legend, Arthur Williams, when opportunity finally knocked. Touring Europe as part of Arthur’s crack St. Louis band, Boo Boo was approached about recording his own CD. His 1999 Black & Tan label debut, EAST ST. LOUIS was the first step towards a blues legacy that just keeps growing. OLD SKOOL itself is about as stripped-down and powerful as you can get. Featuring Jon Mittendorp on electric guitar, and John Gerritse on drums, the European duo truly pull Boo’s deep Delta essence out. Yet, in so doing, they add a 21st century funk that simply resonates. Much akin to R.L. Burnside’s later years at Fat Possum Records, ‘Old Skool Delta’ rolls anew with Boo Boo’s Black & Tan recordings. This pulsing, trance-inducing sound has been catchy enough to score Boo Boo international acclaim. In fact, ‘ 5-Hour Energy Drink’ used snippets of his 2008 song ‘I’m Tired’ for their radio ads to boost their sales. Imagine that. Seventy-plus year old Boo Boo Davis selling an energy revival! But in the end, it all makes sense. The trio on this CD has not only toured Europe extensively, but they’ve played over 300 shows in 20 countries the past two years. Tight and cohesive, all 11 tracks were recorded in single takes. From the clash of harp and drums on the opener, ‘Hold Your Head Up’, through such notables as the catchy-quick ‘Boo Boo Fool’, the slow, open-ended ‘Boy Blues’, to the driving train-like ‘Call Me A Clown’, the band rocks a 43 minute jam session that embodies Boo Boo’s spirited live shows. It’s amazing how Boo Boo Davis continues to age like fine wine. Hopefully, if you’re a reader out there, you’ll take the opportunity to catch the ever stylish Boo live downtown. Though he’s currently on a brief sabbatical from his European duo, he’s back home performing some weekend gigs with Bob Kamoske, Mike Graham and Kevin O’Conner at BB’s Jazz, Blues & Soups. What you’ll find is one of the last great “old-skoolers” pumping out downhome blues as only a true great can. As the liner notes claim, ‘this music really is COOL.’ About the only other thing this reviewer can add is “Thank you DAVE!!” And oh, even if you do catch Boo Boo live, get the CD. It’s killer…… ENJOY!!

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review new Boo Boo Davis by Barnowlblues (Holland)

Boo Boo Davis, geboren in 1943 in Drew, Mississippi, is een regelmatig bezoeker van ons land en een graag geziene gast. Dit laatste vanwege zijn connectie met Black and Tan Records en zijn Nederlandse begeleiders John Gerritse (drums) en Jan Mittendorp (gitaar), die niet geheel toevallig ook iets met genoemde platenmaatschappij van doen heeft. Davis, die zingt en gitaar, harmonica en drums speelt, heeft over de hele wereld getoerd en een behoorlijke catalogus aan cd’s uitgebracht. Op 30 oktober jl. traden David met Gerritse en Mittendorp op in het welbekende Café de Amer in het Drentse Amen. Van dit optreden zijn tien nummers uitgebracht als “Live And Almost Unplugged”. Tien nummers, zoals we ze van Boo Boo Davis kennen. Gebracht met veel plezier voor zowel de muzikanten als het publiek. Heel simpel en basic met slechts een stereomicrofoon in het midden van de ruimte. Niet gepolijst of geschaafd, gewoon muziek zoals het die avond klonk. Dit komt alleen maar de puurheid en eerlijkheid ten goede. Een mooi document van een van de weinige nog originele Mississippi bluesartiesten. Aanrader.

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new release Boo Boo Davis – Live and Almost Unplugged

B&T 959 – Boo Boo Davis – Live And Almost Unplugged

So far all of Boo Boo’s records were cut in one take live in the studio, but without an audience. This is the first time we have released a record that is recorded live WITH an audience.  Boo Boo, John and Jan are not famous for playing soft or subtle but sometimes they really take it down if the situation asks for it. Cafe de Amer is a small barn in the middle of nowhere in the north of Holland. Over the last twenty years this place has become a famous stage where musicians from all over the world come to play for music fans from all over the country. The place holds a maximum of 100 people and the distance between the musicians and the audience is less then 3 feet. Over the years Boo Boo has become a regular and this was his sixth show in De Amer. The recordings for this release are made with just one stereo microphone in the middle of a completely packed room.

This record will be released digital only and here are the links to a few popular platforms.

