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Black and Tan will release a new Rivherside album

In a few weeks we will release

B&T 956 – Rivherside – Electraw Blues Album

It will be the first full album of this French electro blues pioneer and here you can listen to a few samples and get an idea about the music.

After playing for many years in different blues bands, Renaud Villet, a singer / guitarist / producer based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, launched his solo career in 2012 under the name Rivherside. His first album, “Something on My Mind,” was strongly blues / roots orientated.  It got great reviews and as a result Rivherside did more than 80 concerts as a one-man-band. In 2014 he decided to broaden his horizon and began to mix Blues with Electro and Hip-Hop sounds, releasing the self-produced, 4-track “Electraw Blues EP.” Rivherside also began performing live in this electro configuration, playing samples and using Ableton Live software. In 2015 he collaborated with rapper TDB and together they released the “Inner Voices” EP in early 2016 . And now, he’s back with a new 12-track album. The release date is set for June 13, 2016 and the album will be available at all download and streaming platforms.


Here is a list of all our releases including the ones on our sub labels. For each release you will find the corresponding (buy, download, stream) links. As you can see not all releases are available in all formats. If you find any incorrect links please let us know. Of course the releases are also available on all the other download and streaming platforms.

Big George JacksonBeggin' Ain't For Me1998Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Big George JacksonBig Shot2001Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Big George JacksonSouthern In My Soul2003Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Big George Jackson & miXendorpBig George Jackson remixed2015Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Billy Jonestha' Bluez2005Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Billy JonesBad Luck2006Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Billy Jonesmy Hometown2007Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Billy Jones & miXendorpBilly Jones Remixed EP2016Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
BLu ACiDHere I Go2014Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
BLu ACiDA Lie2014Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
BLu ACiDHarlem Nocturne2014Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
BLu ACiDReminitions2014Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
BLu ACiDThe First Tracks2016BLu ACiD Recordsitunesspotify
BLu ACiDDust On A Wire2015BLu ACiD Recordsitunesspotify
BLu ACiDMoney2016BLu ACiD Recordsitunesspotify
BLu ACiDCan’t Stand It2016BLu ACiD Recordsitunesspotify
BLu ACiDStuck Anyway2016BLu ACiD Recordsitunesspotify
BLu ACiDCaveman2016BLu ACiD Recordsitunesspotify
BLu ACiDThings Will Change2016BLu ACid Recordsitunesspotify
BLu ACiDSilence2016BLu ACiD Recordsitunesspotify
BLu ACiD feat John Blake EPBLu ACiD feat John Blake EP2021BLu ACiD Recordsitunesspotify
Boo Boo DavisEast St Louis1999Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Boo Boo DavisCan Man2002Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Boo Boo DavisThe Snake2004Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Boo Boo DavisDrew Mississippi2006Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Boo Boo DavisName Of The Game2008Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Boo Boo DavisAin't Gotta Dime2009Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Boo Boo DavisUndercover Blues2010Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Boo Boo DavisWhat Kind Of Shit Is This?2014Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Boo Boo DavisOldskool2015Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Boo Boo DavisOne Chord Blues2016Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Boo Boo DavisLive And Almost Unplugged2016Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Boo Boo DavisDirt Road (single version)2019Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Boo Boo DavisTree Man2019Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Boo Boo Davis & miXendorpBoo Boo Davis remixed2015Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Burton GaarBlue Eyed Soul2019Black and Tan Recordsitunes spotify
Byther SmithSmitty's Blues2001Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Byther SmithThrow Away The Book2004Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Byther SmithByther Smith - digital only2006Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Byther Smith & miXendorpSame Thing On My Mind remix2016Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Crushers2Blues Instrumentals vol 12015Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
Crushers2Driving Fast (single)2018Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
Crushers2 & Boo Boo DavisBluezy Harp EP2015Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
Crushers2 & Sax GordonBlue Saxophone2015Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
Crushers2 & Sax GordonZhuffle 108 (single)2018Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
Dave MacKenzieOld, New, Borrowed & Blue1999Black and Tan Recordsbuy
David PhilipsThe Rooftop Recordings2011Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
David PhilipsDecember Wine (4 track tapes)2013Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
David PhilipsIf I Had Wings2015Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
David PhilipsFolk Radio UK Session 2013 EP2016Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
David PhilipsThe Rooftop Recordings 22016Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
David PhilipsWinter2017Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
David PhilipsGet Along2018Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
David PhilipsAcoustic Cover Versions 1 EP2018KuvVer Recordsitunesspotify
David PhilipsIn Focus (single)2020Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
David PhilipsBliss (A Quarantine Song)2020Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
David Philips & Abel BoqueraThe Duo Sessions (EP)2020Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
David Philips & miXendorpBig Things remix2013Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
