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new single miXendorp

today Black and Tan Records released

B&T 990 – miXendorp – Alogna

It has been quit for while but here is a new original track from miXendorp.

We would describe the new track as xperimental trance electro blues“.

But since talking about music doesn’t make much sense I suggest you just listen and enjoy.

Expect no ‚music for the millions’ but an original and eclectic mix of blues with jazz, world, funk, techno and all kind of other great music with a beat.

Over the years miXendorp released lots of music and did live sets at / in.

  • SZIGET (Hungary)
  • DRANOUTER (Belgium)
  • clubs in Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Turkey and Italy.

A few quotes from the press:

  • DOWNBEAT (USA): Without debasing or trivializing tradition, loops and beats explode with kinetic rhythmic energy
  • SOUL M8 (UK): This is raw creative energy
  • MOJO (UK): The intrinsic down-home qualities of the source material jostle intriguingly with the superimposed urban beats.

You can find loads of miXendorp tracks and DJ sets at:

This single is released digital only and available on all the download and streaming platforms.

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CD stock clearance / Black and Tan Records

The era of CD’s is almost over.

Between 1997 and 2019 we released 45 CD’s on Black and Tan Records. And now it is time to clear our remaining CD stock.

I am sure there are still CD collectors among you and and I would like to give them opportunity to get the missing titles at a very interesting price. Below is a list of what is still available.

1,50 EUR per CD plus shipping
CD B&T 001 Roscoe Chenier – Roscoe Style
CD B&T 002 Percy Strother – Home At Last
CD B&T 004 Dave MacKenzie – Old, New, Borrowed & Blue
CD B&T 006 Erskine Oglesby – Blues Dancin’
CD B&T 019 Ernie Payne – Coercion Street
CD B&T 023 Billy Jones – tha’ Bluez
CD B&T 025 Harrison Kennedy – VOICE + STORY
CD B&T 027 Roscoe Chenier – Waiting For My Tomorrow
CD B&T 028 Turnip Greens – Carry Me Down The Aisle
CD B&T 030 Billy Jones – my Hometown
CD B&T 031 VA Keeping – Living Music Alive vol. 2
CD B&T 036 miXendorp – blues + beat
CD B&T 039 Tangled Eye – Dream Wall

3 EUR per CD plus shipping
CD B&T 037 David Philips – Rootop Recordings
CD B&T 038 David Philips – December Wine
CD B&T 041 David Philips – If I Had Wings
CD B&T 043 David Philips – The Rooftop Recordings #2
CD B&T 044 David Philips – Get Along

5 EUR per CD plus shipping
CD B&T 033 Boo Boo Davis – Name Of The Game
CD B&T 042 Boo Boo Davis – Oldskool

Send me a short mail with the items that you would like to order and I will get back to you with the payment info. The easiest is PayPal but within EU we can also do bank wire via IBAN.

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review David Philips – Get Along by Red Rooster Radio (NL)

review of the new David Philips release by Red Rooster Radio (Holland):

Het is de tweede keer dat we dan van oorsprong Britse singer-songwriter David Philips in de recensie hebben. In 2011 bespraken we zijn album The Rooftop Recordings. Maar het is niet zo dat hij in de tussentijd heeft stilgezeten, want het album Get Along is het zesde album dat hij via het Nederlandse label Black and Tan Records uitbrengt. Philips is naast singer-songwriter ook sessie-gitarist en producer. Hij heeft zijn leven in Nottingham verruild heeft voor een verblijf in Barcelona. Verder is hij ook nog eens een verdienstelijk schilder/ tekenaar met een voorkeur voor het tekenen van vogels. Na een korte tour door Nederland en België tekende hij bij het Nederlandse label Black and Tan Records dat tot nu toe de albums voor hem uitbrengt. Inmiddels is dit dus inmiddels het zevende album van David Philips, dat al sinds mei in de rekken ligt. Ook nu is het album volkomen eigen werk. Van april 2017 tot april dit jaar heeft hij geschreven aan de teksten en de songs voor het nieuwe album en verzorgde hij zelf de opnames, de productie, mix en mastering en het art-work. Ook speelt hij alle instrumenten zelf. Werkelijk alles is van zijn hand en komt uit zijn eigen studio.Vergeleken met zijn eerdere albums is de stijl op dit album nu meer funky en jazzy, hoewel de folky songs samen met de blues ook niet ontbreken. Het album komt daardoor energieker over. Speciaal aan het album is dat er naast de 8 nummers drie demo nummers in een akoestische setting op het album voorkomen en dat er tevens een tweetal nummers zijn toegevoegd die op eerdere albums stonden, maar dan nu in een nieuw jasje zijn gestoken, te weten: Mountain To Climb 2018 en When I’m Drunk 2018. Met dit album laat David Philips nogmaals blijken een veelzijdig en talentvol muzikant te zijn. De productie, mix en mastering zijn mooi en helder, zijn teksten vol gevoel en getemperde emotie en last-but-not-least is zijn art-work ook iets om in de gaten te houden. De liefhebber zal zeker heel blij met dit album zijn.

