Founded in June 2020 by Sarp Keskiner (TR) and Jan Mittendorp (NL), BONE UNION RECORDS aims at documenting a neglected musical scene in Turkey not just by releasing archival material from mid-90’s to this date; but also releasing brand new materials of Turkish artists.

Though the scope of the releases mainly are based on recordings of traditional and urban blues acts; the range of releases vary with inclusion of folk, funk, dub, noise, free improvised music and electronica works of artists that are looking for a new perspective by expanding the limits of experimentation on fundamentals of blues. Thus, taking a mission of supporting unique musical efforts based on creative collaborations, the label aims at establishing a common ground for mutual cultural exchange based on music between Netherlands and Turkey.

Live in 2002 $ 2009MoeJoe2023bandcampitunesspotify
Wowovka EPKemal Begtaş2023bandcampitunesspotify
A Chica CobraTabiat Brothers2023bandcampitunesspotify
Live At Mavi (2012)The Stools2023bandcampitunesspotify
Punta StrutSarp Keskiner & Tayfun Bilgin2022bandcampitunesspotify
HarmonicatsMechanical Rooster2022bandcampitunesspotify
Live at Efes Pilsen Blues Festival 1997 EPİstanbul Blues Kumpanyası2022bandcampitunesspotify
This is Bone Union Records, vol. 1VA2022itunesspotify
Hard TimesŞenel Karatepe2021bandcampitunesspotify
Episode OneMechanical Rooster2021bandcampitunesspotify
So WorriedThe Shrimps2021bandcampitunesspotify
Mama's BagMama & Friends2021bandcampitunesspotify
The UnderdogzBlack Eyed Dog2021bandcampitunesspotify
Republic Radio (live)Great Republic Of South2021bandcampitunesspotify
Nobody Has No Time (to Listen to Music Completely)Sarp Keskiner & Kemal Begtas2020bandcampitunesspotify
Find Me On The Road SomewhereThe Old Ramblers2020bandcampitunesspotify