David Philips & miXendorpLink In The Chain remix2013Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Doug MacLeodA Little Sin2002Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Doug MacLeodDUBB2004Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Doug MacLeodWhere I Been2006Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Doug MacLeodDoug at XM Radio vol. 12007Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Doug MacLeodDoug at XM Radio vol. 22007Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Doug MacLeodThe Utrecht Sessions2008Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Doug MacLeodA Double Dose of Dubb2009Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Doug MacLeod BandLive in 1991, vol 12007Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Doug MacLeod BandLive in 1991, vol 22007Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Doug MacLeodLive in Europe2016Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Doug MacLeod & miXendorpDoug MacLeod remixed2016Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSocietyDuck (single version)2016Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSocietyBe Allright2019Black and Tan Recordsitunes spotify
ElectroBluesSociettFeel2021Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSocietyFoo Funk2021Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSocietyRiffs & Blues EP2020Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisAin't No Love2021Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisBack Door Man2019KuvVer Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisBye Baby Bye Bye2021Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisChoogie Billum2021Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisDust My Broom2018KuvVer Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisEvil2019KuvVer Recordsiunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisHow Many More Years2019KuvVer Recordsitunes spotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisIt's A Sad Thing2021Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisKilling Floor2020KuvVer Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisLittle Red Rooster2019KuvVer Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisSecret2021Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisSee A Better Day2021Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisSmokestack Lightnin2018KuvVer Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisTell Me2018KuvVer Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisWhat's Going On2021Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo DavisYou Better Watch Yourself2021Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Jan HiddingRosie2018Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Jan HiddingI Don't Want2018Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Jan HiddingAll The Way Down2018Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Karin RoerdinkBack To Black2019KuvVer Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Karin RoerdinkYou Know I'm No Good2020KuvVer Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Kim SneltenDuck (harmonica)2017Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Michel PetersI Got My Mojo Workin2019KuvVer Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Michel PetersHoochie Coochie Man2020KuvVer Recordsitunesspotify
ElectroBluesSociety feat Roscoe ChenierWill The Circle Be Unbroken2018Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Ernie PayneCoercion Street2004Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Erskine OglesbyBlues Dancin'2000Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Erskine OglesbyHonkin' & Shoutin'2001Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Great Republic Of SouthRepublic Radio (live)2021Bone Union Recordsitunesspotify
Harrison KennedyVOICE + STORY2005Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Harrison Kennedy & miXendorpHarrison Kennedy remixed EP2015Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Harrison Kennedy & miXendorpLet Her Talk remix #22015Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Harrison Kennedy & miXendorpBob Lo Island remix2017Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Jan MittendorpBaritone Jazz 1 EP2018KuvVer Recordsitunesspotify
Jan MittendorpBaritone Jazz 2 EP2018KuvVer Recordsitunesspotify
Jan MittendorpBlues Doodles EP2016Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
Jan MittendorpBlues Doodles 2 EP2016Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
Jan MittendorpBlues Doodles 3 EP2016Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
Jan MittendorpBlues Doodles 4 EP2021Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
Jan MittendorpBlue Strings EP2015Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
Jan MittendorpBluGuitar2015Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
Jan MittendorpCigar Box Blues EP2015Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
Jan MittendorpSlide Guitar Blues EP2015Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
Jan MittendorpSt James Infirmary2018KuvVer Recordsitunesspotify
Jasper MortierDouble Bass Blues EP2016Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
Jasper MortierDouble Vibro2018Instrumental Blues Recordsitunesspotify
Jimmy Reiter & miXendorpInstictively Wrong (remix)2017Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
King PugBorneo Mint Shave2013Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
King PugWater Pressure2013Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Mama & FriendsMama's Bag2021Bone Union Recordsitunesspotify
Mechanical RoosterHoly Shit2021Bone Union Recordsitunesspotify
Mike Andersen BandTomorrow2004Black and Tan Recordsbuy
Mississippi Big BeatDelta Disco2012Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Mississippi Big Beat & miXendorpTry Me One More Time remix2012Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Mississippi Big Beat & miXendorp(Idol) Should I Know remix2013Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
miXendorpblues + beat2011Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Pedro e os Lobos & miXendorpAndaluzia remix2011Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Percy StrotherHome At Last1998Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
RivhersideElectraw Blues Album2016Black and Tan Records itunesspotify
Roscoe ChenierRoscoe Style1997Black and Tan Recordsbuyspotifyitunes
Roscoe ChenierWaiting For My Tomorrow2006Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Roscoe ChenierRoscoe Chenier2007Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Sarp Keskiner & Kemal BegtasNobody Has No Time (to Listen to Music Completely)2020Bone Union Recordsitunesspotify
Sunset TravelersFor The Sake Of It2002Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Tangled EyeDream Wall 2014Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Tangled EyeThe Other Seven Songs 2015Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Teresa JamesOh Yeah2004Black and Tan Recordsbuy
The Old RamblersFind Me On The Road Somewhere2020Bone Union Recordsitunesspotify
The ShrimpsSo Worried2021Bone Union Recordsitunesspotify
The UnderdogzBlack Eyed Dog2021Bone Union Recordsitunesspotify
Turnip GreensCarry Me Down The Aisle2006Black and Tan Recordsbuyitunesspotify
Turnip Greens & miXendorpSixSixtySix remix2011Black and Tan Recordsitunesspotify
Various ArtistsStraight Blues 4U2003Black and Tan Recordsbuy
Various ArtistsKeeping Living Music Alive vol. 22007Black and Tan Recordsbuy



Black and Tan is an independent record label & publishing company. We founded the company in 1998 and we’re based in the Netherlands. We are passionate about music and love original artists that create original music. For a few artists we also do the live bookings and tour production. Until now we’ve released 43 CD’s, 1 LP and 1 DVD most of them are by American artists. Besides we also released a lot more music “digital only”. All our music is available at the major download and stream services and most of the CD’s are still available direct from the source in our own webshop. Here you find a complete list of all releases with the corresponding link to the digital services and/or our webshop.

our latest releases:

ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis – Bye Baby Bye Bye
The Shrimps – So Worried
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis – Choogie Billum
Mama & Friends – Mama’s Bag
Great Republic Of South – Republic Radio (live)
ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis – You Better Watch Yourself
BLu ACiD feat John Blake EP
Mechanical Rooster – Holy Shit

Music samples



We control the worldwide distribution rights and the whole catalogue (over 680 tracks) is available for (sync) licensing. For more then 460 tracks we also control the worldwide publishing rights. Recently we had over 50 placements of our music in successful films, tv-series and commercials and our music was included in several compilations. We created a special web site using Disco software. Here you can search using all kind of criteria (like style, mood, lyrics, tempo, keywords etc) and listen to our suggestions. 

aAnd here is a list of sub publishers that represent our catalogue in their territory.

Upcoming tours:

all tours are postponed

Sub Labels:

we also set up a few sub labels:
Instrumental Blues Records
On this label we release short instrumental blues tracks with an authentic ‚blues’ sound and feel.
Blu ACiD Records
Tracks from this Dutch producer duo. Together they are blending traditional blues / soul / rock with other more electronic stuff.
KuvVer Records
Label especially set to release cover versions of well known songs from all kind of styles.
Bone Union Records
Collaboration with Sarp Keskiner (Turkey) releasing eclectic music from Turkey featuring blues and folk stuff.


Please get in touch with us if you are interested in receiving promo copies of our new releases. You can also subscribe to our news blog or our newsletter. We want to spread this great music in as many ways, to as many people as possible. So we are open to all suggestions and idea’s that can help us to establish this. While on tour our artists are available for interviews and other media activities. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your requests.

Billy Jones



B&T 023
Billy Jones – tha Bluez (2005)

Billy Jones - my Hometown
Billy Jones – my Hometown (2007)

B&T 902
Billy Jones – digital only (2006)

Byther Smith



byther smith smitty's blues
Byther Smith – Smitty’s Blues (2001)

Byther Smith - Throw Away The Book
Byther Smith – Throw Away The Book (2004)

black and tan records
Byther Smith – Digital Only (2006)

Byther Smith & miXendorp - Same Thing On MY Mind Remix (2016)
Byther Smith & miXendorp – Same Thing On My Mind remix (2016)


Byther Smith was a true Living Legend of the Chicago blues scene and during his long lasting career he worked with the greatest of the Chicago blues artists like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmy Reed and Otis Rush. Born in Monticello, Mississippi on April 17, 1933 young Byther Smith got his first musical experiences with gospel music, a music that he returned to at various stages of his career. As a teenager Byther moved to Arizona, working on a cattle ranch and playing with a country & western band at weekends. In 1957 he moved to Chicago at the advice of his cousin, the legendary J.B. Lenoir. He began gigging and taking guitar lessons from Robert Lockwood and Hubert Sumlin presumably on the basis that if you’re going to get a guitar teacher you might as well get the best.

In the early 1960’s Byther Smith was working the clubs on guitar and bass both as a leader and in various bands as sideman. A group of highly prized recordings were made resulting in 45’s on labels such as Bea & Baby, Cruise and Apex. In 1965 it was back to gospel with the Gospel Travellers for a time. In the 1970’s he spent five years in the house band at Theresa’s Tavern, which often meant playing with Junior Wells.

1979 found Byther Smith determined to make it under his own name and a steady stream of coast to coast gigging and touring commenced. He made several recordings and his releases, “Addressing the nation with the blues” (JSP) and “Housefire” and “I’m a mad man” (both on Bullseye), were very successful. Byther released three CDs (“Mississippi Kid”, All Night Long and Hold that train) on Delmark Records. During the years Byther Smith has toured all over the world. In Europe several times, among others as a member of the Chicago Blues Festival. Byther Smith did several very successful European tours between Nov ’94 and Sept ’99. During these tours he performed in Holland, Belgium, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden and the UK. Byther released two CDs on Black and Tan Records; Smitty’s Blues (2001) and Throw Away The Book (2004).

Byther died on September 9, 2021.

Erskine Oglesby



erskine oglesby album blues dancin'
Erskine Oglesby – Blues Dancin (2000)

erskine oglesby honkin & shoutin
Erskine Oglesby _ Honkin’ & Shoutin’ (2001)


Erskine Oglesby gained a strong reputation within his hometown St. Louis, Missouri Born in St. Louis in 1937, Erskine played with nearly everyone who had a name in his hometown He started out at the age of l4 on piano with no less a performer than Chuck Berry. Still the sax was and remained his choice instrument throughout.

When he finished his military service in the US Air Force in November 1957, Erskine got in touch with Billy Gayles’ band and started out as a professional musician. Over the years he played with the likes of Albert King, Ike & Tina Turner, Little Milton, Billy Gayles, Eugene Neal and Benny Sharp, as well as with local jazz acts. He just didn’t want to limit himself to blues (Because I enjoy it all!), he told the St. Louis Blues Society. In 90’s he also visited Europe as a member of the St. Louis Kings of Rhythm and on more than one occasion he played with other St. Louis acts at the renowned Bluesestafette in Utrecht

His taste for diversity also shows on his two records for Black & Tan Records. The music he picked ranges from straight jump blues to jazzy instrumentals.

Percy Strother



Percy Strother - Home At Last
Percy Strother – Home At Last (1998)


For a sense of the blues at its most tangible, one needs to look no further than singer/guitarist Percy Strother, who triumphed over incredible tragedy to create music of genuine pain and sorrow. Born July 23, 1946 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, he was still a child when his father died violently; his mother passed away shortly afterward, and rather than submitting to life in an orphanage,

Strother simply took to the road. He drifted from job to job for a number of years, all the while fighting a battle with alcoholism; discovering the blues turned his life around, however, and after sobering up he began teaching himself guitar, honing his chops in virtual anonymity before recording his debut LP A Good Woman Is Hard to Find in 1992. The Highway Is My Home followed in 1995, and in 1997 Strother returned with It’s My Time. He toured Europe several times and recorded Home at Last there, which saw release in 2001. A legend in his adopted home of Minneapolis, Percy Strother was diagnosed with liver cancer and passed away May 29, 2005.

Roscoe Chenier



roscoe chenier album waiting for my tomorrow
Roscoe Chenier – Waiting For My Tomorrow (2006)

Roscoe Chenier
Roscoe Chenier – Roscoe Style (1997)

Roscoe Chenier 06/2002
Roscoe Chenier – digital only (2007)


Guitarist/singer Roscoe Chenier was born November 6, 1941 in the hamlet of Notleyville, just east of Opelousas. Though his family of sharecroppers was poor in material posses-sions, it was musically rich in talent. Related to both zydeco demigod, Clifton Chenier, and bluesman Morris ‘Big’ Chenier, his father Arthur ‘Bud’ Chenier was his main inspiration. Bud, a cajun accordionist, accompanied by his first cousin and fiddler John Stevens, the father of Duke Stevens, was widly popular, as he often would entertain at weekend house parties. “As a youngster, I’d just soak up the music”, Roscoe said.

His vocal gift manifested itself early, as he was invited in 1958 to join one of the hottest traveling bands in the territory; C.D and the Blue Runners, which featured three Gradnier brothers on harmonica, drums and bass and Lonesome Sundown on lead guitar. Roscoe remained with CD for over a dozen years, until 1970 and despite the British Invasion, still managed to find enough work to keep the blues alive. Things in the black com- munity changed and it was difficult earning a living, especially when the gigs were paying $6 per man per night. And, Roscoe began a succession for day jobs as a truck driver in order to make ends meet.

In the 70’s Roscoe led a rather peripatetic existence as a bluesman, drifting from band to band, finding gigs catch as catch can. for a year and a half, he served with Good Rockin’ Thomas and thereafter a hitch with Good Rockin’ Bob. Often he was a “hired gun” for artists like Lonesome Sundown and Clarence Randle. The final chapter of this itinerant period of Roscoe’s life was a three year stretch with local horn man Duke Stevens, who like Charles Tyler, also had a hit on Lee Lavergne’s Lanor label in the 60’s “I’ve been your fool.”

By 1980, Roscoe finally was his own man, leading his own band, shaped in his image. During the years he had some great players in his band and allthough some of them “retired” Roscoe always managed to attract capable replacements. Since that date, it’s been a long hard struggle to remain financially independent. And he’s tried various means, including recording, to jump start his career. Roscoe Chenier and his band appeared at the Blues Estafette in 1992, 1993, 1996, 1998 and 2001. He also performed at the very prestigous North Sea Jazz Festival in the Hague. Roscoe Chenier toured Europe regularly and performed on several major blues festivals. Roscoe’s last two releases are “Roscoe Style” (1998) and “Waiting For My Tomorrow” (2006).

Roscoe died on February 7, 2013.

Boo Boo Davis



latest releases:

Bye Baby Bye Bye
Choogie Billum
Tree Man
How Many More Years



Live Dates



… this how Mississippi blues sounds in 2018

boo boo davis

Boo Boo Davis is a survivor and belongs to the last generations of musicians that write and play the blues based on first hand experience of a hard life in the Mississippi Delta. He was born and raised in Drew, Mississippi in the heart of Delta. It was the richest cotton land in the South and the large amounts of field workers attracted the best musicians from the surrounding areas. The entire Delta region was rich with blues, but the town of Drew was a particularly fertile one. Charley Patton stayed near Drew for many years and several legendary performers spent time there. Sharecroppers sang loudly to help pass the grueling hours of work and without a doubt Boo Boo developed his loud, bellowing voice based on the singing he heard in the fields as a young boy. In fact, that voice, through the years has demolished many amps and speaker cabinets.

