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review Boo Boo on RifRockerz (Spain)

Boo Boo Davis “One Chord Blues”

Imos con uns cantos álbumes recomendados antes do fin de semana. De primeiro, o novo de Boo Boo Davis. Nos últimos anos estase a converter no meu bluesman favorito, xa vos comentamos noutras ocasións pinceladas da súa vida e carreira, pero ahí segue, con 72 anos e publicando un álbum tras doutro desde o mesmo delta do Mississippi. O seu novo traballo é “One Chord Blues”, que inclúe material novo e outras pezas xa coñecidas a modo de pequena revisión de temas dos seus últimos anos, algúns deles están incluídos tal cual estaban recollidos en álbumes anteriores, outros grabados de novo, e algunha peza que non fora publicada, e todo grabado en directo de estudio para recoller toda a forza da súa harmónica e a voz rasgada, só acompañado John Gerritse na batería e Ene Mittendorp coa guitarra. Son 16 cortes, alternado temas novos e vellos, revisando pezas propias e tradicionais, todo pasado polo seu particular blues eléctrico, pero sinxelo, directo e contundente. Perfecto para quen queira comezar con Boo Boo Davis. Eu podería escoitalo hipnotizado durante horas.

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Polish review for Boo Boo Davis

Kiedy czytam życiorys Boo Boo Davisa, w głowie maluje mi się obraz bluesmana z początku XX wieku. Boo Boo urodził się w Drew w stanie Mississippi. Pracował na plantacji bawełny od wczesnych lat życia. Nie było pieniędzy, by mały Davis poszedł do szkoły, więc nie miał możliwości nauczyć się pisać i czytać. Jednak w jego domu zawsze obecny był blues, którego Davis używa po dzień dzisiejszy, jako języka komunikacji ze współczesnym światem. Nie jest to bluesman z dekady Roberta Johnsona, a muzyk żyjący w naszych czasach. Mówi się o nim, że jest to jeden z ostatnich prawdziwych bluesmanów. Continue reading Polish review for Boo Boo Davis

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Boo Boo Davis Rootstime

Rootstime boo boo davis

Als je, zoals wij hier bij Rootstime, vaak naar muziek luistert en geregeld iets nieuws te horen krijgt, gebeurt het al wel eens dat je bij een plaat blijft hangen. Meer dan eens s gaat het dan om een cd wholesale NBA jerseys die echt goed is en die je, na een tijdje, nog steeds geregeld opzet. Cd’s die nog een stap verder gaan zijn heel dun gezaaid, maar er zijn bepaalde schijfjes die zo y goed zijn dat ze je al de rest even doen vergeten en die er Davis om smeken om constant gedraaid te worden. “OldSkool” van Boo Boo Davis is er zo eentje. Al is Boo Boo Davis beslist geen nieuwe artiest, want Richard hij is waarschijnlijk een van de laatste mannen die kunnen navertellen hoe het harde leven in het Mississippi van de jaren ’30 en ’40 was. Continue reading Boo Boo Davis Rootstime

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Boo Boo Davis / Oldskool

boo boo davis oldskool

Boo Boo Davis – Oldskool
Authentischer Harp Blues in aus dem tiefsten Mississippi-Delta. Dafür bürgt Boo Boo 2016 cheap mlb jerseys Davis auf den 11 Songs seiner cheap jerseys neuen Einem A CD, cheap nfl jerseys die wholesale jerseys er nicht cheap jerseys cheap jerseys umsonst “Oldskool” betitelt cheap mlb jerseys hat. Schließlich stammt der charismatische Sänger und Mundharmonika-Spieler wholesale mlb jerseys ja selbst aus cheap jerseys dem the kleinen Städtchen Drew im cheap jerseys wholesale nfl jerseys Herzen Format Οστρακ?να? des Missisippi Deltas und cheap nfl jerseys Verleih hat wholesale nfl jerseys seine Jugend auf cheap jerseys den Baumwollfeldern verbracht. Die yourself. Songs MOSHOLU wholesale jerseys wurden übrigens in einer spontanen, gerade Hacked mal fünfstündigen Aufnahmesession mit Restorative Gitarrist Jan Mittendorp und Drummer John Gerritse eingespielt. Cooler und glaubwürdiger V Harp Blues, der nie aus der Mode kommen wird.

Boo Boo Davis






… this how Mississippi blues sounds in 2018

boo boo davis

Boo Boo Davis is a survivor and belongs to the last generations of musicians that write and play the blues based on first hand experience of a hard life in the Mississippi Delta. He was born and raised in Drew, Mississippi in the heart of Delta. It was the richest cotton land in the South and the large amounts of field workers attracted the best musicians from the surrounding areas. The entire Delta region was rich with blues, but the town of Drew was a particularly fertile one. Charley Patton stayed near Drew for many years and several legendary performers spent time there. Sharecroppers sang loudly to help pass the grueling hours of work and without a doubt Boo Boo developed his loud, bellowing voice based on the singing he heard in the fields as a young boy. In fact, that voice, through the years has demolished many amps and speaker cabinets.

Boo Boo’s father, Sylvester Davis farmed cotton and played several instruments. Musicians who he played with include John Lee Hooker, Elmore James and Robert Pete Williams. Boo Boo remembers these and other musicians dropping by and rehearsing at their house. At the age of five Boo Boo was playing the harmonica and singing in church with his mother. By thirteen he was playing guitar, and by eighteen he was playing out with his father and older brothers under the name of The Lard Can Band. This band travelled all throughout the Delta. In the early sixties he went north to St Louis and was around during the heyday of the St Louis music scene (Albert King, Ike Turner, Chuck Berry and many others). Together with his brothers they were the weekend house band in Tubby’s Red Room in East St Louis for eighteen years.

Even though Boo Boo moved north to St. Louis, he will always be a southerner at heart. When he is at home (and not performing) his favorite pastimes are hunting with his dogs and fishing. During Boo Boo’s childhood there was no time or money for him to go to school so he never learned to read and write. However that did not prevent him to travel all over the world. Following his guiding spirit (that he calls Dave) Boo Boo has found a way to deal with modern society. The blues helps him to keep his spirit high and survive day-to-day life. It deals with all the basic raw elements of life; good and bad, plain and simple.

His first European tour took place in April 2000 and since then Boo Boo is touring Europe at least twice a year. So far Boo Boo has released 10 albums on Black and Tan Records and all of them were very well received. Number 4 (DREW, MISSISSIPPI) was listed with the 10 best blues records of 2006 by MOJO Magazine (UK). In 2007 Boo Boo was invited to perform on the POCONO BLUES FESTIVAL, one of the biggest blues festivals in the USA and in March 2007 Boo Boo performed live on CBC Radio One, national radio in Canada.

What started as a crazy idea after the European tour of Boo Boo in October 2007 has turned out to be not too crazy at all. On the Spring Tour of 2008 they decided to leave out the bass and tour as a trio: Boo Boo Davis on vocals & harmonica, John Gerritse on drums and Jan Mittendorp on guitar. This trio has been touring Europe extensively; the last few years they did over 400 shows in more then twenty different countries including a lot of the big European blues & jazz festivals (North Sea Jazz, Montreux, Peer, Juan les Pins, Rother BluesTage, Amal, Olstzyn).

Boo Boo’s music has been featured on Fox Sports and several US tv series like Sons of Anarchy, Suits and Banshee.

 Tour dates

2/11/2018BB's Jazz, Blues and SoupsSt Louis MOUSA
1/12/2018BB's Jazz, Blues and SoupsSt Louis MOUSA
9/3/2019ku:L @ LausbarOblarnAustria
15/3/2019Bielefelder JazzclubBielefeldGermany
17/3/2018CHV NoordkadeVeghelHolland
21/3/2019Blues en Mars 2019WattrelosFrance
23/3/2019Cafe de AmerAmenHolland
27/3/2019De VerwachtingAssendelftHolland
29/3/2019Mojo Music ClubKleinstaastorfAustria
30/3/2019Internationale JazzwocheBurghausenGermany
31/3/2019Heilige CornelisRoermondHolland


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