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BOO BOO DAVIS on tour in Europe

Next week we will kick off another European tour. Here is where you can see and hear us play live:

Oct 7, Zaandam (NL), Podium de Flux
Oct 9, Amersfoort (NL), Miles
Oct 12, Feuerthalen (CH), Dolder 2
Oct 14, Hard (A), Kammgarn
Oct 15, Nijmegen (NL), Lindenberg
Oct 16, Koln (D), Torburg
Oct 18, Den Bosch (NL), Blue Room Sessions @ Verkadefabriek
Oct 21, Herent (B), De Wildeman
Oct 22, Maastricht (B), Club Vibes
Oct 23, Roosendaal (NL), Cafe Kerkzicht
Oct 27, Gotha (D), Londoner
Oct 28, Arnstadt (D), Jungfer
Oct 29, Lichtenvoorde (NL), Keifestival
Oct 30, Amen (NL), Cafe de Amer

BBD trio

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review Boo Boo Davis live at Stedli Blues / Laufen (CH)

Zerfurchtes Gesicht, klein, mit grünem T-Shirt und Dächlikappe betritt der mit allen Wassern der Bluesmusik gewaschene James Boo Boo Davis die Bühne, setzt sich auf einen glitzernden Zylinder und beginnt mit einem lauten «Hey» sein Konzert. Vor ihm liegt eine ganze Batterie von Mundharmonikas, eine davon ergreift er und beginnt zu spielen. 72-jährig und noch kein Bisschen müde, erklingen die silbrigen zum Teil langgezogenen Töne seiner Mundharmonika. «I had a Dream» hat er sein selbst komponiertes Stück benannt, eine Philosophie die den aufgestellten Sänger sein Leben lang begleitet. John Gerritse am Schlagzeug und Jan Mittendorp an der Gitarre sind mit von der Partie und geben dem Song den richtigen Kick. Der Rhythmus fährt ein, die Gäste wippen mit den Hüften und klopfen ihre Füsse zum Takt. Davis ist ein Erlebnis, eine lebendige Ikone des Blues, aber einfach und bescheiden geblieben. «Thank you, thank you» schreit er mit ätzender Stimme ins Mikrofon, er geniesst den mächtigen Applaus. Der Mann aus dem Mississippi Delta hat eine riesige Lebenserfahrung, immer wieder streut er kleine Episoden ein. Seine Vorträge sind einfach perfekt: Er wechselt seinen kernigen Gesang und sein virtuoses Mundharmonikaspiel dauernd ab, ohne dass es auffällt.

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Boo Boo Davis featured in French magazin

nice article on Boo Boo Davis by Eric Hauswald was published in CAUSETTE #67:

BOO BOO DAVIS    le blues à l’état pur

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-31 om 12.01.32Tombé tout petit dans la marmite du blues, ce septuagénaire né dans le delta du mississippi a été révélé au public il y a moins de vingt ans. Une voix profonde, sans artifice, à découvrir d’urgence dans un nouvel album. Il y a fort à parier que vous n’avez jamais entendu parler de Boo Boo Davis. En effet, ce bluesman de 72 ans ne sachant ni lire ni écrire ne défraie pas la chronique. Et pourtant… Une voix pareille vous prend aux tripes et vous donne immédiatement le senti- ment que la musique a une âme. C’est exactement ce qu’a ressenti Jan Mittendorp il y a presque vingt ans. Jan est néerlandais, guitariste, passionné de blues et créateur du label Black & Tan Records, qui produit des artistes américains de blues très authentiques. Un jour de 1997, alors qu’il écoute un titre d’Arthur Williams où le batteur chante également, il est saisi par une voix profonde, directe et sans artifice qui se révèle être celle d’un certain Boo Boo Davis. Il entame alors des recherches et réussit à convaincre ce dernier de se tourner vers le chant et d’enregistrer sous son nom, ce qu’il n’avait jamais fait. C’est le début d’une belle aventure. S’ensuivront huit CD dont ce One Chord Blues est un florilège.

Boo Boo, Papa et les futures stars
L’histoire de Boo Boo Davis commence le 4 novembre 1943 à Drew, dans le delta du Mississippi. Cette ville de 1 600 habitants à peine, au cœur de la région la plus sudiste des États-Unis, est entourée de plantations de coton. La ségrégation raciale y est très forte. À l’époque, il n’est pas rare que des policiers blancs abattent arbitrairement des citoyens noirs au prétexte qu’ils ont l’air d’évadés du pénitencier de Parchman, à une douzaine de kilomètres de là. Sale temps pour les descendants d’esclaves. Continue reading Boo Boo Davis featured in French magazin

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Boo Boo Davis track on new Timewarp compilation

Bamboola BoogieWe are very honored that one of our tracks (Bye Bye Baby by Boo Boo Davis & BLu ACiD) will be released on this upcoming compilation release on Timewarp Music (Greece).

VA – Bamboola Boogie

All tracks were selected carefully by Timewarp Music together with The Zuzu Club; a music blog that presents great fresh music from all around the world. The compilation features all styles of modern electronic music. From dub – reggae and dancehall to nu funk, soul – breaks and nu disco and from world and international styles to electro blues and nu swing. The release date is May 30.

Here is the complete tracklist: Continue reading Boo Boo Davis track on new Timewarp compilation