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review for Boo Boo Davis from Germany

Boo Boo Davis und besondere Begleiter

Da gab es mal ausführliche Touren. Dann der Stillstand durch die Corona-Pandemie. Freunde sammelten Geld, damit sich der Blues-Künstler Boo Boo Davis über Wasser halten konnte. John Gerritse, Jan Mittendorp und Boo Boo Davis, der nun auf die 80 zugeht, haben für „The Trio 2008-2019“ (Black and Tan Records) ihre liebsten Stücke zusammengestellt. Eine berührende wie beachtliche Bilanz. Boo Boo Davis aus Drew/Mississippi schont weder seine Stimme noch hält er sich mit wildem Mundharmonika-Spiel zurück. Nicht weniger roh fährt die Gitarre mit wahnsinnigem Wah-Wah dazwischen oder poltert das Schlagzeug. Grandios, weil unverschämt direkt. „Hold Your Head Up“ heißt ein Song. Gute Maxime. Das haben die drei über eine lange Zeit hinbekommen.

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new compilation Boo Boo Davis

today we released

Between 2008 and 2020 Boo Boo Davis, John Gerritse and Jan Mittendorp worked intensively with this trio.

Together they did lots of touring; hundreds of live shows in more than 20 countries (from Lithuania to the Azores and from Norway to Turkey). They performed at almost all major blues (and jazz) festivals / clubs in Europe (North Sea Jazz, Peer, Montreux, Amal etc.).

Besides the live touring they recorded and released six albums with all original music. The music from these records was featured in several tv series, movies and commercials like Suits, Sons Of Anarchy, Graceland, Resident Alien, The Recall, 911, Taken, Truth To Be Told, Marlboro, 5-Hour-Energy drink etc.).

Unfortunately, covid changed everything and made them stop very sudden in 2020. Now 3 years later they decided to leave it as it is. They are not getting any younger and touring the way they did is very intense (just 3 guys without a road crew).

So instead of investing another two years in trying to “get this show (maybe) on the road” again they prefer to enjoy the great memories and do other things. It was a great adventure and there still is a lot of great music.

On this album you will find 15 of their favorite tracks.

The compilation is available on all stream and download platforms.

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new compilation / ElectroBluesSociety 2016 – 2022

During the period 2016 – 2022 the guys from ElectroBluesSociety invited several other artists to record / write new music with.

Today we released this compilation with our favorite tracks from these collaborations.

B&T 989 – ElectroBluesSociety 2016 – 2022


  • Duck (feat Kim Snelten)
  • I Got My Mojo Workin (feat Michel Peters)
  • Secret (feat Boo Boo Davis)
  • Will The Circle Be Unbroken (feat Roscoe Chenier / remix)
  • All The Way Down (feat Jan Hidding)
  • Back Door Man (feat Boo Boo Davis)
  • Choogie Billum (feat Boo Boo Davis)
  • Be Allright
  • I Don’t Want (feat Jan Hidding)
  • Back To Black (feat Karin Roerdink)
  • Lowdown Dirty Blues (feat Boo Boo Davis /Rosé Sunset remix)
  • Aciamaj
  • You Better Watch Yourself (feat Boo Boo Davis)

The music is available on all stream and download platforms.

ElectroBluesSociety is an experimental electro blues duo. Two guys and a bunch of junk with a broad taste and an open mind mixing the old with the new. Modern technologies combined with 30+ years of live stage experience in the European blues / roots music scene. 

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review for Boo Boo Davis + ElectroBluesSociety

This is what BLUES IN THE SOUTH (UK) wrote about the new record of Boo Boo Davis + ElectroBluesSociety

B&T 987 – Boo Boo Davis + Electro Blues Society – Transatlantic Quarantaine Sessions

Regular BiTS readers might recognise some of the numbers on this set, as a few have seen release as digital singles and have been reviewed as such. East Saint Louis bluesman Boo Boo, a real old school blues singer, harpman and drummer, has been working with Dutch label Black & Tan since 1998.

They weren’t going to let a little thing like a nearly global lockdown get in the way, and these quarantine tracks are the result. Boo Boo tends to just do his thing—tough, no-nonsense vocals and wailing blues harp—whilst the ElectroBluesSociety (label boss Jan Mittendorp on guitar and “buttons” and Jasper Mortier on drums and bass) complements him with some raw electric guitar work, and often computer generated rhythms and effects. Having listened to and enjoyed the singles, it was something of a surprise that the album itself comes across as a balance of blues and electronica.

