today we released

BUR 1108 – The Shrimps – So Worried

Founded by Sarp Keskiner (vocal, guitar) and Bora Çeliker (vocal, guitar) in 2000, in order to present their versatile attempt to blend New Orleans grooves with 50’s and 60’s Latin American music and post-war Chicago blues; The Shrimps was one of a kind for sure in the Turkish blues community, by including the best musicians of the “cover” era. Thus, defined as a super-group by the audience as soon as it was massively promoted, the band had the ability to swiftly pitch around many genres. They were based in Ankara, which was the capital of Turkish blues scene, standing as an anti-thesis against to SRV wannabes but treating the scene with a punk-ish attitude. The band did not last after their debut performance but left this performance behind, which was recorded live in January 2000. “So Worried” is an original track suggesting us as if Wolf recorded it with Omar Khorshid in Cairo.

  • Sarp Keskiner: vocals, guitar
  • Bora Çeliker: guitar, harmonica
  • Burak Güngörmüş: bass
  • Alp Esin: bongos
  • Yusuf Tunceli: drums

The single is released digital and available on all the download and streaming platforms.

Bone Union Records was founded as a sub label from Black and Tan Records in June 2020 together by Sarp Keskiner (TR). The label aims to document a neglected musical scene in Turkey not just by releasing archival material from mid-90’s to this date; but also keen on releasing brand new material from Turkish artists. Though the scope mainly consist rare recordings of local traditional blues, urban blues and gospel acts, the material varies wildly by inclusion of folk, funk, dub, noise and experimental releases, that goes way beyond the borders of conventional blues.