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review from Spain for new David Philips release

El cantante, compositor, multiinstrumentista y productor británico David Philips arranca mañana, martes 7 de agosto de 2018, una serie de fechas en nuestro país en las que presentará en directo los temas de “Get Along”, su séptimo disco. Todos estos conciertos tendrán lugar en elárea de Barcelona y se alargarán hasta finales del próximo mes de septiembre.

“Get Along” fue lanzado en formato digital el pasado mes de mayo y el sello Black And Tan Records lo lanzará en formato físico a comienzos del próximo mes de octubre. Con ocho nuevas canciones, dos nuevas versiones de clásicos antiguos de Philips y tres bonus tracks acústicos, “Get Along” es la culminación de toda una vida de creación de música y muestra cómo el británico sigue madurando como intérprete, compositor y productor. Philips es también es un talentoso ilustrador y sus dibujos y pinturas de aves son los que ilustran sus últimos lanzamientos.


Jan Mittendorp





Born in 1959 and started playing music (guitar) when he was 14. First acoustic blues / jazz / skilffle and later on electric blues and jazz. Started booking his own bands (and others) in 1988 and founded Crossroads blues agency. Since 1993 his main focus was booking European tours for USA blues artists. In 1997 he founded his own record label (Black and Tan Records) combining the tours and releases of the same artists.

Over the years he played guitar and recorded with a.o. Percy Strother, Smokey Wilson , Byther Smith, Burton Gaar, Roy Roberts, Larry Garner, Boo Boo Davis, Erskine Oglesby, Jody Williams, Roscoe Chenier, Clara McDaniel, Billy Jones, Hosea Leavy. With Boo Boo Davis he recorded 10 CD’s and did more then 1000 live shows on European blues & jazz stages (like Montreux Jazz Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival, Jazz a Juan and Peer Bluesfestival).

About ten years ago he changed from regular guitar to baritone guitar developing a personal style by combining bass guitar parts with lead guitar parts . You can hear the result on more then hundred tracks that he recorded since 2008 with a.o. Boo Boo Davis and Tangled Eye. Recently he also re-discovered a lot of jazz standards from his time at Hilversum Conservatorium in the 1980’s. Besides playing with Boo Boo Davis he is also active in these musical projects:

A duo project together with Jasper Mortier; they both have a broad musical taste and an open mind. Together they are mixing the old with the new; combining 30+ years of live stage experience (on the European blues/roots stages) with modern technologies (loops, samples), video projection and other musical styles. The musical input ranges from Alan Lomax to Roxy Music and from Led Zeppelin to techno.

Remixing the blues ! Expect no ‚music for the millions’ but an original and eclectic mix of blues, jazz, world, funk, techno and all kind of other great music with a beat. BLUES always had a strong BEAT and was intended to get people to dance; now it can be played again at the hippest modern parties, festival and clubs ..…. and still feel down home.

Together with fellow musician / producer Mischa den Haring he joined forces in this production unit. In February 2014 they released their first tracks and April 2014 the first album production: a new BOO BOO DAVIS release (What Kind Of Shit Is This?) After this succesful project (with several sync placements in the USA) they did some more projects and these tracks were released on BLu ACiD Records, a subsidiary label of Black and Tan.

Recently he started releasing tracks under his own name;
– instrumental blues tracks on Instrumental Blues Records
– cover versions of jazz standards on KuvVer Records

He has a deep love for American roots music and with all his musical activities his goal has always been KEEPING LIVING MUSIC ALIVE.


Baritone Jazz 2 EP / KuvVer Records 2018

Baritone jazz 1 EP / KuvVer Records 2018

St James Infirmary / KuvVer Records 2018

Blues Doodles 2 EP / Instrumental Blues Records 2016

Blues Doodles 2 EP / Instrumental Blues Records 2016

Blues Doodles EP / Instrumental Blues Records 2016

Blue Strings EP / Instrumnetal blues Records 2015

BluGuitar / Instrumental Blues Records 2015

Slide Guitar Blues EP / Instrumental Blues Records 2015

Cigar Box Blues EP / Instrumental Blues Records 2015

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short UK review for new ElectroBluesSociety single

Blues In The South published a short review from Norman Darwen on the new ElectroBluesSociety single:

Bluesman Roscoe Chenier recorded some fine material for Black & Tan, including this fine a cappella rendition of the old gospel standard, released in 2006.

On this new single download release, ElectroBluesSociety have added a modern, bass heavy musical accompaniment including slide guitar it is actually pretty sympathetic and effective. The track runs to five minutes long, and although purists may sneer, if it brings a new audience to the blues, it will have done its job.

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The traditional hymn ‘Will The Circle Be Unbroken’ is one of Gospel’s most recorded songs. Soul folk will most probably know and cherish the haunting rendition from the Staple Singers. An equally haunting version was cut by bluesman ROSCOE CHENIER in 2006. His acaplla take was recorded for Black and Tan Records. It was, in fact, the Louisiana born Chenier’s last recording (he died in 2013) and amongst the gospel and blues community it has acquired an almost mythical status. The track has just been reissued by Black and Tan, but for the release they’ve added musical backing from Dutch band, ElectroBluesSociety, the sparseness of which manages to enhance the ethereal quality of Chenier’s original vocal. The single is out now.

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first review for new ElectroBluesSociety single

Dutch Blues act ElectroBluesSociety release a hauntingly spectral musical accompaniment to the late Roscoe Chenier’s acapella rendition of gospel standby “Will the Circle Be Unbroken”. Interestingly, ElectroBluesSociety, a Dutch blues act, comprised of Jasper Mortier (drums, bass) and Jan Mittendorp (guitar, production), who worked with Roscoe Chenier on several releases and several European tours decided to pay tribute to their late friend by adding a spectral and moody arrangement Chenier’s vocal that’s appropriately bluesy yet subtly modern, while retaining the timeless vibe of the original vocal take.

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review for Electro Blues Compilation

Geheel toevallig stootte ik op deze verzamelaar van bluesmuziek die een electrobehandeling kreeg. Electro blues tracks, vol. 4 is blijkbaar al het vierde deel en het smaakt alvast naar meer. De bluesnummers worden aangeleverd door artiesten als Boo Boo Davis, Big George Jackson, Harrison Kennedy en anderen, allen voor mij onbekend. Ook de remixers van dienst (ElectroBluesSociety, miXendorp,…) zijn voor mij nieuwe namen. Maar van elk van hen denk ik: “hm, die moet ik nog eens verder beluisteren”. Ze geven de soms rauwe bluestracks (zoals I’m so tired) een heel moderne feel en vibe en tillen de nummers zo de eenentwintigste eeuw in. Dit compilatie-album is werkelijk een ontdekking én een aanrader.

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review David Philips – Winter from the UK

Schermafbeelding 2017-01-30 om 11.01.37

David Philips – Winter (Black & Tan B&T 962)
UK born but long based in Spain, David Philips has been working over the last few years as a folk inflected artist for Holland’s Black & Tan Records, one man and a guitar, and so this release for the blues label – David’s sixth, not including a couple of remix tracks – might come as a surprise. It is still a solo effort, but the guitar is electric, blues harmonica crops up occasionally and there is a rhythm section behind David’s excellent vocals. All the songs are David’s of course, he plays all the instruments, and he even provided the cover art. The sound ranges from indie-rock to blues, with comparisons being drawn with Ryan Adams and Doyle Bramhall II; I also hear a little Tom Petty in there too, ‘Running’ opens with a riff a little like Jimi Hendrix’s cover of ‘All Along The Watchtower’ before turning in the direction of Neil Young maybe, and ‘That’s Alright’ recalls early 70s Pink Floyd with a long, space-y passage. Mind you, ‘The One’ is a strong slab of blues-rock. This release contains eight rootsy, hook-laden songs, and if this review has intrigued you, then do check out this release..
Norman Darwen