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new single Bone Union Records

Today we released a new single on Bone Union Records.

BUR 1104 – Mechanical Rooster – Holy Shit

As locals of Denizli, founded in 2016 by Mustafa Kaçar and Onur Çağlar in Izmir, Turkey; Mechanical Rooster is proud to present their first single “Holy Shit!”

Supervised by Turkish blues veteran / producer Sarp Keskiner, the band suggests an innovative formula by blending urban blues with old school hip hop while preaching their idiosyncratic view on daily issues in a cut-up tradition, reminding pioneers of the Beat Generation.

Mustafa Kaçar: Vocals, lyrics, harmonicas, synthesizer
Onur Çağlar: Vocals, lyrics, sampling, turntable, fx
Special guest) Sarp Keskiner: Guitars, bass, percussion

Arranged, mixed and produced by Mechanical Rooster (2020 Izmir, Turkey)
Supervised by Sarp Keskiner (Bone Union Records, 2020, Izmir, Turkey)
Mastering by Burak Ataş (Maven Mastering, 2020, Izmir, Turkey)

The single is released digital and available on all the download and streaming platforms.