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David Philips CD’s / special offer

This is the moment for David Philips fans to get their missing items. We can offer you the titles on the list below. The more CD’s you order the better the deal as you can see at the price list.


B&T 037David Philips – The Rooftop Recordings
B&T 038David Philips – December Wine (4 track tapes)
B&T 041David Philips – If I Had Wings
B&T 043David Philips – The Rooftop Recordings #2
B&T 044David Philips – Get Along
SAM 803The Rooftop Recordings 2 (promo copy)
SAM 804Get Along (promo copy)

The promo copy’s have the same music but are packed in a paper sleeve instead of the digipack from the official release. In that case you miss most of the beautiful bird drawings.

Send me us mail with the requested CD’s and your postal address. We will then send you a PayPal payment request. Even without a PayPal account you can still pay through PayPal using your credit card. If you also don’t have a credit card you can pay via bank wire (EU only). In that case we will send you our bank account information. As soon as the money arrives we will put the CD’s in the mail.


1 CD€ 6,00
2 CD€ 11,00
3 CD€ 15,00
4 CD€ 19,00
promo copy€ 2,00

shipping costs:

NetherlandsEuropeoutside Europe
1 – 3 CD’s€ 4,50€ 7,50€ 7,50
4 and more€ 7,50€ 12,00€ 23,00
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another review David Philips on New Folk Sounds

David Philips bekijkt de boel van de positieve kant met zijn nieuwe compositie over de corona crisis. In Bliss (a quarantaine song) bezingt hij de milieu effecten van de pandemie op zijn woonomgeving. Gedurende de quarantaine veranderde Barcelona – de thuishaven van David Philips – van een vervuilde, stinkende en lawaaierige stad in een rustige, vriendelijke en schone stad voor wat betreft de luchtkwaliteit. Het is natuurlijk bijna onmogelijk dat dit zo blijft, maar in een lied kun je je eigen draai aan de werkelijkheid geven.

Op de drumtrack na – die werd geleend van een nooit uitgebrachte demo uit 2017 – werd het lied opgenomen op de zolderkamer van David in Barcelona, waar hij de afgelopen maanden werkte aan nieuw materiaal, zoals op muziekgebied als op het tekenvlak.

Het nummer Bliss (a quarantaine song) is te downloaden via de bekende platforms.

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review David Philips by SomethingElseReviews

There are a lot of great folk singers who can deliver a song with a fine croon and a fluidly fingerpicked acoustic guitar. The ones of these who really stand out are the ones who are perceptive about the world around them and find something positive and lasting about humanity in the midst of strife. Strife, such as our current one, this global pandemic.

Seth Walker quickly stepped up to the moment with “We Got This.” Across the pond in Barcelona, Spain, David Philips found his own sunny angle, a silver lining to all this despair: Mother Nature is getting a much-needed break.

“Bliss (A Quarantine Song)” is set up with his usual simple but foot-tapping arrangement. Philips discovers ‘bliss’ from the normally smoggy Barcelona to a quieter one not overrun by tourists and emissions, where his “lungs get no abuse, while my ears rest quietly without a sound.”

Philips is certainly wanting this worldwide health crisis to end as much as the rest of us; he can’t gig as long as people crowded in clubs spread the plague. But he also asks, “Oh why can’t it just stay like this, with everyone at home/This could be eternal bliss, if we just leave well alone.”

Something well worth pondering over as we plot a new normal in the post-Covid-19 world.

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new single David Philips

today we released a new single from David Philips:

David invites you to see things through optimistic, if rather idealistic eyes, in this positive take on quarantine and the effects it has had on the environment he lives in. During quarantine Barcelona went from being a polluted, smelly, noisy tourist trap to a quiet, peaceful, friendly village with clean air and happy wildlife. The song is about that. David knows it’s idealistic and unrealistic to think things could stay that way but hey, who said songs have to be realistic ? Except the drum track, which was lifted from an unreleased demo from 2017, the song was recorded and produced in his rooftop apartment in Barcelona, where David has spent the past few months writing and working on his bird artwork.

This new single is released digital only and available on all the download and streaming platforms.

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review David Philips & Abel Boquera from the UK

There you go walking along the street trying to get your groove on when you realise that what missing in your step is an appropriate soundtrack. The question, however, is the choice of said soundtrack. Do you for the corporate sponsored playlist suggestion or do you roll the dice and choose something that might just be more than bit classier? Something like “The Duo Sessions” by David Philips and Abel Boquera?

Well, they say that music can put the spring back in your step and these three songs do that just. Two originals and a cover of a Michael Jackson hit might not sound like much to interest your ears but David Philips and Abel Boquera have something special cooking in their crock pot. That something is a surfeit of easy going charm which duly makes these simply arranged songs into a recipe for a smile.

With David Philips & Abel Boquera in your ears, the street is the place to be.

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upcoming online show DAVID PHILIPS

DAVID PHILIPS should have been on tour in The Netherlands this month. BUT he’ll be doing another online show this Sat 23rd May at 19:00h Spanish time (UK 18:00h). It’s his mum’s birthday that day so no doubt she’ll be in the comments chatting. Also it will be a concert to remember his uncle Ian who recently passed. He loved the blues so he’ll be playing quite a few blues songs in his honour. David also promises to play some cigar box this time and “When I’m Drunk”.
Same place as last time :

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review EP David Philips & Abel Boquera

David Philips & Abel Boquera have been playing together in one form or another for more than a decade, but they never made a record together, and even the just-released The Duo Sessions only became a record perhaps as an afterthought. Usually, the recordings of songs beget the videos for them; here, the videos came first and then the idea to make a record out of the performances caught on camera in Boquera’s studio came afterwards. A David Philips record that includes another musician is a very rare event; none of the prior seven ones covered in this space had anyone else playing on them. So it may be a revelation to some that Philips plays well with others, and this singer-songwriter guitar whiz certainly meshes with his Fender Rhodes-playing friend.

The first two tunes come from Philips’ then-latest album Get Along, and this drum-less version of “Another Day” isn’t really missing anything because the beat is still intact. Boquera’s electric piano and Philips’s acoustic guitar blend so well, at times they sound as one. The funky folk-jazz song “My Gravity” (video above) similarly has plenty of propulsion without the formal percussion. Boquera’s swinging solo only enhances the jazz element of the song even further. The final track is Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” and Davis Philips soulful croon is a natural for this number. For good measure, he tosses in a nifty aside from his acoustic six -string during the instrumental break.

At a running time just past 11 minutes, it’s barely an EP much less an LP, but it’s a pocket-sized collection of a couple of really good musicians and pals having fun with a trio of fine songs. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

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new EP David Philips

today we released:

B&T 974 – David Philips & Abel Boquera – The Duo Sessions

David Philips and his good friend and keyboard wizard Abel Boquera have been playing in bands together for the past 10+ years. Last year they decided to get together in Abel’s studio to make a few videos playing duo. The audio from this session is what you find here. Abel played an old 1970s Fender Rhodes electric piano and mixed/mastered the session. The first 2 songs are David’s originals from his record “Get Along” and the last was a bit of fun; a cover version of the Michael Jackson hit “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

This new EP is released digital only and available on all the download and streaming platforms. Here are the links to a few popular ones:

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new single David Philips

Today we released a new single by David Philips.

In Focus” is a modern folk ballad, written especially for the Spanish romantic comedy “Te quiero, imbécil.”

It’s a classic tale of not appreciating what you have until it is gone. David wrote this song together with two Spanish film score giants;Lucas Suarez and Javier Bayon.

This new single is released digital only and available on all the download and streaming platforms. Here are the links to a few popular ones: