Hey everyone. Hope you are all safe and well in these trying times. 

My tour of The Netherlands in May has been cancelled as we imagined might happen. I have also had all my local gigs cancelled for the foreseeable future. So apart from a bit of singing teaching online (more about that in another post) I am, like many other musicians, without income. The good news is, this means I have to be very creative in coming up with ways to pay my rent. I have a few ideas that I will post about, but first thing was to get a project done that I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

I have lots of old DEMOS and UNUSED song ideas scattered about on hard drives dating back to when I first started singing, writing and recording my own songs in 2007. So I have finally compiled the stuff I think would be interesting and I have made A NEW RECORD called “Demos and Ideas 2015 – 2007” 

Taking advantage of Bandcamp’s new policy to send 100% of money made from downloads to the artists, I have created a Bandcamp page and you can download the record exclusively from there. It won’t be on Spotify or iTunes etc. The record starts at 2015 and goes in chronological order back in time to 2007. Demos and song ideas range from fully produced studio recordings, home recordings, 4-Track cassette demos, mobile phone demos and even a couple recorded on a Sony dictaphone I used to have. 

It includes the original 4 Track Cassette demo for “When I’m Drunk”, the original dictaphone demo of “Angel” and a load of other demos and unused song ideas. 15 tracks in all. So if you feel like supporting, here’s the link to the record and I very much appreciate it! I hope to get back to playing live soon. 

Many thanks and stay safe! 
David Philips

P.s. if you click on “info” at the side of each track there is a line or two about the song and which album it ended up on if any.