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and another nice review for Boo Boo & ElectroBluesSociety

Boo Boo Davis and ElectroBluesSociety – Transatlantic Quarantine Sessions

The pandemic has kept Boo Boo Davis and ElectroBluesSociety from meeting up in person. But that didn’t keep the Dutch duo from working out with Davis. What had been an annual European tour for the trio became an exchange of sessions over the wire. The mix of Davis’ old school delta singing and the creative ferment of Jasper Mortier and Jan Mittendorp has been enhanced. The sound is more experimental and more primal than their earlier work. Necessity has created a set of songs that take the blues into uncharted waters. This isn’t a set of remixes or samples. It’s a full collaboration that brings out the best and most innovative sides of each musician.

While the production can’t quite erase the “assembly” feeling that this sort of recording can bring, that distance (and the strikingly different sounds of the studios) lends these songs that much more of an eternal and otherworldly quality. The blues means different things to different people, and I imagine a lot of people might wonder how some of this relates to the blues at all. The isolation between the notes that simply wails should be enough.

Many of these songs have been released over 2021 as singles. This set is a worthy document of the plague years. Let’s hope for a full concert season in 2021. Davis and the Dutchmen may never follow this exact path again, but it is surely a worthy one.

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another review for Boo Boo Davis + ElectroBluesSociety

A musical society to stand up to the present and speculate about the future. Boo Boo Davis, bluesman from Mississippi bone in 1943 and two experienced dutch sound scientists, Jan Mittendorp and Jasper Mortier behind ElectroBluesSociety. What can you expect when they get to work together ? The distance between St Louis (USA) and the Netherlands is 4530 miles, insufficient for the three musicians to start working on their second album together. The internet is a zenith of creative freedom. The blues instinct out in another dimension of the electronic intuition supervised by the bluesman. A waterfall of originality and freshness, Davis whispering the harmonica and murmuring the songs hidden behind the guitars, percussions and sounds of the electric society. The purism will back down before this album but without proposals like the these the alley will continue without having a suggestive exit.

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review for ElectroBluesSociety + Boo Boo Davis from Hungary

Új közös lemezzel jelentkezett az ElectroBluesSociety és Boo Boo Davis

Boo Boo Davis a Mississippi-delta szívében, Drew-ban született és nőtt fel. A térség gazdag gyapottermelő vidék volt, a legjobb zenészeket vonzotta a környékről. A munkások a gyapotföldeken han­gosan énekeltek, hogy gyorsabban teljenek a fárasztó órák. Davis a bömbölő hangját kétségkívül a földeken kisfiúként hallott ének alapján alakította ki. A 60-as évek elején St. Louisba költözött testvéreivel, ahol részese volt a St. Louis-i zenei élet aranykorának. Európában 1998-ban járt először, azóta évente legalább kétszer turnézott az öreg kontinensen. Lemezeit a holland Black & Tan Records adja ki. A lemezkiadó főnöke, Jan Mittendorp rendszeresen közreműködik albumain és turnézenekarának tagja, így nem meglepő, hogy Boo Boo felvételeket készített a Mittendorp és Jasper Mortier által alkotott ElectroBluesSocietyvel is. A kísérleti electro-blues duó és Boo Boo Davis új albuma Transatlantic Quarantaine Sessions címmel jelent meg. A számok közül több már kiadásra került kislemezként az év során. A záródal a Bye Baby Bye Bye remixe a francia Rosé Sunsettől. A lemez csakis digitálisan jelent meg, elérhető az összes letöltési és streaming platformon.­­­­­­­

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UK review ElectroBluesSociety + Boo Boo Davis

ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis – Tell Me (KuvVer Records 605)

Mississippi born singer and drummer Boo Boo Davis goes back to his roots on this “digital single” from KuvVer Records. He used to sing this Howling Wolf song with The Davis Brothers Band when they played in a juke joint in Saint Louis. Maybe the tough vocal and wailing harmonica were more or less the same, even the loping rhythm, as the electronics are not really in evidence here, meaning that this is just a very fine, down-home blues performance. More please!

Norman Darwen

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review for new single ElectroBluesSociety

There is no better night of the year to return to Sweet Home Chicago than Christmas Eve, Xmas in Chi-town during the Reign of King Richard (Daley) the First (“Too ra loo ra loo ral…”) was a joyous fulcrum week at the bottom of the year filled with food, spirits, parties, singing, crying and fighting. Even now I can close my eyes and fill my sinuses with the heavenborn heat of clean steam rising from the boiled fresh meats which would then swirl and fight with the ancient greasy smoke of the grilled meats at every restaurant vent on the block as I cruised alleys on foot homeward from Maxwell Street on Christmas morning fingering the night’s haul and minding the curves, always minding the curves. Or was it Taylor Street? Too old to care now. Musical giants Jan Mittendorp and Jasper Mortier form ElectroBluesSociety and this week they have teamed with Mississippi bluesman Boo Boo Davis to revive another great song. This time it’s the Elmore James classic, “Dust My Broom,” Enjoy.

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Boo Boo Davis european tour dates April 2018

here is a list of European shows from Boo Boo Davis in April 2018

April 5, Copenhagen (DK), Tranque Bar
April 6, Follenslev DK, Kulturhus Gimle
April 7, Kleve (D), Klangfabrik
April 8, Heerlen (NL), Cultuurhuis
April 11, Bergen (NL), IEP
April 13, Berlin (D), die Kiste
April 14, Friedrichsrode (D), Kunsthof
April 15, Arnstadt (D), Rockjungfer
April 16, Dillingen (D), Lokschuppen
April 18, Schaffhausen, Dolder2 @ Fasskeller
April 19, Olten (CH), Galicia
April 20, Nyon (CH), Bar de la Ferme
April 22, Assendelft (NL), Tapperij de Verwachting
April 24, Koblenz (D), Cafe Hahn

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Boo Boo Davis/BLu ACiD song used in Canadian movie

If You Ain’t Never Had The Blues by Boo Boo Davis / BLu ACiD (2014) was used in THE RECALL, a Canadian movie produced by Minds Eye Entertainment in association with Bridgegate Pictures.

The Recall is a SciFi thriller about five friends on vacation at a remote lake house where they expect nothing less than a good time, unaware that planet Earth is under an alien invasion and mass-abduction.

The film was released on June 2 this year and they used more then two minutes of the song right at the beginning in one of the opening scenes of the movie.


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new placements in US tv series

Two more songs from our catalogue were placed in American tv series. In November last year Blue Sky by Big George jackson was used in Ice; a tv series placed in the treacherous world of the diamond business. And in April this year the song Don’t Wait Too Late by Boo Boo Davis was used in Taken (NBC)

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interview Boo Boo Davis with David Baerst (France)

here is the complete text of an interview Boo Boo Davis did wiht David Baerst last month before his show in Strasbourg (France):

Nda : Quelques jours avant l’entretien qui suit, Jan Mittendorp (le manager de Boo Boo Davis) m’a gentiment prévenu. Interviewer ce bluesman du Mississippi n’est pas une chose aisée, c’est une véritable aventure dont on ne peut jamais connaitre l’issue à l’avance. L’artiste ne suit pas règle précise et peut répondre par un sujet tout autre que celui sur lequel on l’a questionné.C’est donc avec une certaine appréhension que je me suis rendu à notre rendez-vous…
Là, je me suis retrouvé face à un être charmant, doté d’un grand sens de l’humour bien que marqué par de profondes stigmates, inhérentes à une existence pour le moins difficile. D’emblée, le bonhomme m’avertit lui aussi : « ce ne sera pas facile pour toi, je ne parle pas anglais…je m’exprime dans le langage des bluesmen du delta, un « dialecte » que seuls les gens tels que moi peuvent saisir ». Chose parfaitement compréhensible, tant la vie de cet artiste né en 1943, semble éloignée de celle que nous pouvons connaitre, aujourd’hui, en Europe. Travaillant dès son plus jeune âge dans les champs de coton, il a souffert de la ségrégation raciale et s’est réfugié dans la religion ainsi que dans la musique. Harmoniciste dès l’âge de 5 ans à l’église, puis guitariste et batteur se produisant au sein du groupe familial Lard Can Band (nommé ainsi car, ne pouvant se permettre d’acheter une batterie complète, le jeune homme s’exerçait sur des seaux métalliques contenant de la graisse de porc), Boo Boo s’est lancé dans une carrière d’accompagnateur avant d’être repéré par le fondateur du label Black & Tan. Depuis, il a signé (en tant que chanteur-harmoniciste) une bonne douzaine d’albums qui rendent grâce à son immense talent.
Quelques heures après notre entretien, sur scène, Boo Boo Davis a démontré à l’occasion d’un impressionnant concert qu’il était l’un des derniers représentants du blues originel…un diamant d’une rare pureté…
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