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new compilation Boo Boo Davis

Today we released

B&T 357 – Boo Boo Davis – Boo Boo’s Blues

Boo Boo Davis was born and raised in Drew Mississippi. He is a survivor and belongs to the last generations of musicians that write and play the blues based on first hand experience of a hard life in the Mississippi Delta.

Boo Boo never learned to read or write but that did not prevent him to travel the world and share his music and thoughts with his audiences. Following his guiding spirit (that he calls Dave) Boo Boo found a way to deal with modern society. The blues helps him to keep his spirit high and survive day-to-day life. It deals with all the basic raw elements of life; good and bad, complicated and simple.

So far Boo Boo has released 9 CD’s on Black and Tan Records and his music was featured in several tv series, movies and commercials (A.o. Suits, Sons Of Anarchy, Resident Alien, The Recall, Marlboro, 5-Hour-Energy drink).

All songs on this compilation have been released before on Black and Tan Records between 1999 and 2019. They tell personal stories about Boo Boo; ranging from very trivial issues to deep thoughts about life. This is BOO BOO’S BLUES.

The music is available on all download and streaming platforms.

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new EP miXendorp

Recently we released:

The new EP in the BLUESTRONICA series contains three new and instrumental trax. An eclectic mix of blues, other musical styles and electronic manipulation.

Over the years miXendorp released lots of music and did live sets at / in:
SZIGET (Hungary)
Plus clubs in Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Turkey and Italy.

A few quotes from the press:

DOWNBEAT (USA): “Without debasing or trivializing tradition, loops and beats explode with kinetic rhythmic energy.”
SOUL M8 (UK): “This is raw creative energy.”
MOJO (UK): “The intrinsic down-home qualities of the source material jostle intriguingly with the superimposed urban beats.”

The EP is released digital and available on all the download and streaming platforms.

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review for Boo Boo Davis from Germany

Boo Boo Davis und besondere Begleiter

Da gab es mal ausführliche Touren. Dann der Stillstand durch die Corona-Pandemie. Freunde sammelten Geld, damit sich der Blues-Künstler Boo Boo Davis über Wasser halten konnte. John Gerritse, Jan Mittendorp und Boo Boo Davis, der nun auf die 80 zugeht, haben für „The Trio 2008-2019“ (Black and Tan Records) ihre liebsten Stücke zusammengestellt. Eine berührende wie beachtliche Bilanz. Boo Boo Davis aus Drew/Mississippi schont weder seine Stimme noch hält er sich mit wildem Mundharmonika-Spiel zurück. Nicht weniger roh fährt die Gitarre mit wahnsinnigem Wah-Wah dazwischen oder poltert das Schlagzeug. Grandios, weil unverschämt direkt. „Hold Your Head Up“ heißt ein Song. Gute Maxime. Das haben die drei über eine lange Zeit hinbekommen.

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Bacon Fat Louis remixed by miXendorp

today we released

A few months ago the guys from BACON FAT LOUIS send a few of their new tracks to miXendorp and asked him If he could make some remixes. The first remix was released in February 2023 and here is the second one.

The band, existing for almost ten years, has now definitely found their own way! No complicated bullshit just some hot steaming no-nonsense boogie with a little taste of that fine voodoo garage-sound and always keeping the Blues as the foundation.

Imagine in some RL Burnside, a slice of the Legendary Shack Shakers, some parts of Bob Log’s helmet, a few pieces of T-model Ford and a little bit of of Left Lane Cruiser.

All of that remixed by miXendorp and his bluestronica.

The new track is available on all download and streaming platforms.

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review miXendorp in Blues in Britain

miXendorp – bluestronica EP nr 1

Ah, but is it blues??
Shortly after I “discovered” the blues back in the day via Mayall, Hendrix, Fleetwood Mac etc. I also got interested in electronic sounds c/o Tangerine Dream and similar bands. The two streams of music have been constants in my life since (among many others) to the point where now I make music it often starts with an ambient drone and adds bluesy slide. So the title of this alongside a cover photo of a complex modular synthesizer system piqued my interest. It’s a 3 track instrumental cd which he describes as “xperimental trance electro blues”. ‘Rimzi’ opens with blues harmonica wailing over I assume synth generated rhythm track with an almost North Mississippi Hill Country feel. Some nice guitar/slide thrown into the mix. ‘Precedence’ keeps the Hill Country vibe, opening with guitar then adding the beats, some nice overdriven guitar sounds in there as well. ‘SwingStraight’ opens with boogie bass and guitar sounds overlaid with vocal effects for an almost “standard” 12 bar. A review elsewhere has said “the down home qualities of the source material jostle intriguingly with the superimposed urban beats”, and I guess that describes it well. Not too much information available about miXendorp, so it’s difficult to know how much is live instruments and how much is electronically manipulated samples. Sounds good though. If you’re up for trance like blues, and not too sniffy about whether the sounds are live or electronically produced have a listen. Is it blues then? Well it sounds pretty bluesy and the ep has garnered lots of airplay on blues programs around the UK and Europe, so that sounds like a yes. Available from the usual digital platforms.
Arthur Ely

