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new compilation / ElectroBluesSociety 2016 – 2022

During the period 2016 – 2022 the guys from ElectroBluesSociety invited several other artists to record / write new music with.

Today we released this compilation with our favorite tracks from these collaborations.

B&T 989 – ElectroBluesSociety 2016 – 2022


  • Duck (feat Kim Snelten)
  • I Got My Mojo Workin (feat Michel Peters)
  • Secret (feat Boo Boo Davis)
  • Will The Circle Be Unbroken (feat Roscoe Chenier / remix)
  • All The Way Down (feat Jan Hidding)
  • Back Door Man (feat Boo Boo Davis)
  • Choogie Billum (feat Boo Boo Davis)
  • Be Allright
  • I Don’t Want (feat Jan Hidding)
  • Back To Black (feat Karin Roerdink)
  • Lowdown Dirty Blues (feat Boo Boo Davis /Rosé Sunset remix)
  • Aciamaj
  • You Better Watch Yourself (feat Boo Boo Davis)

The music is available on all stream and download platforms.

ElectroBluesSociety is an experimental electro blues duo. Two guys and a bunch of junk with a broad taste and an open mind mixing the old with the new. Modern technologies combined with 30+ years of live stage experience in the European blues / roots music scene. 

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review new single ElectroBluesSociety

Here is what TUNED UP wrote about the new single of ElectroBluesSociety feat Kim Snelten (and we take the aging hippies as a compliment 🙂 ) :

If you’re in the mood for something easy listening but not sleep-inducing, this song hits the spot. I’m not particularly into jam bands but for some reason I got lucky this afternoon when clicking through promo emails. This was the first song in a unread Tuned Up email that popped up, and it’s suiting my Saturday afternoon summer coffee shop mood perfectly. I think this band should play Columbus’ ComFest in the future. All the aging hippies and young guns will love it.

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new single ElectroBluesSociety feat Kim Snelten

Today we released this new single:

B&T 964 – ElectroBluesSociety feat Kim Snelten – Duck (harmonica)

A few weeks ago ElectroBluesSociety did a very enjoyable jam/recording session with Kim Snelten: a famous Dutch harmonica player, and this is the first track from that session.

The single is available on all the digital download and streaming platforms and here the links to a few popular ones.