We started creating a collection of instrumental blues tracks. So far we have guest appearances of a.o. Jasper Mortier, Sax Gordon and Boo Boo Davis. The tracks are available at all stream and download sites and below you find a list of releases with the corresponding links to itunes and spotify.


Jan MittendorpBlues Doodles 4 EP2021itunesspotify
ElectroBluesSocietyFoo Funk (single)2021itunesspotify
ElectroBluesSocietyRiffs & Blues EP2020itunesspotify
ElectroBluesSocietySlow And Heavy2020itunesspotify
ElectroBluesSocietyNasty Dog2020itunesspotify
Crushers2Driving Fast (single)2018itunesspotify
Crushers2 + Sax GordonZhuffle 108 (single)2018itunesspotify
Jasper MortierDouble Vibro2018itunesspotify
IB 709Jan MittendorpBlues Doodles EP2016itunesspotify
IB 710Jan MittendorpBlues Doodles 2 EP2016itunesspotify
Jan MittendorpBlues Doodles 3 EP2016itunesspotify
IB 712Jasper MortierDouble Bass Blues EP2016itunesspotify
IB 702Crushers2 + Sax GordonBlue Saxophone2015itunesspotify
IB 703Jan MittendorpCigar Box Blues EP2015itunesspotify
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJan MittendorpSlide Guitar Blues EP2015itunesspotify
IB 705Jan MittendorpBluGuitar2015itunesspotify
IB 706Crushers2Blues Instrumentals vol 12015itunesspotify
Photo : Yannick PERRINwww.yannickperrin.frBoo Boo Davis & Crushers2Bluezy Harp EP2015itunesspotify
IB 708Jan MittendorpBlue Strings EP2015itunesspotify