David Philips, “Washes Over Me”: Something Else! sneak peek
A precursor of what’s next in store from UK-born/Spanish-residing David Phillips, “Washes Over Me” is a back-to-basics excursion from a guy who isn’t prone to stray far from the basics to start with. On this song, you might be drawn by the soul-drenched vocal or a chipper, winsome melody. Myself, I’m diggin’ the sharpened, supple fretwork he does on an acoustic six-string: percussive, tight and neatly nestling alongside his upbeat lyric lines. “Washes Over Me” is the advance single for an album Black And Tan Records is poised to cut loose in early October, 2016. A follow-up to the rustic charm of Philips’ homemade Rooftop Recordings, there’s little reason to think it’s not going to have that same, earthbound appeal. The sweet sounds from the stream above lends strong support for that vibe.