this week we released the first single on Bone Union Records.

BR 1101 – The Old Ramblers – Bourgeouis Blues

The single is an appetizer from the upcoming album of The Old Ramblers. The album will be titled “Find Me On The Road Somewhere” and is scheduled for release early September 2020.

Located in Izmir, Turkey; since 2016, The Old Ramblers cover pre-war rural blues classics, and post-war urban blues standarts besides gospels, spirituals, work songs, edgy ragtime and bluegrass tunes with a bravado.

The musicians are:
Sarp Keskiner: Vocal, electric guitars, bass, maracas
Orhun Keskinbıçak: Harmonica
Türker Özer: Acoustic guitar

The track is released digital and available on all the download and streaming platforms.