Help Boo Boo Davis

Boo Boo Davis is coming over to tour Europe at least twice a year and because of that he is able to survive in the USA. His Spring tour had to be cancelled because of the Corona virus and that means that he is almost without any serious incomes between now and the next tour (hopefully by the end of 2020). He has a lot fans all over the world and it would be great of all of those would reach out and help a little now that he needs it the most.

So far I was able to wire more than 1100 USD to Boo Boo and that really makes a difference for him in the current situation in North America. . If you haven’t donated so far ….. feel free to do so now.

from David Philips

Hey everyone. Hope you are all safe and well in these trying times. 

My tour of The Netherlands in May has been cancelled as we imagined might happen. I have also had all my local gigs cancelled for the foreseeable future. So apart from a bit of singing teaching online (more about that in another post) I am, like many other musicians, without income. The good news is, this means I have to be very creative in coming up with ways to pay my rent. I have a few ideas that I will post about, but first thing was to get a project done that I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

I have lots of old DEMOS and UNUSED song ideas scattered about on hard drives dating back to when I first started singing, writing and recording my own songs in 2007. So I have finally compiled the stuff I think would be interesting and I have made A NEW RECORD called “Demos and Ideas 2015 – 2007” 

Taking advantage of Bandcamp’s new policy to send 100% of money made from downloads to the artists, I have created a Bandcamp page and you can download the record exclusively from there. It won’t be on Spotify or iTunes etc. The record starts at 2015 and goes in chronological order back in time to 2007. Demos and song ideas range from fully produced studio recordings, home recordings, 4-Track cassette demos, mobile phone demos and even a couple recorded on a Sony dictaphone I used to have. 

It includes the original 4 Track Cassette demo for “When I’m Drunk”, the original dictaphone demo of “Angel” and a load of other demos and unused song ideas. 15 tracks in all. So if you feel like supporting, here’s the link to the record and I very much appreciate it! I hope to get back to playing live soon.

Many thanks and stay safe! 
David Philips

P.s. if you click on “info” at the side of each track there is a line or two about the song and which album it ended up on if any.

Boo Boo Davis tour cancelled

Unfortunately, we were forced to cancel the Boo Boo Davis tour.

At the moment, a number of shows have already been cancelled due to government measures in various EU countries and that number is likely to rise rapidly. In addition, since last night there is also an American travel ban for all European countries.

Of course we will try to do the tour at a later date.

new single David Philips

Today we released a new single by David Philips.

In Focus” is a modern folk ballad, written especially for the Spanish romantic comedy “Te quiero, imbécil.”

It’s a classic tale of not appreciating what you have until it is gone. David wrote this song together with two Spanish film score giants;Lucas Suarez and Javier Bayon.

This new single is released digital only and available on all the download and streaming platforms. Here are the links to a few popular ones:

review ElectroBluesSociety feat Jan Hidding

BITS – Blues In The South (UK) January 2020 issue:

This Dutch duo comprising multi-instrumentalist and label boss Jan Mittendorp and bass player/ drummer Jasper Mortier teamed up with singer Jan Hidding, of group The Cuban Heels, and the results, previously available as single tracks, are now gathered together on this three-track digital EP. The three men achieve a fine blend of classic blues and soul sounds with modern day electronics and a bit of blues-rock. ‘Rosie’ is known from the collection of folklorist Alan Lomax, and its work-song roots are intact here, though with a definite contemporary edge; ‘I Don’t Want’ is slow, expansive, moody and bluesy, whilst ‘All The Way Down’ has a slight tinge of the subtle soul-tinged British blues-rock sound of late 60s/ early 70s group Free, though the electronics definitely add something new and different whilst keeping the mood – there’s even a harmonica break!. This release is not for the diehard purists of course, but do investigate if you are interested.

review ElectroBluesSociety

ElectroBluesSociety – Jasper Mortier and Jan Mittendorp – are notorious for their good taste in temporary vocalists and they have, once again, made a fine choice by inviting Jan Hidding – from blues revivalists Cuban Heels – to add his vocal class to the three songs that make up this EP.

As you might imagine, given that all concerned have an impressive track record in taking people to 12 bar nirvana, these three songs are polished yet eminently causal things. Nothing is rushed but never does their intent falter. The songs are laidback much in the way that a seventies blues/funk crossover band might have performed them and, while these three good gentlemen drift away from the rigidity expected of the blues format, it is never in doubt that their collective heart is in the right and true place. Listening to these three songs serves as a timely reminder of why real musicianship played with passion can never be replaced or matched by the computer. It’s an organic thing and that’s the truth.

Best song? The ever rolling “Rosie”. The verdict? Pure class.

new single ElectroBluesSociety

Earlier this year the guys from ElectroBluesSociety did a recording session with dutch female singer; Karin Roerdink. Today we released the first track from that recording session on KuvVer Records.

KR 612 – ElectroBluesSociety feat Karin Roerdink – Back To Black

It is a cover version from an Amy Winehouse song and it is available on all download and streaming platforms. Here are a few links:

reviews from the UK

here is what Blues In The South (UK) wrote about two new singles from ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis:

How Many More Years (KuvVer KR610) and Back Door Man (KuvVer KR611)
These is the sixth and seventh single releases from this combination of European outfit with Mississippi born singer Boo Boo, and again they are both classic Howling Wolf songs – and again they are both winners! Davis has just the right kind of gritty voice for these down-home items, with ‘How Many More Years’ running to a few seconds short of four minutes, and although the song is a little more “electrofied” than some of its predecessors (Boo Boo’s wailing harp sound has been a little altered), the rhythm remains straightforward and direct. ‘Back Door Man’ gets quite a radical re-working though still managing to keep a strong down-home feel, despite some jazz licks and even a shade of a hip-hop feel at times. If you like what you have heard of these collaborations so far, do check these two out, but if your tastes tend more towards the traditional, maybe try ‘How Many More Years’ first.
Norman Darwen