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review miXendorp from Hungary

Négyszámos EP-vel jelentkezett miXendorp

Számosan akadtak olyanok, akik az új korok kihívásainak megfelelően megkísérlik megújítani a több mint százéves múltra visszatekintő blues műfajt. Közéjük tartozik a holland Jan Mittendorp is az egyszemélyes projektjével, a miXendorppal. A project indulása az elmúlt évtized elejére tehető, ekkor jelent meg az első lemeze, a Blues + Beat, amit Európa-szerte fellépések követtek. Mittendorp néhány hónapja új dalokat kezdett írni. Ezek a blues, jazz, world music, funk, techno és mindenféle más zenének az eredeti és eklektikus keverékét képezik. Az új nótákat tartalmazó négyszámos EP Xperimental Trance Electro Blues címmel novemberben digitális formában látott napvilágot. miXendorp nem áll le, jövő év elejére további felvételeket ígér.

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new EP miXendorp

Today we released:

B&T 994 – miXendorp – Xperimental Trance Electro Blues EP

A few months ago miXendorp started to write and record new music. He calls it ‘xperimental trance electro blues’; an original and eclectic mix of blues, jazz, world, funk, techno and all kind of other great music with a beat. But as Steve Martin said: “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture”. So I suggest you just listen and make your own judgement.

During the past few months we already put out three singles and today we released this EP with another four new instrumental trax. The new EP is released digital and available on all download and streaming platforms.

miXendorp is pretty productive and we expect more new music from him early 2023.

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new single miXendorp feat Boo Boo Davis

today we released:

Since a few months miXendorp started to write and record new tracks. He calls it ‘xperimental trance electro blues’. 

This is the third single from these new works and this one also features his old buddy Boo Boo Davis on harmonica.

For next month we are preparing the release of an EP with more new tracks.

You can find loads of miXendorp music at:

Spotify (released tracks)
MixCloud (dj sets)

The new track is available on all the digital platforms.

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new single miXendorp

today we released a new single on Black and Tan Records:

B&T 991 – miXendorp – Eagger

After a hiatus of a few years miXendorp recently started to write and record new tracks. He calls it xperimental trance electro blues.

After the release of Alogna last month we released a second single today and for November we are preparing the release of an EP with 4 more new trax.

You can find loads of miXendorp music at:

Spotify (released tracks)
MixCloud (dj sets)

This single is released digital only and available on all the download and streaming platforms.

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new EP on KuvVer Records

today we released this EP on our new sub label

KR 601 – Jan Mittendorp – Baritone Jazz 1 EP

About ten years ago guitar player Jan Mittendorp changed from regular guitar to baritone guitar. That way he could combine bass guitar parts with lead guitar parts . You can hear the result on more then hundred tracks that he recorded since 2008 with a.o. Boo Boo Davis, Tangled Eye, BLu ACiD and ElectroBluesSociety.

Recently he also re-discovered a lot of jazz standards from his time at Hilversum Conservatorium in the 1980’s. This is how they sound now on baritone guitar together with some electronic stuff in the back.

Released digital and available on all download and streaming platforms.

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first release on KuvVer Records

We created a new sub label called KuvVer Records. This label is specially set up to release cover versions of well known songs from all kind of styles. Our first release is

KR 600 – Jan Mittendorp – St James Infirmary

Recently I started re-visiting songs that I haven’t played for years. Here is my current version from one of the first jazz/blues songs that I ever played on a guitar (apr 45 years ago). It’s an instrumental version of this classic song with a touch of electro.

Here are the links to the single at a few popular platforms:

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Black and Tan will release a new Rivherside album

In a few weeks we will release

B&T 956 – Rivherside – Electraw Blues Album

It will be the first full album of this French electro blues pioneer and here you can listen to a few samples and get an idea about the music.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”300″ iframe=”true” /]

After playing for many years in different blues bands, Renaud Villet, a singer / guitarist / producer based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, launched his solo career in 2012 under the name Rivherside. His first album, “Something on My Mind,” was strongly blues / roots orientated.  It got great reviews and as a result Rivherside did more than 80 concerts as a one-man-band. In 2014 he decided to broaden his horizon and began to mix Blues with Electro and Hip-Hop sounds, releasing the self-produced, 4-track “Electraw Blues EP.” Rivherside also began performing live in this electro configuration, playing samples and using Ableton Live software. In 2015 he collaborated with rapper TDB and together they released the “Inner Voices” EP in early 2016 . And now, he’s back with a new 12-track album. The release date is set for June 13, 2016 and the album will be available at all download and streaming platforms.

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miXendorp – live impression

It is very hard for me to explain what I do during my live sets. I use my computer as a second instrument and it gives me access to my complete record collection and I can use, mix and manipulate everything that is on the hard disk with my guitar and also add images. As you can clearly see it is a Work-In-Progress; trying to create a new musical language by using all technical possibillities that I can lay my hand on. Here is a short video impression of miXendorp live at Roepaen Blues Festival in April this year. It will help to visualize a little of what I am doing during a live set.
Material is shot and edited by Erik Spikmans of VormEnVast.


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ElectroBluesSociety posts new track on SoundCloud

new track by ElectroBluesSociety on SoundCloud

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]