On the individual releases, it often seemed as though Boo Boo was the main focus, but on this set, there is a definite, very recognisable hybrid style. Purists might quibble about it, but Boo Boo himself seems quite happy about it. See it as a salient reminder that the blues isn’t just for old folks, you know.

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review Boo boo + ElectroBluesSociety from Germany

B&T 987 – Boo Boo Davis + ElectroBluesSociety – Transatlantic Quarantaine Sessions

Covid-19 bremst, aber verhindert nicht die Kooperation: Zwischen den Kontinenten wanderten die Sounddateien hin und her. Zwischen den Niederlanden und St. Louis. Zwischen der ElectroBluesSociety, zu der Jasper Mortier und Jan Mittendorp gehören, und Boo Boo Davis, der im Mississippi-Delta aufwuchs und sich über zwei Dekaden immer wieder in Europa auf Touren vorgestellt hatte.

„Transatlantic Quarantaine Sessions“ (Black & Tan) bezeugt ein gänzlich unvoreingenommene Zusammenarbeit: Es gibt rohen Blues und ruppigen Funk, gesungen von dem Amerikaner und eine ausgeflippte Harmonika. Aus dem schäbigen Schuppen, zu dem die Leute raus aufs Land kommen, um zu tanzen.

Doch da ist noch mehr zu haben. Zum Beispiel sphärische Übergänge zu Ambient-Dub-Blues. Genial. Eines der Stück heißt „It’s A Sad Thing“. Schade, dass wir aufs Konzert warten müssen.

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review ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis

Boo Boo Davis

Boo Boo Davis’ rigorous touring schedule got severely curtailed last year when Covid hit, so he fought cabin fever by writing and recording some new tunes. With the help of the guitar/drums outfit from the Netherlands, ElectroBluesSociety, Davis has been conjuring up a few tracks while stuck back home in East St. Louis.

The first of these came out in January, 2021, and we dug the haunting, trance boogie groove of “Secret.” Boo Boo and his Dutch friends did it again with “See A Better Day.”

“See A Better Day” is another perfect blend of Davis’ genuine, American mid-century blues with Jan Mittendorp’s and Jasper Mortier’s studio sensibilities. Everything — from Boo Boo Davis’ voice and harmonic, Mittendorp’s stinging guitar and Mortier’s funky pulse and standup bass — just bellows out from a muddy, analog-ish and smoky haze.

Boo Boo Davis’ latest single comes to us courtesy of Black and Tan Records. Get yourself a download or stream of “See A Better Day” today from iTunes, Spotify or Deezer.

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new EP BLu ACiD

today we released on BLu ACiD Records:

BA 522 – BLu ACiD feat John Blake EP

This EP is the result of a recording session that BLu ACiD did in 2016 with John Blake; a mysterious singer hailing from the Deep East of Holland.

Like moonshine, this music was slow brewed in seclusion during all-night-and-day marathons attended only by the two members and the ghosts of the past, who were eager to have their voices echo into the modern world. Two of the tracks (Gallows Tree and Georgia) can best described as a 21st century take on the work songs that Alan Lomax recorded in the Mississippi Delta in the 1950’s.  All four tracks were released earlier as string of singles and now they are put together in this new EP.

The EP is released digital and available on all the download and streaming platforms. Here are the links to a few popular ones:

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new EP ElectroBluesSociety

after a few singles releases in July and August we now release the full new EP by ElectroBluesSociety on Instrumental Blues Records.

IB 718 – ElectroBluesSociety – Riffs & Blues EP

After exploring possibilities with loops and samples the guys from ElectroBluesSociety go back to basic on this one. Just two instruments (drums and guitar), recorded in one take; simple, loud and raw.

The EP is available on all digital platforms and here you can have a listen:

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new single ElectroBluesSociety feat Boo Boo Davis

today we released a new single on KuvVer Records, one of our sub labels.

In 2018 ElectroBluesSociety did a recording session with Mississippi blues man Boo Boo Davis. During one of the European tours of Boo Boo they went in the studio and in 3 hours they recorded 8 songs. Together they went back to the classic Chicago blues and afterwards added a little electro blues. Here is another Howlin Wolf cover from that session. This track is released digital only and available on all the download and streaming platforms.