There are certain unspoken rules in life. For instance, if a toddler hands you a plastic phone and tells you it’s for you, you answer that phone. Another is if someone suggests you a song that is “some RL Burnside, a slice of the Legendary Shack Shakers, some parts of Bob Log’s helmet, a few pieces of T-model Ford and a little bit of Left Lane Cruiser [in a blender] remixed by miXendorp and his bluestronica and electro blues” you hit play.

Out of the Netherlands, miXendorp has remixed bluesy “steaming no-nonsense boogie with a little taste of that fine voodoo garage-sound” Bacon Fat Louis and dished up a reimagining of “My Demands” via the independent record label & publishing Netherlands-based Black and Tan Records.

“My Demands (Remix)” is an electronic fusion of Bacon Fat Louis’ final track off their 2021 album Bfl#3 and packed with stuttered riffs and hip-moving beats that fuse a sense of classic blues with modern electronic concepts. The remix ups the swagger and tonal presence of an already catchy blues track while infusing an energy that is less club and more open-ranged.