David Philips / The Rooftop Recordings 2


In late May 2016 David Philips returned to his Barcelona rooftop apartment to record the Rooftop Recordings 2. Like the first “Rooftop” record from 2011 (his debut for Dutch label Black and Tan Records) David strips it right back to the bare essentials : guitar and voice captured with just 2 microphones and all doors and windows wide open. The Cigar Box Guitar and Resonator guitar make appearances too, but that’s about as complicated as it gets. The result is a record that concentrates on the important aspects of Philips’ music, those being the songs and stories, soul tinged vocals and highly accomplished guitar playing. As with all of David Philips’ records, the D.I.Y. approach is very present in that he recorded, mixed and mastered it himself. The whole package gives a true fly on the wall experience as if you were in the room yourself as Philips sits performing new songs for the local bird life and a few unwitting neighbours. The record has 12 songs and 6 instrumentals at the end, almost like a mini E.P. To finish off the record. These are pieces that Philips improvised on the spot while testing mics or warming up fingers before takes.  Philips is also a talented painter/draughtsman and the CD artwork is made up of a selection of his own watercolour paintings of birds that visit the Barcelona rooftops regularly. This special artwork version is limited to 1000 numbered copies.

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