After playing for many years in different blues bands, Renaud Villet, a singer/guitarist/producer based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, launched his solo career in 2012 under the name Rivherside. His first album, “Something on My Mind,” with a strong Blues/Roots orientation, was released in 2013 on Keffren Records. Acclaimed by music critics, it allowed Rivherside to perform more than 80 concerts as a One Man Band accompanied by a Farmer Footdrum.

In 2014 he decided to broaden his horizons and began to mix Blues with Electro and Hip-Hop sounds, releasing the self-produced, 4-track “Electraw Blues EP.” Rivherside began to perform live in an electro configuration, playing samples using Ableton Live software.

In 2015 he also collaborated with rapper TDB and along with him he released the “Inner Voices” EP in early 2016 on the new electro label Sticks and Stones Records. Now, he’s back with a new 12-track album; the long-awaited Electraw Blues Album. All part of Rivherside’s quest to push the envelope of the Blues universe…

Rivherside 4:4

Tour dates

8/7/2016La PamparinaThiersFrance
22/7/2016La ChaloupeRivedouxFrance
19/8/2017La ChaloupeRivedouxFrance


B&T 956
Electraw Blues Album / available at itunes





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new single / Byther Smith remixed

Today we released a new track:

B&T 955 – Same Thing On My Mind remix – Byther Smith & miXendorp

a remix of an acoustic Byther Smith track. The original track was released also on Black and Tan Records in 2001. The track will be released digital only and is available on all download and streaming platforms. Here are the links to iTunes and Spotify.

Byther Smith & miXendorp - Same Thing On My Mind Remix (2016)


Mississippi Big Beat



B&T 933 highres
Mississippi Big Beat – Delta Disco (2012)
B&T 934 highres
Try Me One More Time – remix (2012)
(Idol) Should I Know – remix (2013)


The alchemists arrived with the slang of rap, the nectar of folk music, the rhythm of bigbeat and they mixed these ingredients in the smoky pot of blues and accidentally fell into it a bit of magic mushroom, too! They introduced their audience to the black-rooted blues music and showed the path to the younger generation who is following their steps now.

The band creates a mixture from the old band’s experiences and from a new, unique, fresh sound – the visual background is strengthening the overall effect! The electronic music background is to be provided by Szabi Máté (Secta Chameleon) and Dure (effects, electronic drum).

Recently we celebrated the 100th birthday of the father of blues and respected renewal of the genre: Robert Johnson. The Mississippi Big Beat continues to modernize the genre, the blues basics are boosted up with electronic loops and effects and they take the ‘20s music into the 2011’s sound! The show builds up from the songs of the ’20s and ’30s and we are arriving to the big beat sound finally. The Hungarian apostles of the Blues Beat are now launched to the international seas of Nu Blues.





Bluestronica, electro blues and remixes.

Expect no ‚music for the millions’ but an original and eclectic miX of blues with jazz, world, funk, techno and all kind of other great music with a beat. 

Over the years miXendorp released lots of music and did live sets at / in.

  • SZIGET (Hungary)
  • DRANOUTER (Belgium)
  • Plus clubs in Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, France, Turkey and Italy.

A few quotes from the press:
DOWNBEAT (USA): Without debasing or trivializing tradition, loops and beats explode with kinetic rhythmic energy
SOUL M8 (UK): This is raw creative energy
MOJO (UK): The intrinsic down-home qualities of the source material jostle intriguingly with the superimposed urban beats.
DRS3 (Switzerland): miXendorp erfindet den Blues (fast) neu.

After a hiatus of a few years miXendorp recently started to write and record new and interesting trax.

But since talking about music doesn’t make much sense I suggest you just listen.

You can find loads of music at


Bluestronica EP nr 3itunesspotify
Gotta Bleed (remix)itunesspotify
Bluestronica EP nr 2itunesspotify
Bluestronica EP nr 1itunesspotify
My Demands (remix)itunesspotify
Trance Formed EPitunesspotify
Xperimental Trance Electro Blues EPitunesspotify
Instinctively Wrong (remix)itunesspotify
Bob Lo Island (remix)itunesspotify
Will The Circle Be Unbroken (remix)itunesspotify
Same Thing On My Mind (remix)itunesspotify
miXendorp remixes, vol. 3itunesspotify
miXendorp remixes, vol. 2itunesspotify
miXendorp remixes, vol. 1itunesspotify
blues & beatitunesspotify

Blu Acid






BLu ACiD feat John Blake EP (2021)

artwork BA 516
BLu ACiD – Silence (2016)

BLu ACiD – Dust On A Wire (2015)

BLu ACiD – Money (2016)

BA 512
BLu ACiD – Can’t Stand It (2016)

BA 513
Blu ACiD – Stuck Anyway (2016)

artwork BA 514
BLu ACid – Caveman (2016)

BLu ACiD – The First Tracks (2016)

BA 515
BLu ACiD – Things Will Change (2016)

Blu Acid
Boo Boo Davis / Blu Acid – What Kind Of Shit Is This? (2014)


Mischa den Haring and Jan Mittendorp; two Dutch musicians/producers joined forces in this new production unit. Both of them have more then 25 years of live stage experience and they combine that with 2014 recording and production techniques. Like moonshine, the music was slow brewed in seclusion during all-night-and-day marathons attended only by the two members and the ghosts of the past, who were eager to have their voices echo into the modern world.

In February 2014 they released their first tracks on Black and Tan Records and April 2014 their first album production: a new BOO BOO DAVIS release (What Kind Of Shit Is This?) After this succesful project they did several other projects and these tracks will be released individually on BLu ACiD Records, a subsidiary label of Black and Tan.

Preserving the power and originality of american roots music but at the same time not excluding influences from any other musical styles nor any technology that is available today.