Boo Boo’s father, Sylvester Davis farmed cotton and played several instruments. Musicians who he played with include John Lee Hooker, Elmore James and Robert Pete Williams. Boo Boo remembers these and other musicians dropping by and rehearsing at their house. At the age of five Boo Boo was playing the harmonica and singing in church with his mother. By thirteen he was playing guitar, and by eighteen he was playing out with his father and older brothers under the name of The Lard Can Band. This band travelled all throughout the Delta. In the early sixties he went north to St Louis and was around during the heyday of the St Louis music scene (Albert King, Ike Turner, Chuck Berry and many others). Together with his brothers they were the weekend house band in Tubby’s Red Room in East St Louis for eighteen years. 

Even though Boo Boo moved north to St. Louis, he will always be a southerner at heart. When he is at home (and not performing) his favorite pastimes are hunting with his dogs and fishing. During Boo Boo’s childhood there was no time or money for him to go to school so he never learned to read and write. However that did not prevent him to travel all over the world. Following his guiding spirit (that he calls Dave) Boo Boo has found a way to deal with modern society. The blues helps him to keep his spirit high and survive day-to-day life. It deals with all the basic raw elements of life; good and bad, plain and simple.

His first European tour took place in April 2000 and since then Boo Boo is touring Europe at least twice a year. So far Boo Boo has released 5 CD’s on Black and Tan Records and all of them were very well received. Number 4 (DREW, MISSISSIPPI) was listed with the 10 best blues records of 2006 by MOJO Magazine (UK). In 2007 Boo Boo was invited to perform on the POCONO BLUES FESTIVAL, one of the biggest blues festivals in the USA and in March 2007 Boo Boo  performed live on CBC Radio One, national radio in Canada.

What started as a crazy idea after the European tour of Boo Boo in October 2007 has turned out to be not too crazy at all. On the Spring Tour of 2008 they decided to leave out the bass and tour as a trio: Boo Boo Davis on vocals & harmonica, John Gerritse on drums and Jan Mittendorp on guitar. This trio has been touring Europe extensively; the last few years they did over four hundred shows in twenty three different countries including a lot of the big blues & jazz festivals (Montreux, Peer, North Sea Jazzfestival, Juan les Pins, Amal, Cazorla Bluesfestival, Olstzyn)


Bye Baby Bye Byeitunesspotify
Choogie Billumitunesspotify
What's Going Onitunesspotify
Ain't No Loveitunesspotify
It's A Sad Thingitunesspotify
You Better Watch Yourself (single)itunesspotify
Boo Boo DavisSee A Better Day (single)itunesspotify
Secret (single)itunesspotify
Back Door Man (single)itunesspotify
How Many More Years (single)itunes spotify
Little Red Rooster (single)itunes spotify
Evil (single)itunesspotify
Dust My Broom (single)itunesspotify
Smokestack Lightnin (single)itunesspotify
Tell Me (single)itunesspotify
Tree Manbuyitunesspotify
Dirt Road single versionitunesspotify
boo boo davis oldskool OldskoolbuyiTunesspotify
]Live And Almost Unpluggeditunesspotify
Boo Boo Davis Remixeditunesspotify
boo boo davis album undercover blues Undercover BluesbuyiTunesspotify
What Kind Of Shit Is This ?buy LPitunesspotify
boo boo davis ain't gotta dime Ain't Gotta Dimebuyitunesspotify
boo boo davis album name of the game Name Of The Gamebuyitunesspotify
boo boo davis album drew mississippi Drew, Mississippiitunesspotify
The Snakeitunesspotify
Can ManiTunesspotify
boo boo davis album east st louis East St Louisitunesspotify