A musical society to stand up to the present and speculate about the future. Boo Boo Davis, bluesman from Mississippi bone in 1943 and two experienced dutch sound scientists, Jan Mittendorp and Jasper Mortier behind ElectroBluesSociety. What can you expect when they get to work together ? The distance between St Louis (USA) and the Netherlands is 4530 miles, insufficient for the three musicians to start working on their second album together. The internet is a zenith of creative freedom. The blues instinct out in another dimension of the electronic intuition supervised by the bluesman. A waterfall of originality and freshness, Davis whispering the harmonica and murmuring the songs hidden behind the guitars, percussions and sounds of the electric society. The purism will back down before this album but without proposals like the these the alley will continue without having a suggestive exit.