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Twangville review for Doug MacLeod – Live In Europe

You may not have heard of Doug MacLeod yet, but he’s been kicking around the California blues scene for decades. And if you’re looking for excellent country blues, you can’t go wrong picking up one of “Dubb” MacLeod’s many releases. Born in New York City, raised in North Carolina and St. Louis, and spending a number of years in Norfolk, Virginia while in the Navy before settling in Los Angeles, MacLeod had an opportunity to hear and play with many excellent blues musicians.  After working as a sideman for a number of years, MacLeod released first album, No Road Back Home, in 1984.  Among his solid offerings over the years were 1997’s Unmarked Road and Whose Truth, Whose Lies?, released in 2000. Now 70, MacLeod continues to tour and create music.  But Live in Europe was recorded during a 2006 tour.  On it, MacLeod’s skill with the guitar, crusty singing and overall reverence for the music form he has embraced is on display.  Check out “I Want You,” below.  Other highlights include MacLeod’s arrangement of a Bukka White classic, which MacLeod renamed “The New Panama Ltd.,” “Cold Rain,” and “Masters Plan,” which MacLeod co-write with Danny Jesser.  Except for “The New Panama Ltd.” and “Masters Plan,” all the songs are MacLeod originals.