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new single on KuvVer Records

Today we released a new single on KuvVer Records

KR 607 – ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis – Dust My Broom

This is the third single from the recording session that ElectroBluesSociety did with Boo Boo Davis in October this year.

Another cover version of a classic blues song with a little ‘electrification’ added. This time it’s an Elmore James song.

Released digital and available on all streaming and download platforms.


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US review new single ElectroBluesSociety & Boo Boo Davis

this is what EastPortlandBlog wrote about the new single

Smokestack Lightnin – ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis

This is so beautiful it hurts. This is live Chicago blues. I’m thirty years past Chicago and I’d swear I rode the Englewoood-Howard B Train tonight, shared a bottle of Christian Brothers on the down low and got clotheslined by “the Hawk” wind when I transferred for the Ravenswood line. Heaven on a bone, Smiffy’s Ribs, testifyin’ for the blues, the signal’s coming in strong, someone got set free tonight.

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new single ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis

released today on KuvVer Records:

KR 605 – ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis – Tell Me

For this recording session ElectroBluesSociety went back to basics and teamed up with Mississippi blues man Boo Boo Davis. Together they revisited classic Chicago blues. For Boo Boo this was also a trip down to memory lane all these songs were regulars in the Davis Brothers Band repertoire during the 18 years that they were the weekend house band in Tabby’s Red Room, a famous juke joint in East St Louis.

They recorded seven songs and they will be released as individual singles during the coming months. We start of with a classic Howlin Wolf song.

Digital only and available on all platforms

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David Philips – Acoustic Cover Versions 1 EP

Just released on KuvVer Records:

KR 603 – David Philips – Acoustic Cover Versions 1 EP

There are a few ways to do a cover version of a well known song. David Philips really enjoys taking the song to another genre completely, changing the feel and context of the song. It’s a fun game to play and can yield some surprising results. Another way he likes is to stay a little more true to the original but strip it down to the bare bones i.e. acoustic guitar and voice. A combination of these ideas is what these recordings are about. Freedom (Wham / George Michael) and Heart Of Glass (Blondie) are upbeat 80s pop hits turned back porch, country blues style numbers. (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay and Hit The Road Jack are songs he has always enjoyed a lot and this is his attempt to strip them down and add whatever of himself he can in to the mix without ruining the original feel. It’s a fine line we walk when covering classics and some say it shouldn’t be done, but David sees it as a fun musical challenge that requires a different type of musical kung fu than when performing his own original songs.

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new EP on KuvVer Records

today we released this EP on our new sub label

KR 601 – Jan Mittendorp – Baritone Jazz 1 EP

About ten years ago guitar player Jan Mittendorp changed from regular guitar to baritone guitar. That way he could combine bass guitar parts with lead guitar parts . You can hear the result on more then hundred tracks that he recorded since 2008 with a.o. Boo Boo Davis, Tangled Eye, BLu ACiD and ElectroBluesSociety.

Recently he also re-discovered a lot of jazz standards from his time at Hilversum Conservatorium in the 1980’s. This is how they sound now on baritone guitar together with some electronic stuff in the back.

Released digital and available on all download and streaming platforms.

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review KuvVer Records on

KUVVER RECORDS is a brand new label – a subsidiary of blues specialists Black and Tan Records. The aim of the new imprint is to release new, refreshing cover versions of well-known blues classics… and the tune they’ve chosen for the first release is certainly that – ‘St James Infirmary’.

The artist chosen to present this new take is veteran blues guitarist JAN MITTENDORP and he gives the familiar a fresh, electro instrumental treatment that complements the sadness and despair inherent in the tune and its message.

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first release on KuvVer Records

We created a new sub label called KuvVer Records. This label is specially set up to release cover versions of well known songs from all kind of styles. Our first release is

KR 600 – Jan Mittendorp – St James Infirmary

Recently I started re-visiting songs that I haven’t played for years. Here is my current version from one of the first jazz/blues songs that I ever played on a guitar (apr 45 years ago). It’s an instrumental version of this classic song with a touch of electro.

Here are the links to the single at a few popular platforms: