There are a lot of great folk singers who can deliver a song with a fine croon and a fluidly fingerpicked acoustic guitar. The ones of these who really stand out are the ones who are perceptive about the world around them and find something positive and lasting about humanity in the midst of strife. Strife, such as our current one, this global pandemic.

Seth Walker quickly stepped up to the moment with “We Got This.” Across the pond in Barcelona, Spain, David Philips found his own sunny angle, a silver lining to all this despair: Mother Nature is getting a much-needed break.

“Bliss (A Quarantine Song)” is set up with his usual simple but foot-tapping arrangement. Philips discovers ‘bliss’ from the normally smoggy Barcelona to a quieter one not overrun by tourists and emissions, where his “lungs get no abuse, while my ears rest quietly without a sound.”

Philips is certainly wanting this worldwide health crisis to end as much as the rest of us; he can’t gig as long as people crowded in clubs spread the plague. But he also asks, “Oh why can’t it just stay like this, with everyone at home/This could be eternal bliss, if we just leave well alone.”

Something well worth pondering over as we plot a new normal in the post-Covid-19 world.