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news from Bone Union Records

Since our foundation in 2020, as you know we aimed, advocated and promised to present you to the most hidden gems of “Turkish blues society” and you all will remember that even than we strongly emphasized our intension to mine and “exhibit” all kinds of correlations that display “the unique marriage of grassroots heritage of Turkish blues, soul, funk and reggae scene with free impro / noise / free jazz scene”.

So from now on, we are proud to announce that our roster will be once in a while be ornamented by releasing some obscure releases that indicates the ecotones between roots music, funk and the ‘free impro’ scene of Turkey; as we salute the addition of the roster of KRONOVOX ARCHIVES (, an indie label founded in 2004 holding the magic keys to access to “never heard before” archives of the most adventurous baskets of Turkish free music scene.

Relevant to that fresh news and in line with our label’s mission, recently we are encouraging our artists to create reworks and remixes of previously released / unreleased materials that stands harmonious with our circular culture approach, which we had long ago adopted, announced and advocated.

So in brief; be ready to explore a curious sonic map that will display the wild diversity of Turkish contemporary underground scene; where musical notions of Blind Willie Johnson, Pere Ubu, Peter Tosh, Velvet Underground, The Fall or Arts Ensemble of Chicago may well indeed be blended together.

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new EP miXendorp

Today we released:

B&T 994 – miXendorp – Xperimental Trance Electro Blues EP

A few months ago miXendorp started to write and record new music. He calls it ‘xperimental trance electro blues’; an original and eclectic mix of blues, jazz, world, funk, techno and all kind of other great music with a beat. But as Steve Martin said: “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture”. So I suggest you just listen and make your own judgement.

During the past few months we already put out three singles and today we released this EP with another four new instrumental trax. The new EP is released digital and available on all download and streaming platforms.

miXendorp is pretty productive and we expect more new music from him early 2023.

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new single miXendorp feat Boo Boo Davis

today we released:

Since a few months miXendorp started to write and record new tracks. He calls it ‘xperimental trance electro blues’. 

This is the third single from these new works and this one also features his old buddy Boo Boo Davis on harmonica.

For next month we are preparing the release of an EP with more new tracks.

You can find loads of miXendorp music at:

Spotify (released tracks)
MixCloud (dj sets)

The new track is available on all the digital platforms.

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new EP Bone Union Records

today we released

BUR 1114 – Sar Keskiner & Tayfun Bilgin – Punta Strut

An outcome of a one-shot home recording session designed by Bilgin and Keskiner (both Anglophiles with a deep respect in Mod culture); this EP truly captures the claustrophobic atmosphere of a metropolitan where nobody on the scene in Izmir, Turkey in mid-2010’s tends to give away a dime for any attempt that blends blues and roots reggae with a slight touch of Jerry Garcia (of Grateful Dead). 

Take both tracks as a sample of a wide hearted trial;  while swiftly riding away on your scooter… 

Recorded and mixed by Tayfun Bilgin (2014 / Izmir, Turkey.

The music is released digital and available on all the download and streaming platforms.

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review miXendorp from the UK

miXendorp – Alogna

miXendorp describe this as “experimental trance electro blues” and I can’t do much better than that.

With roots deep in the traditional sound, and a willingness to innovate, these two guys really do like to push the boundaries, as here.

The Dutch outfit marries plenty of electronics with some biting blues guitar work, throwing in also some seriously mangled vocals (Boo Boo Davis, I think, but I could be wrong) for almost five and a half minutes – give it time. Yes, it’s different, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, granted, but if you’re at all interested, do try to give it a listen. Just don’t expect a ‘Dust My Broom’ or ‘Rock Me Baby’.

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CD stock clearance / Black and Tan Records

The era of CD’s is almost over.

Between 1997 and 2019 we released 45 CD’s on Black and Tan Records. And now it is time to clear our remaining CD stock.

I am sure there are still CD collectors among you and and I would like to give them opportunity to get the missing titles at a very interesting price. Below is a list of what is still available.

1,50 EUR per CD plus shipping
CD B&T 001 Roscoe Chenier – Roscoe Style
CD B&T 002 Percy Strother – Home At Last
CD B&T 004 Dave MacKenzie – Old, New, Borrowed & Blue
CD B&T 006 Erskine Oglesby – Blues Dancin’
CD B&T 019 Ernie Payne – Coercion Street
CD B&T 023 Billy Jones – tha’ Bluez
CD B&T 025 Harrison Kennedy – VOICE + STORY
CD B&T 027 Roscoe Chenier – Waiting For My Tomorrow
CD B&T 028 Turnip Greens – Carry Me Down The Aisle
CD B&T 030 Billy Jones – my Hometown
CD B&T 031 VA Keeping – Living Music Alive vol. 2
CD B&T 036 miXendorp – blues + beat
CD B&T 039 Tangled Eye – Dream Wall

3 EUR per CD plus shipping
CD B&T 037 David Philips – Rootop Recordings
CD B&T 038 David Philips – December Wine
CD B&T 041 David Philips – If I Had Wings
CD B&T 043 David Philips – The Rooftop Recordings #2
CD B&T 044 David Philips – Get Along

5 EUR per CD plus shipping
CD B&T 033 Boo Boo Davis – Name Of The Game
CD B&T 042 Boo Boo Davis – Oldskool

Send me a short mail with the items that you would like to order and I will get back to you with the payment info. The easiest is PayPal but within EU we can also do bank wire via IBAN.

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new compilation / ElectroBluesSociety 2016 – 2022

During the period 2016 – 2022 the guys from ElectroBluesSociety invited several other artists to record / write new music with.

Today we released this compilation with our favorite tracks from these collaborations.

B&T 989 – ElectroBluesSociety 2016 – 2022


  • Duck (feat Kim Snelten)
  • I Got My Mojo Workin (feat Michel Peters)
  • Secret (feat Boo Boo Davis)
  • Will The Circle Be Unbroken (feat Roscoe Chenier / remix)
  • All The Way Down (feat Jan Hidding)
  • Back Door Man (feat Boo Boo Davis)
  • Choogie Billum (feat Boo Boo Davis)
  • Be Allright
  • I Don’t Want (feat Jan Hidding)
  • Back To Black (feat Karin Roerdink)
  • Lowdown Dirty Blues (feat Boo Boo Davis /Rosé Sunset remix)
  • Aciamaj
  • You Better Watch Yourself (feat Boo Boo Davis)

The music is available on all stream and download platforms.

ElectroBluesSociety is an experimental electro blues duo. Two guys and a bunch of junk with a broad taste and an open mind mixing the old with the new. Modern technologies combined with 30+ years of live stage experience in the European blues / roots music scene.