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new release on Bone Union Records

today we released on Bone Union Records:

BUR 1116 – Tabiat Brothers – A Chica Cobra

As close buddies both born and raised in Izmir, Turkey and commissioned to compose numerous soundtracks for a massive radio drama project in 2007, Keskiner and Urgancıoğlu decided to take the next step to enhance and sustain their creative alliance, right after delivering the ordered bundle to test the limits of their sonic intersections.

Thus namely as Tabiat Brothers, both producers created a sonic mélange that display their warped ways of blending folk, blues, funk and tropicalia. Veterans of the Turkish indie scene are featured on various tracks namely as drummer – composer Orcun Basturk and drummer – composer Ozun Usta.

The music is released digital and available on all the download and streaming platforms.

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miXendorp – Bluestronica EP nr 1

Today we released a new miXendorp EP on Black and Tan Records

More new music from miXendorp; an original and eclectic mix of blues and all kinds of other musical styles.

Since 2022 we already released several new singles and EP’s and today we have a new EP with three new (instrumental) trax.

From today the new EP is available on all the download and streaming platforms.

You can find more miXendorp music here:

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review for miXendorp from Hungary

Négyszámos EP-vel jelentkezett miXendorp

Számosan akadtak olyanok, akik az új korok kihívásainak megfelelően megkísérlik megújítani a több mint százéves múltra visszatekintő blues műfajt. Közéjük tartozik a holland Jan Mittendorp is az egyszemélyes projektjével, a miXendorppal. A project indulása az elmúlt évtized elejére tehető, ekkor jelent meg az első lemeze, a Blues + Beat, amit Európa-szerte fellépések követtek. Mittendorp néhány hónapja új dalokat kezdett írni. Ezek a blues, jazz, world music, funk, techno és mindenféle más zenének az eredeti és eklektikus keverékét képezik. Az új nótákat tartalmazó négyszámos EP Xperimental Trance Electro Blues címmel novemberben digitális formában látott napvilágot. miXendorp nem áll le, jövő év elejére további felvételeket ígér.

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review new miXendorp EP

Also known as Jan Mittendorp, one-half of the ElectroBluesSociety, Mixendorp (or DJ MiXendorp) spins blues licks into thick, tasty electronic bangers. The cohesion is so thick that there’s no way to separate one from the other.

And yes, there are Boo Boo Davis samples rambling through here. I suppose this could be called an EBS side project, but it’s simply a slinkier, more electronic version. Jasper Mortimer’s bass and percussion is missing (and those bounding bass lines are an obvious loss), but it’s also interesting hearing one side of the EBS conversation.

A side that is fully-rooted in the blues and electronic music. If you cannot imagine how blues-influenced music could fit in on a club floor, about ten seconds of this will be all the convincing you need.

Just as addictive and accessible as any EBS set. Some people know how to mold music into beautiful new forms. And some us that as a launching pad for something transcendent. Four tracks are hardly enough, but they instill a wonder that will glow for an eon or two.

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review for new track Bacon Fat Louis & miXendorp

There are certain unspoken rules in life. For instance, if a toddler hands you a plastic phone and tells you it’s for you, you answer that phone. Another is if someone suggests you a song that is “some RL Burnside, a slice of the Legendary Shack Shakers, some parts of Bob Log’s helmet, a few pieces of T-model Ford and a little bit of Left Lane Cruiser [in a blender] remixed by miXendorp and his bluestronica and electro blues” you hit play.

Out of the Netherlands, miXendorp has remixed bluesy “steaming no-nonsense boogie with a little taste of that fine voodoo garage-sound” Bacon Fat Louis and dished up a reimagining of “My Demands” via the independent record label & publishing Netherlands-based Black and Tan Records.

“My Demands (Remix)” is an electronic fusion of Bacon Fat Louis’ final track off their 2021 album Bfl#3 and packed with stuttered riffs and hip-moving beats that fuse a sense of classic blues with modern electronic concepts. The remix ups the swagger and tonal presence of an already catchy blues track while infusing an energy that is less club and more open-ranged.