Recently the guys of Bacon Fat Louis send a few tracks to miXendorp and asked him to do his magic to them. So far he finished two tracks and the first one will be released on Black and Tan Records on February 5, 2023.

To describe Bacon Fat Louis:

When you go to the pawn shop to buy the most shitty blender they have and you put in some RL Burnside, a slice of the Legendary ShackShakers, some parts of Bob Log’s helmet, a few pieces of T-model Ford and a little bit of of Left Lane Cruiser then start mixing this at full speed, you will have an idea.

The band, existing for almost ten years, has now definitely found their own way! No complicated bullshit just some hot steaming no-nonsense boogie with a little taste of that fine voodoo garage-sound and always keeping the Blues as the foundation.