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new single David Philips

today we released a new single

B&T 958 – David Philips – Washes Over Me

David Philips returned to his Barcelona rooftop apartment to record the second Rooftop Recordings album that will be released in October 2016. “Washes Over Me” is the first single from this new album. The single will be available at all the download and streaming services. Here are the links to few of them




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Doug MacLeod (new release)

B&T 954 – Doug MacLeod – Live in Europe

We are preparing another great release ! Between 2002 and 2008 we released four great studio CD’s by Doug MacLeod on Black and Tan Records. But since the real magic comes out during his shows we also recorded a live concert in 2006. These live recordings were released on a limited edition concert DVD (The Blues In Me). The DVD is no longer available and we think it is time to make this great music available on other platforms. We edited the recordings and extracted eleven complete songs from the two live sets. This will be the first official (audio) release of Doug playing live as a solo artist.The release will only be available as stream and download on all the platforms. Scheduled release date is March 3, 2016.

Harrison Kennedy



Harrison Kennedy - Voice + Story
Harrison Kennedy – Voice + Story (2005)
B&T 320 highres
Harrison Kennedy – remixed (2015)
B&T 952 highres
Let Her Talk remix #2 (2015)


Best known as the lead vocalist on the Chairmen of the Board blues classic “I’m the Chairman of the Board,” Harrison Kennedy was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, before moving to Detroit to join up with the Chairmen, a group started as part of the new Holland-Dozier-Holland label Invictus/Hot Wax. In the mid-’70s, Kennedy left the group and struck out on a solo career. Over the years he has been able to pull from styles as varied as funk, soul, R&B, folk, rock, and gospel. In 2008, Kennedy was nominated for Best Blues Recording in Canada’s Juno Awards.


Ernie Payne



ernie payne coercion street
Ernie Payne – Coercion Street (2004)


Ernie Payne was an African American musician from Louisiana’s Acadia Parish. His family was large and everyone learnt early to pitch in and help with chores and household duties. Their strict, religious, hardworking ethic thought ‘music’ essential to a quality life, but hardly something to pursue as a way to earn a living.

“Somebody singing is my first memory. Music celebrated and music mourned. Everybody in my family loved some kind of music and they shared it with me. My music attempts to carry on that idea of brotherhood and sharing.”

At the core of almost every song are Payne’s vocals which are extremely strong, yet soothing. The stories told in the songs are intimate and visual and as he is singing he makes the listener feel as if he is talking to them personally, directly and one on one. Ernie’s debut CD (Coercion Street) was released on Black and Tan Records in April 2004. The record was played all over the world and it got rave reviews in among other BLUES WAX and BLUES REVUE. During his European tours Ernie visited Holland, France, Ireland, Belgium and the UK. He was invited to do several support shows for ROBERT PLANT both in the UK and the USA.

Ernie spend almost his entire life on writing and improving his songs. He always dreamed of performing and touring and just when this finally started to happen, his health didn’t allow him to do it very long. It was really sad that he got sick and was not able to travel anymore. Ernie died in September, 2007.

Ernie’s Bio in his own words:
“I was born in Louisiana, U.S.A. Raised in Evangeline Parish and East Texas. Late blooming baby boomer, nurtured by godfearing baptists and creole catholics and the powerful fun of the second line drum. I’m trying to serve the blackness well.”

David Philips

david philips






David Philips is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer from the UK. His work as a solo artist and session guitar player has taken him around the world playing venues and festivals such as Montreaux Jazz Festival (Switzerland), Marciac Jazz Festival (France) Delhi Jazz Festival (India), Woodford Folk Festival (Australia), Blue Balls Festival (Switzerland), Mare De Agosto Festival (Azores Islands), plus studio work and live shows in the U.S. and South East Asia. He has also written and recorded productions for companies such as MTV, VH1, Audi and Volkswagon and his Cigar Box Guitar driven song “What Am I?” was used by Redbull, bringing a little more worldwide attention to his music.

Philips self released his debut album “Heal Yourself Alone” in 2010 and was quickly selected as Album Of The Week by Robert Elms at BBC Radio London. It was also at #34 in the top 100 roots/country albums of 2011, compiled by Roots Music Report in the US. After a short tour of Holland and Belgium Philips signed with Black and Tan Records in Holland and released his next 4 albums with the Dutch label. Philips is known for his D.I.Y approach in the studio, writing, recording and producing all his albums himself as well as playing almost all instruments and tracking all vocals. The Rooftop Recordings (2011) was recorded in his rooftop apartment in Barcelona, Spain while December Wine (The 4 Track Tapes) (2013) is a selection of demos recorded using a Tascam 4 track cassette machine. 2015’s “If I Had Wings” saw David expand as a composer and producer by including touches of electronica, psychedelia and jazz alongside his usual acoustic and voice approach.

The Rooftop Recordings 2” (2016) Philips returned to his rooftop apartment in Barcelona to record, getting back to basics with just guitar and voice captured with 2 mics and all doors and windows wide open, a real “fly on the wall” experience. Philips is also a talented painter/draughtsman and his drawings and paintings of birds have provided the artwork for his last 2 releases, giving a good reason to own a CD copy.

Straight after putting out RTR2 David locked himself in his studio for the Winter months and set to work on songs based around a full band sound and electric guitar. The result is “Winter” an 8 song digital album released in April 2017. Drawing from Blues Rock and Soul for inspiration, Winter is David’s most Rock oriented record to date.

In 2017 Philip’s song “Hummingbird” was used on History Channel’s war drama “Six” and his song Mary was chosen for airplay by BBC Introducing (East Midlands) Radio show.

From April 2017 to April 2018 David went to work on his most recent album “Get Along”, released May 2018 on Black and Tan Records the record sees David continue with his D.I.Y. approach to music making with all recording, writing, production, mastering by Philips himself as well as playing all instruments, writing all songs and providing the hand drawn artwork.

David Philips has toured Europe extensively over the past 7 years and continues to showcase his world class guitar playing and carefully crafted songs and stories to a growing audience.

Tour dates

24/1/2020The Corner HotelBarcelonaSpain
13/2/2020Hotel PalaceBarcelonaSpain
14/2/2020The Corner HotelBarcelonaSpain
22/2/2020Hotel 1898BarcelonaSpain
20/3/2020The Corner HotelBarcelonaSpain
28/3/2020Hotel 1898BarcelonaSpain
6/5/2020Living Room ConcertHaigerGermany
7/5/2020Tuney Thursday @ de BunkerGemertHolland
8/5/2020Podiumcafe Peter en LeniSteendamHolland
9/5/2020house concertDonkerbroekHolland
9/5/2020house concertDen HaagHolland


David Philips – Get Along (2018)
David Philips – Winter (2017)
B&T 043
David Philips – The Rooftop Recordings 2 (2016)
B&T 957
David Philips – FRUK Session (2016)
David Philips rooftop recordings
David Philips – the Rooftop Recordings (2011)
december wine david philips
David Philips – December Wine / 4 track tapes (2013)
david philips album if i had wings
David Philips – If I Had Wings (2015)
B&T 936 highres
Big Things remix (2013)
B&T 937 highres
Link In The Chain remix (2013)